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697 S. Milledge Avenue
Athens, Georgia

Christine Smith

Global Escapes
Athens, Georgia
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My expertise spans two very diverse - albeit enchanting and exciting - destinations! The UNITED KINGDOM and HAWAII. My knowledge has been meticulously assembled by frequently exploring each destination in-depth and finding new hidden gems each time I visit. I also focus on maintaining a portfolio of favorite bespoke hotels, lodges and residences along the way, taking note of the unique qualities of each one and how they might appeal to my travelers. In addition to the tools at my disposal, I nurture a network of local contacts in both destinations to keep me apprised of new lodging, restaurants and attractions that open, as well as upcoming festivals and events. All these assets combined enable me to design travel plans that are tailored exactly to the wishes and priorities of each client.

Just as no two people are alike, neither should their travel experiences be the same. I am eager to share with you all that make these destinations two of the world's most sought after. So, let's get started planning your next adventure to the quaint villages and rolling hills of the UK, or to the lush islands of Hawaii!

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