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A destination is a place worthy of travel. It’s often a place where we’re willing to travel long distances to reach, either because it is distinctive, special, popular, off the beaten path – or possibly all of these!

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Maria Ortega

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TravelStore - Pasadena

Pasadena, California

I've been fortunate to have visited the Iberian Peninsula many times to explore and experience both Portugal and Spain. I'll share with you the best each of these world-class destinations offers.

First Portugal. On previous visits, I've explored and experienced on foot the ancient route of the Camino de Santiago beginning in Oporto. I've toured Portugal's most popular and important cities - including Lisbon, Sintra, Oporto, the Algarve and Alentejo region, and Evora. I'll share with you the Pousadas de Portugal - a chain of luxury, historical or traditional hotels - and we'll make your reservations to fit your interests and budget.

Next: Spain! I love this country, too. During the last 15 years, I've had the wonderful opportunity to visit, explore and experience this dynamic and diverse destination - at least 25 times! I am fluent in Spanish which has allowed me to explore in-depth almost every popular and major city, town and region.

Lara Maxfield

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Morris Murdock Travel

Salt Lake City, Utah

As an experienced and knowledgeable travel advisor who has been fortunate to experience and explore much of our world, there are two destinations that are my very favorites: Italy and my home state of Utah. I look forward to sharing both with you.

To say that I'm passionate about Italy and all things Italian is truly an understatement! I've lived here and am fluent in Italian. I cook Italian, and I certainly eat Italian. I've studied all aspects of their enviable lifestyle, culture, cuisine, and accommodations, as well as experienced exciting and unique things to see and do. Whether this will be your first - or 21st - visit to Italy; whether you're traveling solo, as a couple, or part of multi-generational family group, I have the expertise to craft your itinerary to ensure that I not only meet -but exceed - your every expectation.

Next, we'll come back across the Atlantic and head to the beautiful western state of Utah. Adventures await!

Patrizia Hickok

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TravelStore - Sacramento

Sacramento, California
As a native Italian, I don't think there is a better way to share my love for my own country than through travel. I know our culture and lifestyle. I depend on my local Italian preferred suppliers on the ground to assist in planning your itinerary, and we converse in Italian to ensure nothing is lost in the translation. In addition, as a longtime US resident, I understand the expectations and needs of American travelers. For over two decades, I have been a professional travel consultant, who is experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of travel planning, from cruises to tours and especially Foreign Independent Travel.

Karen Listgarten

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Minneapolis, Minnesota
Germany is more than my favorite destination. It's my passion. And it's my mission to share with you the local and authentic Germany as only a local would know it. I've had the incredible opportunity to study and work here, to learn to speak fluent German, and to travel throughout this vibrant and diverse country. In fact, this on-the-ground experience proved to be the perfect segue for me into the travel industry because now my clients can benefit from my firsthand experience of the real Germany. I've driven the wine roads and the autobahn, hiked and skied the Black Forest and mountains of Bavaria, dined in some of Germany's best local restaurants, enjoyed stays in a variety of accommodations, and absorbed the culture and heritage of Germany's major festivals and markets - each showcasing a unique lifestyle. All this in-depth learning and travel has ensured I am an expert on all things German.

Carole Schaffer

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Encore Journeys

Birmingham, Michigan
Having ancestral roots from both England and Scotland, I not only travel to the U.K. frequently, but I look forward to sharing my love of this exceptional region with you. Let me turn your trip into a journey of discovery. History abounds with castles dotted throughout the land and expert guides just waiting to tell you the stories behind those walls. Culinary delights from Michelin-starred restaurants to quaint pubs give you the taste of the region. Ancestral discoveries of your family's hometown allow you to connect with your past.

