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Shannon O’Brien

FROSCH Colorado
Greenwood Village, Colorado
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As an avid traveler with over two decades of experience and knowledge in the travel industry, my expertise extends far beyond simply providing adrenaline rushes or ticking off bucket-list destinations. To fully meet and exceed your expectations, I want to work with you to weave together experiences that spark a fulfilling connection with our world, e.g. sampling the local cuisine while on a cycling adventure through Italy, taking a hot balloon ride over the Serengeti; or hiking to the Libyan Sea. I am committed to responsible tourism, advocating for sustainable practices, and encouraging – and practicing – a deep respect for the environments that we explore.

My most recent adventure was an expedition cruise to the Galapagos Islands that included a two-day extension in Quito with a visit to Otavelo – the largest market in South America! This exciting itinerary perfectly embodies my expertise in action-adventure travel by showcasing my ability and knack for orchestrating experiences that offer a balanced blend of physical activities, stunning landscapes, close encounters with wildlife, and amazing cultural experiences. Highlights included watching sharks eat the chum off the back of our boat after dinner and seeing the magnificent beauty of a school of golden rays swimming under our boat. This itinerary epitomizes my expertise and knowledge in adventure/active travel as it blends physical challenges, engages in cultural interactions, and includes transformative natural experiences.

My work is a living testament to the life-changing power of travel, and an affirmation of my commitment to providing authentic and sustainable adventure experiences. Let’s talk soon and we’ll discuss adventure travel options ranging from hiking and biking, to scuba and safari. I trust you’ll agree: Within a well-planned itinerary, it is often the most unplanned moments that ignite the most profound connections with our world. Let’s get started… your world awaits!

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