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Jo Perry

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Houston, Texas
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I am so fortunate to have lived in Geneva for seven years - until 2021. I continue to visit very often, as I have two children who still live here. I know this country - all of its many beautiful destinations, exciting sights to explore and year-round activities to enjoy, and that's just the beginning of all that I'll recommend to you when we start planning your upcoming Switzerland holiday.

Throughout my time residing in Geneva, I traveled extensively throughout the country by car, train, boat, bus, funicular and gondola. I am very passionate about the outdoors and nature - hiking is my favorite outdoor activity to explore the country, whilst also committed to and adhering to local sustainable practices.

When hiking, I enjoy single and multi-day routes, and exploring off the beaten path areas of Switzerland - only accessible on foot. I know where to experience authentic small Swiss villages, attend local regional festivals, discover amazing Swiss wineries, experience snow-shoeing, cross-country and downhill skiing, visit fabulous ski resorts, discover historic museums and chateaux. The Switzerland rail and public transportation networks are fantastic. You truly can get anywhere in the country via public transport and it is the most scenic way to explore Switzerland.

Next...the mountains! To experience the mountain views across the Swiss Alps, is like no other. There are many ways to explore the Alps: via hiking, walking, bike, train, funicular, and cable car. Last, but certainly not least... the food. Swiss cuisine is a mix of national, regional and local dishes, such as Cheese Fondue, Rösti, Raclette and Birchermüesli. Each region of Switzerland has its own food specialties based on the language spoken in that particular area. Switzerland has four official languages: French, Swiss German, Italian and Romansch - a mountain dialect. My suggestion: To truly experience the best of Switzerland... explore and appreciate each region! Let's talk soon. I look forward to planning your Swiss holiday!

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