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Bobbie Murphy

Active Travel Pro
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Active Adventure Travel. This is the kind of travel that I crave! I've been a professional travel advisor for nearly 25 years, and it is incredibly satisfying to help my fellow wandering spirits to experience our beautiful and diverse planet with a carefully planned, eco-conscious itinerary that is sensitive to land, sea, and local cultures.

Whether you want to hike, bike or star gaze in the stunning Norwegian Fjords, enjoy the Galapagos Islands on an expedition cruise, explore Costa Rica, experience the incredible beauty of Antarctica, or visit that special place you have had on your "must-see" list for a long time.... I can get you there. If you wish to go off the beaten path to trek, kayak, ski, cycle, or spend most of your time on foot exploring your destination.... I can make it happen. What's most important is that you're eager to explore and learn, and have energy, curiosity, and an eagerness to go "outside" your comfort zone.

Adventure can mean different things to different travelers. It's important that - working together - you define "adventure" and what you want to accomplish, experience, see and do. I can recommend itineraries that range from "up close and personal" small-ship explorations in Alaska, to experiencing the beauty of Africa on a gorilla expedition, to exploring Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail. And of course, much more! I look forward to working with you so that you, too, can experience the best of our incredible world. Let's talk soon!

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