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Stephanie Wortman

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Irvine, California
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What sets me apart as an expert on the destinations of France and the United Kingdom are not only my three decades of experience as a destination specialist, but my knowledge and personal experiences of visiting, researching and learning about each of these two destinations different regions. I know the most efficient and fun ways to visit - via an escorted tour, private independent travel arrangements, river cruises, train travel, private vehicle, and/or air. Because of my long-time experience visiting and learning about France and the UK, I have developed and maintained valuable on-the-ground contacts who I depend on to keep me current on any new hotel properties, restaurants, attractions and /or events that would be of interest to you. Regardless of what is enticing you to visit here - whether it is history, fashion, ancestry, wine tours, foodie/culinary excursions, or just simply the desire to see and explore ALL these two compelling destinations have to offer, I can create and implement the perfect itinerary just for you.

Let's start with France. I will recommend that your itinerary include ample time out of the big cities and into the countryside to immerse yourself in the local culture and lifestyle. I can arrange excursions for you that may include a cooking class, wine tour, or shopping in a local market. I'll share valuable tips about the local culture and the importance of learning a few words in French.

Next, we'll travel to the UK. I can honestly say: I know the UK! When I visit here, I experience new events, attend festivals, try out new restaurants, and always checking out new hotel properties. I look forward to learning what's important to you and your traveling companions when visiting the UK. What are your interests and hobbies? The UK has become especially popular because of the PBS television series Downton Abbey, as many of us want to visit the sets where these hit shows are filmed. Also, genealogy has become a popular reason to cross the pond. Regardless of whether you choose to combine your trip to explore both France and the UK on the same trip, or we plan individual itineraries, I offer you access, expertise and personalization. And most important, I am "here" for you from the planning stages of your trip until you return and we do a "recap." My job is to make your travel vacation seamless.

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