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From an out-of-this world expedition cruise to a remote part of our world such as The Galapagos or Arctic region, to a land adventure with options ranging from a safari in East Africa to hiking snowy peaks in the Alps, the choice is yours. Closer to home, options abound from Alaska to the Everglades, and many stunning national parks in between!

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Susan Waymire, CTC

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TravelStore - Sacramento

Sacramento, California
Have you ever considered rock climbing or mountain e-biking in the Dolomites? How about the adrenaline rush of the Costa Rican Mount Arenal Zip Line on your next getaway? Or, perhaps it's driving a fast sports car at a world-class Grand Prix race track situated in the heart of Germany's Eifel mountains. Maybe, you want to challenge your fitness level climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. If your interest and enthusiasm are now piqued by these suggestions - we need to talk! I'm both a professional and highly-skilled travel advisor, very active adventurer and explorer, with a lifelong passion for active adventure. I still remember my father lacing ski boots for me just as soon as I could walk! My adventures over the years include incredibly exciting scuba diving expeditions in the Marquesas Islands of Polynesia, diving with the sharks in the Galapagos, hiking and biking throughout Europe, heli-skiing the Canadian Rockies, river rafting the different waters from Oregon to Alaska, cruising The Upper Amazon basin, an exciti

Charlotte Filla

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TravelStore - Los Angeles

Houston, Texas
I have a passion for travel and when I travel, I like to delve deep into the destination's culture, learning the history of each place, along with getting to know the people: their traditions, customs, food, and so much more. I especially adore Adventure & Wellness Travel - as it is what I do most and what I do best. I love connecting with the outdoors, seeing the world actively, and experiencing heart-pumping adventures. I'm also very passionate about health, fitness, and overall wellness - both physical and mental. I truly believe that traveling - and to focus on renewing and refreshing oneself - is good for the mind, body and soul. Whether I'm exploring a big city or an exotic location, I always engage in some type of adventure and/or wellness travel that allows me to embrace nature, explore new cultures, expand mindfulness, or participate in active excursions.

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