Judith Wolf

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FROSCH Deerfield

Deerfield, Illinois
As a travel consultant with over three decades of experience, I've been fortunate to have traveled the world. Spain is my favorite destination, as I've explored and experienced this dynamic destination on almost two dozen occasions! I know Spain. I know that it is renowned for its rich and diverse history, stunning architecture, world-famous artists and museums, cosmopolitan cuisines, gorgeous beaches, fine Spanish wines, fantastic festivals...and that's just the beginning of all there is to see, do and enjoy here! In addition to being a graduate of the Spain Expert Program in 2017, and having been recognized since 2004 by Travel+Leisure Magazine as one of the "Top 125 Agents in the World with a Specialization in Spain", I am most proud and humbled to say that in 2021, I have been honored with the Conde Nast Traveler Top Travel Specialist designation. Be assured, that working together, we'll agree on length of trip, discuss accommodations; and make sure we've included "off-the-beaten" path excursions

Cathy Gaffney

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Travel Central

Metairie, Louisiana
Twenty years ago, I had the fortunate opportunity to join a group of travel writers for a tour of Spain... and the rest is history! I fell in love with this country and all that it offered. Over the past two decades, I've continued my education of the Spanish culture and lifestyle through Tourism Spain's online classes, plus escorted many of my clients on vacations through the country's different regions. With each excursion, I continue to learn more and more about Spanish culture, food, people, history and attractions, so I can share even more passion and knowledge with you when we plan your upcoming vacation! I know and understand that travel is highly-personal and individualized, and I take pride in taking the time to get to know you, your personal interests, your ideas for what you want to see, do and experience.

Patti Gallagher

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Vista Travel, a FROSCH Company

Colonia, New Jersey
As a professional Signature Travel Expert Select advisor, I specialize in Personalized Travel to many of the world's most popular destinations! This highly-personalized mode of travel ensures that you will have the priceless opportunity and pleasure of really experiencing and enjoying - first hand - just what makes your chosen destination so unique and enticing. To be a knowledgeable and professional destination specialist, it is essential that I visit destinations on a regular basis. Once on the ground, I explore and experience new attractions, tour new and updated hotel and resort properties, visit restaurants that showcase the local cultural and lifestyle, experience local festivals, tour off-the-beaten part venues and take part in activities that I may not have seen and explored on my previous visit.

Monika Leuenberger, CTC

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Avenues of the World Travel

Flagstaff, Arizona
I have always had the Travel Bug. Growing up in Switzerland allowed me to explore the surrounding countries. I have now been a Travel Advisor living in Flagstaff, Arizona, for 30 years, and I have explored this beautiful state and the surrounding states extensively. Even though I have been a U.S. citizen for many years, I still travel internationally often and my most favorite destination (other than Switzerland!) is Peru. Peru is truly a magical destination that once you've been there you're hooked. My opportunities to experience this diverse destination run the gamut from hiking the Inca Trail and riding a horse from the Sacred Valley to Cuzco, to escorting a group of elderly travelers with mobility issues.

Tara Koehler

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Royal Travel & Tours

Winnetka, Illinois
My passion is Switzerland! Having lived there during high school and worked in the country as an adult, my enthusiasm for this destination never wanes. I continue to look forward to exploring the cities, towns and villages; traveling throughout the country by Swiss train, interacting with the "locals" and being immersed in this distinctly Swiss culture and lifestyle! Now, I want to share this beautiful country, culture and lifestyle with you. Having worked as an economic developer for The Greater Zurich Area - first in Zurich and later in San Francisco - provided me the opportunity to know Zurich from the ground up, and to be an expert in all things Swiss.

Kareem George

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Culture Traveler

Franklin, Michigan
Visits to Germany and South Africa are always the highlights of the year. My love and enthusiasm for these destinations is limitless. As a thoughtful listener, I will carefully note your preferences and propose offerings best suited to your personal interests. My knowledge is broad and my attention to details is high - from art museums and concert halls to safari lodges and village visits; from Michelin-starred restaurants and regional cuisine to high-design hopping and procuring ethnic crafts. Upcoming travel plans include touring the less-visited northern regions of Germany, and in South Africa - exploring the famed Garden Route and the wonderful safari lodges of the Eastern Cape. I look forward to sharing my personal connection to each country with you and to collaborating to create your unique itinerary.

Michelle Brock

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World Travel Service

Tulsa, Oklahoma

We’ll start with the UK. With my extensive experience and expertise, I’ve escorted numerous custom-crafted group itineraries to world-class destinations throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Island. Within the UK, we can further customize your itinerary to experience such enticing options as Edinburgh, gems of The Cotswolds, Newcastle, Kent, Aberdeen, Kyle of Lochalsh, Glencoe, Rosslyn, and Port Isaac.

Next, an Icelandic adventure! Options abound, such as a snow mobile adventure on the Langjökull Glacier, snorkeling in bubbling hot springs, experiencing the thermal, healing waters of the Blue Lagoon, or having the unique opportunity to be photographed with imposing trolls as you enjoy a private, guided walking tour of Reykjavik.

