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Houston, Texas

Charlotte Filla

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Houston, Texas
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I have a passion for travel and when I travel, I like to delve deep into the destination's culture, learning the history of each place, along with getting to know the people: their traditions, customs, food, and so much more. I especially adore Adventure & Wellness Travel - as it is what I do most and what I do best. I love connecting with the outdoors, seeing the world actively, and experiencing heart-pumping adventures. I'm also very passionate about health, fitness, and overall wellness - both physical and mental. I truly believe that traveling - and to focus on renewing and refreshing oneself - is good for the mind, body and soul. Whether I'm exploring a big city or an exotic location, I always engage in some type of adventure and/or wellness travel that allows me to embrace nature, explore new cultures, expand mindfulness, or participate in active excursions.

I have personally explored all seven continents and over 50 countries, so this first-hand experience helps me thoroughly connect clients to destinations and create trips of a lifetime. I have also experienced many destination spas. I like to embrace the fitness classes, spa treatments, spiritual guidance, nutrition lessons, creative arts courses, Eastern + Western therapies, and outdoor excursions. Plus, I have developed and maintained personal relationships with industry professionals throughout the world, to ensure that I am your liaison between you and your travel dreams. My expertise involves creating trips that include adventure, active, outdoor, wildlife, wellness, spa, ecotourism, and in-depth cultural experiences. I excitedly send travelers across the globe to embrace earth's breathtaking beauty, interact with dynamic cultures, and to leave positive impacts on both the traveler and the destination.

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