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Sarah Crimian

(10 reviews)

Accent on Travel

Wilmington, Delaware
My expertise in creating one-of-a-kind itineraries stems not only from my extensive travels throughout a country, but from the joy I gain each time I return. I look forward to creating a vacation that will not only meet but will exceed your every expectation of what a vacation can and should be! I look forward to sharing with you my two most favorite destinations on earth - and they couldn't be more diverse - ITALY - La Dolce Vita and COSTA RICA - Pura Vida. As an avid traveler, I know that my clients are not one-dimensional. I want to learn what's important to you...what you want to see, do and experience. I'll take the time to listen and ask questions to make sure I know exactly what your expectations are. Let's get started!

Patti Gallagher

(40 reviews)

Vista Travel

Colonia, New Jersey
As a professional Signature Travel Expert Select advisor, I specialize in Personalized Travel to many of the world's most popular destinations! This highly-personalized mode of travel ensures that you will have the priceless opportunity and pleasure of really experiencing and enjoying - first hand - just what makes your chosen destination so unique and enticing. To be a knowledgeable and professional destination specialist, it is essential that I visit destinations on a regular basis. Once on the ground, I explore and experience new attractions, tour new and updated hotel and resort properties, visit restaurants that showcase the local cultural and lifestyle, experience local festivals, tour off-the-beaten part venues and take part in activities that I may not have seen and explored on my previous visit.

Lisa Whitmarsh

(45 reviews)

Accent on Travel

Wilmington, Delaware
One of the first honeymoon trips I ever arranged and booked was my own - 34 years ago! Since then, I've arranged and booked hundreds more and am proud to say my clients often think of me as "their fairy godmother." My reputation for having an extensive knowledge of a destination and all that it offers honeymooners, plus my attention to detail, planning expertise, and having immediate access to the best local sources and services ensure a flawless experience for each of my clients. Since I started building my client base over three decades ago, I'm now working with clients booking their third generation of honeymoons, baby-moons and anniversary celebrations. With each, I still have the same excitement, enthusiasm and commitment to make sure that this trip will be their best ever.

Janice Holland

no reviews

Travel Adventures Unlimited

Walnut Creek, California
My passion for this compelling and beautiful country began right out of college as I was employed with the San Francisco branch of the Italian Government Travel Office (ENIT.) My job description was to promote tourism to Italy and over half of my work was devoted to arranging and booking personalized travel to Italy and other parts of Europe. Of course, the fact that I'm an Italian American (half Lucchese and half Sicilian) and that I minored in Italian language and culture in college has only piqued my interest in learning as much as possible about this destination! Over the years I've lost track of how many visits to Italy I've made. I have gained so much knowledge and experience and want to share it all with you.

Isaac Armendariz

(65 reviews)

Sun Travel

El Paso, Texas
Not only do I love all things Disney, I'm knowledgeable about all things Disney. I have visited both Disneyland® and Walt Disney World® Resort many times and know what makes each resort so unique. I'll share with you what sets one hotel property apart from another, what's best about each park, what are the best rides, attractions, and restaurants; the best time of year to visit, and how to use all the different technology applications - e.g. FastPass® - to make your visit more fun and efficient. Whether we're planning your first - or your 21st - visit to Disney, I'll create your itinerary based on your interests, budget and time constraints and I'll caution you that careful planning is essential to a successful trip.

Shaia Bragg

(55 reviews)

Go Enchanted Travel

Murfreesboro, Tennessee
For over a decade, I've been working with families to create and implement the seamless escapes that families long for in their busy lives. Through traveling with my own large family, I'm familiar with all the intricacies that can be involved in crafting a vacation - that not only meets everyone's varied expectations, but that also creates treasured memories for the entire family. By working with you, I can shape together a customized itinerary that not only includes "must-sees," but also takes into account any unique challenges such as special needs, mobility issues, or even children that refuse to share a bed. I enjoy suggesting and adding in those one-of-a-kind experiences, special activities, and value-added amenities that are certain to make your journey personal and individual to you! From Disney to the Danube - and anywhere in between, my goal is to make your family's travel wish list achievable and enjoyable.

Karen Listgarten

(147 reviews)


Minneapolis, Minnesota
Germany is more than my favorite destination. It's my passion. And it's my mission to share with you the local and authentic Germany as only a local would know it. I've had the incredible opportunity to study and work here, to learn to speak fluent German, and to travel throughout this vibrant and diverse country. In fact, this on-the-ground experience proved to be the perfect segue for me into the travel industry because now my clients can benefit from my firsthand experience of the real Germany. I've driven the wine roads and the autobahn, hiked and skied the Black Forest and mountains of Bavaria, dined in some of Germany's best local restaurants, enjoyed stays in a variety of accommodations, and absorbed the culture and heritage of Germany's major festivals and markets - each showcasing a unique lifestyle. All this in-depth learning and travel has ensured I am an expert on all things German.

Tina McCollum

no reviews

ADTRAV Vacations

Birmingham, Alabama
My clients range from families and couples who travel first class, executives combining business and personal travel, to students traveling on a limited budget. My clients trust me and refer me to their friends and colleagues for customized Italian vacations. And to further my knowledge, I'm learning Italian. I love the Italian people, their history, culture, art, food and wine... literally everything! And I look forward to sharing this passion and expertise with you.