Now… let’s head back to the USA and down south to the “Big Easy”. To say that New Orleans is a singularly-unique destination in the U.S… is truly an understatement.

Virgi Schiffino

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Lux Voyage

Newtown Square, Pennsylvania
I travel here at the very least twice a year to visit numerous regions. I am also fully-bilingual in both English and Spanish. My language expertise, plus extensive, in-depth travel has allowed me to create one-of-a-kind itineraries that reflect my client's passions and interests. My personal approach to planning one's travel includes asking questions and getting to know my client as to their interests, goals, and aspirations; where and how they've traveled to other destinations, etc. This is all extremely important to making sure that I create the perfect itinerary. Taking the time to know you ensures that I will research and retain the right partners on the ground to assist me in crafting that perfect vacation. To further ensure that your itinerary is the best it can be, I must be able to recommend accommodations and dining options that exceed your expectations.

Daniela DeGarbo

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Greenwood Village, Colorado
Sono Italiana (I am Italian.) I grew up and was reared in a town north of Venice. Italian is my first language. My motivation - almost 30 years ago - for choosing a career in the travel industry was because of my passion to share this wonderful destination with others! Now, as a professional destination expert for Italy, I travel to my native country at least once a year - eager to search for and experience unique, off-the-beaten-path locations, excursions and activities that you would like. I visit hotels and resorts seeking the finest accommodations. I stop at popular local restaurants to sample the cuisine. I meet with highly-trained, specialized guides to assure that they would be the perfect match to assist you on your upcoming tour/excursion.

Jenna Brashear

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Grand Passages Travel Advisors

Owensboro, Kentucky
The only thing I enjoy as much as traveling is sending you out to see to see the world yourself! I love helping others learn from, experience, and enjoy theirs much as I do. During my career, I've established two specialties: destination travel to the UNITED KINGDOM and special interest travel for HONEYMOONS/ROMANCE. Every itinerary I create is unique, personal, and completely designed just for you. My goal is to take the time to get to know your destination interests and travel style to create a seamless, stress-free, and memorable journey. My reward is knowing that you will return home happy, energized, and asking, "Where are we going next?"

Justine Sjurseth

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Acendas Travel

Eden Prairie, Minnesota
Austria is an incredibly beautiful country! If having the delightful opportunity to explore the ancient city of Vienna, pass through charming and quaint villages, stay overnight in the heart of Salzburg's Old Town where you could see the Salzburg fortress from your hotel room, dine with the locals at a 400-year old brewery's beer garden, visit Mozart's birthplace, participate in a Sound of Music Bike Tour, and learn to make scrumptious apple strudel at the Eidelweiss Cooking School is your idea of the perfect Austrian adventure... then we need to talk. I'll suggest a variety of exciting and unique experiences that will make you feel just like a "local."

Florence Brethome

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TravelStore - Palos Verdes/South Bay

Palos Verdes Estates, California
I'm a native of France, fortunate to have lived and worked in this magnificent country for 25 years, and I return here at least twice a year to visit family and friends. I can honestly say: Je connais la France! I know France! As an established travel professional planning your trip, my desire is for you to know and love this wonderful destination (almost) as much as I do. This is my passion. When I visit France, I inspect hotel and resort properties, check out new restaurants and local attractions, take tours, and make sure that I remain current on politics, fashion, shopping and French dining. Each region is very different from another and I have spent considerable time exploring and learning about each one, so that I can share my first-hand knowledge with you. As a French native, with a background in the arts, I have an "insider's" familiarity with my country and how best to enjoy it.

Dayle Shapiro

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Travel 100 Group, Inc., A member of Tzell Travel Group

Northfield, Illinois
I fell in love with Ireland on my first visit. Since then I have been back and spent time in Ireland on 17 different occasions. You will know instantly that the Irish are warm and engaging people who like to hear your stories and will tell you theirs! Whether you choose to visit Dublin to see Trinity College or take a food tour, go to Belfast to tour the Titanic Museum or take a Black Taxi ride, visit Killarney to hike the National Forest or take a jaunty car ride, spend a night in a castle, or play golf on one of Ireland's famous golf courses together we can create an itinerary that will make sure you see and experience the best of Ireland.

