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Andrea Campbell

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Coral Springs, Florida
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What I love best about my exciting career in the travel industry is the opportunity to explore this world as an active adventure traveler and to experience - in depth - one of my favorite destinations: Israel. Now, I'm eager to share both with you!

My most recent travel experience combined the best of both worlds: A 7-day biking/hiking excursion through Israel. Biking an average of 20-40 miles a day, we had the wonderful opportunity to meet interesting people, visit world-renowned cultural sites, and to experience local activities - that would not have been possible from a motor vehicle. Additionally, we experienced key cities and sites - e.g. Jerusalem and the Temple Mount and Jaffa; stayed in a Kibbutz in the Golan Heights and private family homes; enjoyed a local winery and family-owned restaurants, and that's just the beginning of what this magnificent destination is all about! From experiencing an adrenaline rush descending the mountains to cycling on the beaches of Tel Aviv, before stopping to enjoy a catered 5-star lunch, it's this and so much more. In the evenings - after an incredible day of active adventure at in my favorite destination... we'd settle in to our 5-star accommodations to relax, recharge, and rejuvenate for our next day's adventure!

As you can tell from "visualizing" just how awesome active adventure can be while visiting a world-class destination... this can be just the beginning of many, many active adventure opportunities for YOU to experience new destinations throughout the world! I love to immerse myself in new destinations and culture; love to stay fit with active travel; and look forward to sharing with you this incredible opportunity. I've also experienced - as an active traveler hiking and biking - the best of Peru, the Mekong River, and Napa Valley. I've bungee-jumped in Victoria Falls and New Zealand; hiked and trekked a glacier in Iceland. Whether you're eager to experience and explore Israel, embark on an active vacation, or a combination of both...Let's talk soon. I will put myself in your shoes and focus on what you want to see, do and experience! Be assured I'll plan your itinerary - certain to meet and exceed your every expectation!

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