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Sasa Janhar

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I'm an expert on two beautiful and popular European countries that share a border: Croatia and Slovenia. They are a delightful destination where you can enjoy the best of two worlds. As a destination expert, I continue to travel these two countries as if I were a first-time visitor eager to learn, see, and do as much as possible.

First, Slovenia. As a native, I've lived here for almost 40 years and I know the language, culture, and history (I am also fluent in English, German, and Croatian). Recognized as the "green heart of Europe," Slovenia truly offers something for everyone. I was fortunate to grow up in the picturesque Lake Bled region - which is the #1 tourist destination in the country. I look forward to sharing my enthusiasm, experience, and passion by crafting your itinerary to see the very best Slovenia has to offer.

Three incredible "off the beaten path" experiences to share with you include an exclusive 4-course dinner in a mine, a tour of seven magnificent castles, and "Fish & Fly Trio." Trust I've piqued your curiosity? Slovenia provides a wealth of experiences in a boutique format and I look forward to sharing with you all the details.

Next, Croatia. It is more than just a neighbor to Slovenia. The two countries have close historical and cultural ties and have been under the same rule throughout most of their history. Croatia is a country of ancient cities, ten UNESCO heritage sites, dramatic waterfalls, and a beautiful sea that showcases 1,244 islands, countless coves and beaches. Yet this gorgeous country is more than just its spectacular coast: Concerts and festivals take place in historical locations, and major films are produced here.

I'll also share with you three exciting and unique events: Truffle Hunting in Istria, an all-day active adventure aboard a private speedboat, and the Christmas Market in the capital city Zagreb. Please don't forget to ask me about the city's most unusual museums - including the Museum of Hangovers! There is so much to see and do in these two countries. I look forward to helping you put it all together for your first itinerary and vacation. There's no doubt... this will be the first of many! Let's talk soon.

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