Jennifer Cole

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Nonstop Travel, Inc.

Torrance, California
I have traveled extensively throughout this world-class destination and experienced each of Switzerland’s four distinct regions, to ensure that I know all there is to see, do and enjoy! For example, my most recent venture included taking mountain excursions, exploring the spectacular countryside and visiting “must see” attractions - all via train! I am a certified Switzerland Travel Expert, and currently completing the country’s newest certification: Swiss Travel Excellence Program. Working together - we’ll utilize my extensive knowledge and expertise, combined with the assistance of my valued local contacts, to craft an itinerary geared to your specific interests, budget and time constraints.

Robert (Bob) Todd

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Continental Capers Travel Center, A member of Tzell Travel Group

Gainesville, Florida

As a highly experienced, knowledgeable travel advisor, I am an expert for my two favorite destinations in the world: Croatia and The Galapagos.

First, Croatia. We can start in the historic city of Dubrovnik, spend time in Split, cruise through the Dalmatian Islands, spend a few days hiking and enjoying the luxury of an incredible villa in Plitvice Lakes and Falls National Park, and consider crossing the border for a sightseeing adventure in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I'll also recommend and arrange for you an excursion to Mljet National Park and a boat trip to St. Mary's Island. The highlight of your visit here will be a beautiful, emerald, green salt lake... so dive in!

Next, let's go halfway around the world to the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador. Would you be excited to watch sea lions bask in the warm sun on an orange-sandy beach? Or witness a mother sea lion call to her cub from down the beach, as he comes running back to her?

Ana Twohy

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Carrousel Travel

Minneapolis, Minnesota
I am sincerely passionate about helping others discover Romania and the other countries of Eastern Europe. Having lived here half my life, I draw from my own personal experiences to guide me in the creation of unique and wonderful travel experiences. And I would like nothing more than to weave your dream vacation in this incredibly beautiful destination nestled between the Black Sea coastline and the Carpathian Mountains where you can experience and explore Romania's rich history, mysterious castles, ancient monasteries, and so much more. In addition to my first-hand experience and knowledge, I maintain an excellent relationship with local industry professionals, who not only keep me up to date on all that's new in the local hospitality and tourism industry, but I also work with guides who can conduct private tours so that you can experience this destination just like a local.

Lynn Tyger

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Houston, Texas
My passion began when I had the good fortune to work here, as I was based in a small town outside Rome. Needless to say, I traveled extensively every weekend and on vacations to learn and experience as much as possible. Since returning home to the U.S., my passion and enthusiasm only continues to grow. I can't wait to get back every year and get updated on all that's new and exciting since my last visit. In addition to my expertise in planning individual custom itineraries, I have extensive experience in leading groups to Italy and have planned and implemented itineraries for faith-based, multi-generational, wine and general art/cultural-focused groups. I can recommend such enticing experiences as adding a concert to your itinerary, a chance to drive Ferraris in the hills around Florence, arranging an after-hours tour of a famous attraction, or a personal shopping experience. In fact my native Italian friends tell me "I've seen more of Italy than they have!"

Rose Boudreaux

(125 reviews)

Travel Central

Metairie, Louisiana
I am a native born Sicilian who came to America as a child. My love for Europe is innate and I have been back to Italy countless times. I have family in Italy and know my way around, almost like I have lived there my whole life. That is why Italy is my specialty. Let my knowledge and experience, work to help you plan your next trip to this amazing place. I am familiar with the must see things to do as well as the hidden gems and off the beaten path locations. Let me recommend my favorite restaurants. In Italy and especially Sicily- eating is an art to be savored. You will be amazed at the wonderful food. I love to hear the feedback from my customers when they return from one of my customized trips. Some have even planned their next trip as soon as they have returned. Let me help you plan your next family vacations, singles, honeymoon, reunion, group travel or even a spa vacation to sensational Italy & Sicily.

Kristin Luz

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Family Travels and Adventures

San Jose, California

I'm a family-focused travel advisor who shares a passion for two world-class, amazing destinations: United Kingdom, and California.

We'll start in the UK. I have extensive, first-hand knowledge about many UK venues and I'm eager to share my passion for the UK by creating highly-personalized itineraries. I am a certified Brit Agent, and family focused, as many of my excursions back and forth across the pond have been with my son in tow. As such, I've also experienced many of these destinations as a traveling mom, and know what attractions, restaurants, accommodations, etc. will appeal and be appropriate for families with children (e.g., a Harry Potter-focused adventure in London.)

