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Amber Sprague Costa

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Coral Springs, Florida
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Portugal truly feels like my second home. My husband is Portuguese, and we're fortunate to spend about 6 weeks every year here so that I can continue to learn about, explore, and visit everything that is new and exciting to share with you -- my valued clients. Prior to my opening my own travel agency in 2013, I worked for a major cruise line for eight years, and I was fortunate to learn about and explore Lisbon many times as it was a port of call, as were Madeira and the Azores for Atlantic crossing itineraries. I'm also fortunate that my husband's family who live in the very small village of Fiais -near the Atlantic coast - has prompted me to not only learn more about authentic, off-the-beaten-path regions of the country, but to learn the language as well.

Over these past 10 years, I've invested much time and made great efforts to truly get to know Portugal, and all that it offers her visitors. Several tips I'll share with you include the definition of a "meal" in Portugal. A "meal" is an event and a time to sit and talk with family and friends. Lunch typically is at 1pm and lasts 1 hour. Dinner begins at 8 or 9pm and typically lasts about 3 hours. Also, each region has a different cuisine. If you enjoy a particular dish in Lisbon, expect it to be prepared differently in Oporto. And one final food tip: Make sure and try a dessert and wine from each different region of the country. Also, very important... Portuguese is, as you know, a very different language from Spanish. The locals would rather you just speak English (if you don't know words in Portuguese) than speak Spanish. While Portugal is a small country in size, the quality and quantity of "things to see and do" are truly amazing! Whether you are a nature lover or a foodie -- or somewhere in between -- be assured that I can -- and will -- curate your trip to meet and exceed all your wants and dreams.

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