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Walnut Creek, California

Janice Holland

Travel Adventures Unlimited
Walnut Creek, California
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My passion for this compelling and beautiful country began right out of college as I was employed with the San Francisco branch of the Italian Government Travel Office (ENIT.) My job description was to promote tourism to Italy and over half of my work was devoted to arranging and booking personalized travel to Italy and other parts of Europe. Of course, the fact that I'm an Italian American (half Lucchese and half Sicilian) and that I minored in Italian language and culture in college has only piqued my interest in learning as much as possible about this destination! Over the years I've lost track of how many visits to Italy I've made. I have gained so much knowledge and experience and want to share it all with you.

I know how Italy operates, how the Italians think and go about their lives, and I fully understand the Italian's gift of hospitality and friendship. I truly enjoy my work as a travel expert, and I look forward to sharing my expertise as we create your special Italian vacation.

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