Next, we'll come back home to California. So much more than Hollywood, the beaches, and Disneyland, California showcases charming, small towns; deserts, mountains, excellent food and wine, hiking, biking, great golf and that's just the beginning of all that this destination offers

Jan Acorn

(25 reviews)

Gateway Destinations

Phoenix, Arizona
I love France! And every time I have traveled here over the past 25 years, my knowledge and passion have grown. What sets me apart from my competition are multiple factors. First, I love the French language and make time to be proficient. Next, I make sure I learn something new on every trip, and at the same time, continue to build and maintain solid professional relations with my colleagues on the ground. I know France and I know how to creatively design and implement an itinerary that will match - and exceed your every expectation. I've explored each region of this country by foot, train, and self-drive, plus enjoyed three river cruises, and even one hotel barge cruise! I look forward to sharing with you just what sets France apart from all other countries.

Jennifer Mccrea

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San Marcos, California

As a highly-experienced Travel Advisor, I'm passionate about Scotland, Ireland and my hometown San Diego, CA.

Scotland reveals itself in its stillness, weather and heroic landscapes. Allow me to customize your personal itinerary for the region with special access to castles, historic golf courses and private whisky distilleries. I specialize in secret experiences you cannot book yourself.

Ireland's captivating charm reveals itself layer by layer. It is the ultimate blend of city and country. A trip to the Irish capital and the rural coastal areas just beyond it offers a fascinating combination of dynamic cityscape and restorative time at beautiful countryside hotels and castle properties that brim with old world charm.

California and my hometown of San Diego. With over 70 miles of pristine beaches and coastal views, San Diego is not only a beach-lover's paradise, this dynamic destination boasts a dazzling array of attractions.

Carol Hilton

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Michael's Travel Centre, Inc.

Westlake Village, California
I have a strong, enduring passion for all things Italian! I am a first generation American who was raised in Italy for most of my childhood and with both my parents being Italian, I speak the language fluently and have a strong and very personal understanding of the Italian culture, lifestyle, and its people. Furthermore, there is no doubt that my passion, in-depth knowledge and understanding of the destination and all that it has to offer are attributes my clients appreciate.

Sofia Hedman

(150 reviews)

Accent on Travel

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
Scandinavia and Sweden can be defined by their culture, lifestyle, history, food, museums, markets, attractions and festivals. My parents were born and reared in Sweden; my extended family still lives here. I chose to become a destination specialist for Scandinavia and Sweden since I've spent most of my life experiencing and learning about this magnificent region of the world, and now... I want to share it with you. I literally live, breathe, read, and speak all things Swedish and Scandinavian. If you're eager for an adventure mushing sled dogs, staying in a hotel made from ice, chasing the northern lights, or experiencing a Scandinavian summer with 23 hours of daylight - this is your destination! Having family here and returning every year, I know where to go, how to make the best use of your time, and what experiences and opportunities will make the most memories for you.

Linda Randall

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Acendas Travel

Eden Prairie, Minnesota
I have always been drawn to the culture, unspoiled beauty, and varied landscape of Iceland - and definitely, this is a destination that I recommend one take their time visiting. I recently traveled to Iceland for a 4-night solo adventure. I stayed in Reykjavik and used that as my home base for exploring the country. As an independent female traveler, I felt very safe when venturing out at any hour, day or night. I was able to connect with locals, enjoyed guided tours and the opportunity to explore on my own. Everyone was warm and welcoming. Iceland is at the top of adventure travel bucket lists, for good reason: Hiking trails, geothermal springs and other unique worldly landscapes are plentiful. I had the great fortune to see Pingvellir National Park, the Gulfoss waterfall, Skogafoss waterfall and the Frioheimar greenhouse - first- hand. The cherry on the top of my fabulous vacation was a dip in the famous Blue Lagoon geothermal spa. Definitely a "must do"!

Jennifer Nangle

(195 reviews)

Bursch Travel (Baxter)

Baxter, Minnesota
Have you ever been to a destination that truly becomes part of your soul? That is what happened to me many, many years ago when I visited Italy for the first time. And, to this day, no other destination in this world has created in me such passion, interest, and enthusiasm as I continue to be immersed in its culture, history, people, towns and villages that make this country shine. Whether I'm viewing world-class art or taking a cooking class, I always come away with a renewed appreciation for this diverse and exciting destination.

