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601 First Street, Suite B
Lake Oswego, Oregon

Jamie Anderson

Travel & Cruise Desk
Lake Oswego, Oregon
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I'm originally from Edinburgh, Scotland, and lived in this beautiful country for over 25 years. As a longtime, experienced travel advisor, with each return trip to my homeland, I explore and experience new hotel properties and attractions, establish new local industry contacts, as well as nurture existing professional contacts, revisit popular tourist sites, famous hotel/resort properties, and popular dining establishments; tour sports and golf venues, and any new attractions - all to ensure that the first itinerary we craft for you to Scotland... certainly won't be your last!

When we get together and talk, I'll remind you that there is so much to see and do here, that it's important that we build some spontaneity into your itinerary. I'll encourage you to explore our history and culture before you arrive and I look forward to sending you reading/book suggestions, links to documentaries, and background about our many famous landmarks. Also... when we talk, I might tell you all about Drumnadrochit - a quaint town on the banks of Loch Ness; about the comedy and art shows that coincide with the Edinburgh Festival; what the Tattoo is; and why you may want to spend your last few days at Cameron House. Have I piqued your interest? Anyone can book a trip to Scotland, but my team and I have the knowledge, experience, expertise, and connections to design an itinerary that is uniquely tailored to you!

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