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6070 Greenwood Plaza Blvd. Ste 100
Greenwood Village, Colorado

Daniela DeGarbo

Greenwood Village, Colorado
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Sono Italiana (I am Italian.) I grew up and was reared in a town north of Venice. Italian is my first language. My motivation - almost 30 years ago - for choosing a career in the travel industry was because of my passion to share this wonderful destination with others! Now, as a professional destination expert for Italy, I travel to my native country at least once a year - eager to search for and experience unique, off-the-beaten-path locations, excursions and activities that you would like. I visit hotels and resorts seeking the finest accommodations. I stop at popular local restaurants to sample the cuisine. I meet with highly-trained, specialized guides to assure that they would be the perfect match to assist you on your upcoming tour/excursion.

Next, I will explore out-of-the way small towns and villages that you would not find on your own, as well as unique spots in the larger cities, to make sure you can experience and enjoy the local culture. My goal is to provide you - my valued clients - with the opportunity to truly know MY Italy. My wish for you is that you return home treasuring my native country, its people, and its lifestyle, and that you will look forward to return again for another unforgettable experience.

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