Melanie D’Souza

(15 reviews)

Divine Destination Weddings

Granite Bay, California
I specialize in Honeymoons, Destination Weddings, Anniversaries and Babymoons. Romance travel means something different to every traveler. Finding out what romance means to you and translating that into your once-in-a-lifetime experience is my specialty. Whether it's tropical, cultural, close to home or far far away, I will help you find that special location and take the stress out of the planning and management. Having traveled to more than 50 countries, I can provide you many first-hand experiences as you consider your travel. I hold specialist designations throughout the world, including Africa, Europe, Fiji, Tahiti, Hawaii, Mexico, Australia and many of the Caribbean Islands. Passion, creativity and integrity drive my travel services. Collaborating, personalizing & having fun are important in all of my client relationships. My goal is that you are my forever client.

Jamie Anderson

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Travel & Cruise Desk

Lake Oswego, Oregon
I'm originally from Edinburgh, Scotland, and lived in this beautiful country for over 25 years. As a longtime, experienced travel advisor, with each return trip to my homeland, I explore and experience new hotel properties and attractions, establish new local industry contacts, as well as nurture existing professional contacts, revisit popular tourist sites, famous hotel/resort properties, and popular dining establishments; tour sports and golf venues, and any new attractions - all to ensure that the first itinerary we craft for you to Scotland... certainly won't be your last!

Ilene Koenig

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Let's Travel!, A FROSCH Company

Woodland Hills, California
As an Independent Travel Consultant for almost 35 years and having traveled extensively throughout the world, it took only one visit and I knew I wanted to specialize in travel to Switzerland. Traveling here at least once a year, my goal is to discover new places and experiences to share with you. Although a small country, Switzerland is very diverse, and with each visit, I tour different hotel/resort properties; and visit attractions, restaurants and events to stay current on all this compelling destination offers. I've had the distinction of being Travel+Leisure Magazine's "A-List" Specialist for Switzerland for many years.

Thecla Vis

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Atlas Travel Vacations and Cruises

Marlborough, Massachusetts
Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever explored, and I love it! Although I have not lived in Croatia for any extended time, I feel my experience of having lived in five other European countries, has given me an understanding of the European way of life. This is an asset when planning your sojourn. I have traveled here extensively, and the country appeals to me for many diverse and exciting reasons, especially the many opportunities for adventure travel.

Christine Smith

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Global Escapes

Athens, Georgia
My expertise spans two very diverse - albeit enchanting and exciting - destinations! The UNITED KINGDOM and HAWAII. My knowledge has been meticulously assembled by frequently exploring each destination in-depth and finding new hidden gems each time I visit. I also focus on maintaining a portfolio of favorite bespoke hotels, lodges and residences along the way, taking note of the unique qualities of each one and how they might appeal to my travelers. In addition to the tools at my disposal, I nurture a network of local contacts in both destinations to keep me apprised of new lodging, restaurants and attractions that open, as well as upcoming festivals and events. All these assets combined enable me to design travel plans that are tailored exactly to the wishes and priorities of each client.

Lorrie Day

(230 reviews)

Carrousel Travel

Minneapolis, Minnesota
See, Breathe, Touch and Taste the history of Istanbul! Formerly known as Constantinople, Istanbul straddles the Bosphorus Strait and lies in both Europe and Asia. Istanbul is Turkey's largest city, and its economic, cultural and historic center. Take in the rich history with a visit to the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sofia and Topkapi Palace. Explore the winding streets of the Grand Bazaar and Spice Market. Marvel at the engineering of the Basilica Cistern located below the city. Enjoy a cruise the Bosphorus. Get away from your hotel and eat with the locals. Istanbul has it all!

Leatta Perdue

(135 reviews)

Travel Central

Metairie, Louisiana
I love this country! I love everything about French culinary experiences, local village market days, French artisan shops, fine vineyards and of course... stunning French chateaus. To make your visit here especially grand, I recommend a visit to the Left Bank where Hemingway and Fitzgerald frequented Harry's Bar. I've been traveling here for twenty years and with each return visit, I learn, explore and become more thoroughly immersed in the culture - making each visit a truly unique experience.

Ana Borges

(15 reviews)

Travel 15, A Branch of Tzell Travel Group

Roseland, New Jersey
My recent trip to my favorite destination this past year was to visit family and friends in my hometown in Portugal. I spent time in Oporto, explored the city on foot, enjoyed scrumptious Portuguese cuisine, enjoyed some port wine tasting in Quinta do Noval, and toured a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Braga. To say that Portugal is my heart and soul - is truly an understatement. I am fluent in Portuguese and as a young girl, I spent my summers here visiting family and friends, and have immersed myself in the incredible Portuguese culture and lifestyle. I will share with you all that makes Portugal so special: The people, traditions, culture, history, attractions, food and wine. Having traveled extensively throughout this country, I know the "must sees" and "must do's", I also know the many hidden gems and "off-the-beaten-path" itineraries that will make your Portuguese adventure truly one-of- a-kind!

Jill Rodriguez

(65 reviews)

Lake Zurich Travel & Cruise

Lake Zurich, Illinois
Spain is my passion! I am fascinated with the culture, the people, the language and the lifestyle. I've been traveling to Spain for the last 20 years with my husband (a high school Spanish teacher who coordinates an annual student exchange program to Spain.) I've enhanced my expertise and knowledge of this marvelous destination. I've established and maintained very strong relationships with local colleagues who, not only keep me up-to-date on what's happening locally and within the country, but who have VIP access to many public events and venues. As such, I can get you the best seats at Flamenco shows, tickets to Real Madrid and Barcelona futbol games, and reservations at the best restaurants. And...VIP access to bull fights in Madrid. I will customize an itinerary that allows you to "Travel Like a Local" based on my personal travel experiences and connections.

Cristina Candelino, CTC

(45 reviews)

Prestige Travel

Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey
My native country of Portugal is small, but loaded with charm, history, art, culture, spectacular natural beauty, pro-surfing, beautiful beaches, world championship golf, gastronomic delights, and of course...very friendly locals! I was born in the enchanting town of Tomar (fka the HQ of the Knights of Templar) and my family moved to the United States when I was a small child. I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to also learn to read, write and speak Portuguese while going to school. These skills have allowed me to remain intricately involved with my home country and customs; to establish and maintain professional contacts, and to have the privilege of returning often to mainland Portugal and especially to the Island of Madeira - one of Europe's best kept secrets! What sets me apart as a Signature Travel Expert-Select® advisor and Destination Specialist, is that I have traveled the entire country of Portugal from North to South, cruised the magical Douro River, and visited/explored many of the unknown

Cindy Macrides

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Preferred Travel of Naples, Inc.

Bonita Springs, Florida

In my 40-year career as a travel professional, no destination has captured my attention and passion as has Scotland! For my most recent trip, my travels began in Edinburgh, then to Loch Ness to stay in the Aldourie Castle and Loch Torridon Hotel. Next, on to Inverness and Glasgow, with a few more incredible days spent in Fife before exploring historic and famous St. Andrews.

In addition to enjoying first-hand experiences, I’ve researched and studied everything that I can about Scotland: The history, culture, enchanting cities, ancient sites, the lifestyles, mysterious lochs, as well as much enticing background about Scotland’s famous castles.

Tammi Wright

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Well Traveled Texan

La Canada Flintridge, California

Two of my favorite destinations in the world are the United Kingdom and the state of California.

With every return visit to the stunning United Kingdom, I find new experiences for my clients to make memories of a lifetime from staying in a castle, having tea where Queen Victoria dined, or wandering through King Henry VIII's hunting grounds.

Now let's explore my home state of California. We'll start in Napa Valley, where I can easily arrange private tours of unique vineyards especially beautiful at harvest time. We'll stop in the Redwood Forest to gaze at the trees, Shop and eat our way through San Francisco and then head south to explore the spectacular coastline through Carmel, Big Sur and Santa Barbara, with a stop at the legendary Hearst Castle.

Ed Postal

(135 reviews)

LUXE Travel

Laguna Woods, California
Italy is one of the world's most intriguing and compelling destinations. Yet many visitors only see the must-see cities, attractions and popular sites - and don't get to experience the authentic local Italian lifestyle and culture because they didn't have an expert to help them plan their journey. That's where I come in. What sets me apart is not only my extensive and thorough knowledge of the destination itself, but my long-standing relationships with local Italian travel industry experts who constantly share with me information about new hotels, special sites, restaurants, events, festivals and activities that will ensure that not only will this be your best trip ever - it will be the start of many, many return visits.

Amy Sicard

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Riverdale Travel

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Having recently lived in Spain for over two years, traveled there many times, and fluent in Spanish, sets me apart from other travel advisors. I love this country and all the amazing sights, people, cuisine, cultures, lifestyles and experiences it has to offer. My passion for Spain began at an early age when I wanted to study Spanish. From that humble beginning, I ultimately moved to Spain to teach English and quickly became fully-immersed in the lifestyle and culture. Now I look forward to utilizing my talents, expertise and knowledge to curate for you the perfect itinerary that will fulfill all your interests, answer all your questions, and provide you with a trip filled with memories to last a lifetime.

Claire Schoeder

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Elevations Travel

Atlanta, Georgia
Scotland is the home of my soul. I realize that statement might seem a bit odd, but it truly expresses and defines my love for this country. For over twenty years, I’ve worked hard exploring, experiencing, and learning about this amazing country. With every visit, I tour hotel/resort properties, establish and maintain essential local contacts, learn about new tours and attractions, interview and hire private guides to lead tours and excursions, visit new restaurants and local eateries, and personally experience a variety of transportation options – from trains, ferries, and buses, to hiring a private car and driver.

Beth Wolfe

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Travel 15, A Branch of Tzell Travel Group

Roseland, New Jersey
Italy is my passion. I've lived in Milan, and have been creating one-of-a kind vacations to this country for over a quarter of a century! I love being able to create an itinerary and having the skill and knowledge to implement and follow through on every aspect of your trip. From selecting specific Italian destinations to visit and explore, to making special dining reservations for you - I love this country and everything it has to offer! The people, culture, cuisine, history, lifestyle -literally every aspect of Italian life... this is what I want to share with you.

Tina McCollum

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ADTRAV Vacations

Birmingham, Alabama
My clients range from families and couples who travel first class, executives combining business and personal travel, to students traveling on a limited budget. My clients trust me and refer me to their friends and colleagues for customized Italian vacations. And to further my knowledge, I'm learning Italian. I love the Italian people, their history, culture, art, food and wine... literally everything! And I look forward to sharing this passion and expertise with you.

Mary Pat Caskey

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Travel by Divine

Lincoln, California

The United Kingdom of England, Ireland, and Scotland (UK) is a world-class destination filled with a storied history, warm and friendly locals and amazing vistas and is the perfect venue for your upcoming travel - whether romantic, adventure, or family exploration. Not only am I a Specialist for the UK, but I am a Romance Travel Expert as well.

Having lived in the United Kingdom for many years, and now continuing to visit on a regular basis I have the enviable opportunity of touring extensively, experiencing the country life, delving into my passion for culture, romance, and history, and indulging my curiosity for just about everything the UK showcases. This destination is a perfect choice for your honeymoon, anniversary, or destination wedding. The world class hotels of London are less than 8 hours from the wilds of the Scottish Highlands and a quick ferry ride lands you in the magical land of Ireland!

Sue Collier

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Orinda Travel

Orinda, California
With almost 20 years experience working as a professional travel advisor and in addition to experiencing and exploring my favorite destination both as a leisure and a business traveler, I can honestly say that I know Italy!. I have also worked for several years in the wine industry and have established many local contacts who can arrange exceptional food and wine experiences for my clients. As a musician, I keep up on what is currently happening on the entertainment scene including jazz, opera, regional festivals and classical music. I can arrange unusual experiences such as driving a Ferrari through the hills of Tuscany or having a private art historian to guide you through the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. My knowledge of wine, food, music and extensive knowledge of Italy, allows me to plan an itinerary that is certain to surprise and delight you. And even more important, there is no doubt that your first trip will lead to many more Italian adventures!

Doris Kwek

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FROSCH Vero Beach

Vero Beach, Florida
Since 1999 - for over two decades - my focus in travel has been Switzerland! I'm proud to say that I've earned the Switzerland Specialist designation, and I continue learning about this marvelous and beautiful world-class destination with each return visit. Now...I'm eager to share my knowledge, expertise and experiences with you.

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