Ashley Gallo

(20 reviews)

Royal Travel & Tours

Lake Bluff, Illinois
My enthusiasm and interest in travel began at an early age traveling with my family. Then, following my first trip abroad, I knew I had to explore every corner of this world! After I graduated college with a Master's Degree in Education, my first teaching assignment was in Abu Dhabi. Taking that teaching position in a foreign country positively changed my life. While teaching in the United Arab Emirates I traveled to over 30 countries from Tunisia to Singapore, but my favorite was right here: Dubai. There is so much to see and do here from riding camels in the desert to skiing indoors and shopping in some of the world's most luxurious malls. I became totally immersed in the culture, the people, customs and language as I enthusiastically explored every corner of this beautiful country. Now, I want to share my passion for this region with you.

Stephanie Wortman

no reviews

LUXE Travel

Irvine, California
With almost three decades of experience in the travel industry, certified as specialist for multiple destinations within the UK, and having been recognized many times as one of the "Top 100 Travel Advisors" by Travel+Leisure Magazine, I can honestly say: I know the UK! When I travel there, I am always researching and learning. Not only with visits to specific towns and cities, experiencing new events, attending festivals, trying out a new restaurant, visiting - or revisiting - specific hotel properties, I take time to chat with the hotel and restaurant concierges to learn what's new and trending since my last visit so that I'm always in the know and can better plan your upcoming itinerary. I look forward to learning what's important to you and your traveling companions when visiting the UK.

Chelle Kennedy

no reviews


Houston, Texas
I am fortunate to have lived and worked in this amazing country for almost three years. From the minute I arrived, I was captivated by the Thai culture, people, sights, aromas, experiences and lifestyle. As an event planner based in Bangkok, I traveled the country extensively, in addition to 12 other Asian countries. I experienced local life of the Thai people. I visited their beautiful temples and stayed in their 4-5 star accommodations: visited their beaches, jungles, mountains and off- the-beaten-path spots only the locals knew. I bathed elephants, sampled street food, and dined in many of Thailand's top restaurants. I became totally immersed in their local customs and culture. Now as a travel industry professional who has earned the Amazing Thailand Specialist designation, I can recommend to you these same incredible destinations for you to experience and enjoy.

Janet Laird

no reviews

WorldWide Cruise & Travel

Newport Beach, California
Have you considered a river cruise on the Mekong? This is the perfect opportunity to be completely immersed in an Asian culture. Or, for an itinerary less traveled, I can suggest a cruise along the coastline of Norway where you'll witness the spectacular, natural beauty of the Norwegian fjords, plus have the chance to explore many unique ports of call along the way. And, if you've been thinking about a trip to Japan, but as a first-time visitor, you're concerned about navigating and interpreting all the cultural differences and customs, then let's consider a stress-free cruise that calls on the major Japanese cities and landmarks, but ensures you'll come back "home" to your ship after each day's excursion. These are just a few of the many suggestions I can make as you consider a luxury cruise for your next vacation. Having sailed with or attended ship inspections of many upscale, luxury cruise lines, I have a wealth of expertise and experience that I want to share with you.

Sheila Cannon

(75 reviews)

Carefree Romantic Vacations, Inc.

Yucaipa, California
I plan once-in-a-lifetime, romantic vacations for adventurous couples. I founded Carefree Romantic Vacations to help busy couples like you experience the honeymoon or vacation of their dreams, without having to lift a finger. My passion is to help your love come alive, in a carefree and romantic setting. I draw on my experiences traveling to romantic destinations around the globe - including Tahiti, Fiji, the Caribbean, Mexico, Europe, South America, Antarctica, Hawaii, Australia/New Zealand, Africa and Asia. I am recognized as a certified specialist for Fiji Matai, as a Sandals' WeddingMoons Specialist, Certified Tahiti Specialist and a Lifestyle Specialist for Honeymoons and Destination Weddings.

Virgi Schiffino Kennedy

no reviews

Lux Voyage

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
I travel here at the very least twice a year to visit numerous regions. I am also fully-bilingual in both English and Spanish. My language expertise, plus extensive, in-depth travel has allowed me to create one-of-a-kind itineraries that reflect my client's passions and interests. My personal approach to planning one's travel includes asking questions and getting to know my client as to their interests, goals, and aspirations; where and how they've traveled to other destinations, etc. This is all extremely important to making sure that I create the perfect itinerary. Taking the time to know you ensures that I will research and retain the right partners on the ground to assist me in crafting that perfect vacation. To further ensure that your itinerary is the best it can be, I must be able to recommend accommodations and dining options that exceed your expectations.

Lara Maxfield

(135 reviews)

Morris Murdock Travel

Salt Lake City, Utah
I am passionate about Italy and all things Italian - since I first lived here during a year of college. Not only am I fluent in Italian, I cook Italian and eat Italian. I've studied their art, history and enviable lifestyle and marvel at the influence this small country has had on western civilization. Italy suits all types of travelers - from first- timers to those travelers (like me!) who return again and again. Italy never gets boring! It is a destination for couples, families, travelers on a budget and/or with time constraints, groups, and solo travelers, as well as those who travel for adventure, or prefer a luxury travel experience. I think one of the most fun experiences is to enjoy off-the-beaten path excursions where you truly travel like a local.

Rochelle Heap

(170 reviews)

Reach for the Sky Vacations

Abita Springs, Louisiana
My love for Walt Disney World® Resort began with my first visit at age five. However, my passion for this destination really blossomed while in college when I was selected to participate in the Walt Disney World College Program which provided me the incredible opportunity to work at the Magic Kingdom® Park, take special Disney training courses and live on property. My next experience was seeing that same magic and wonder through the eyes of my own children. I learned early in my career that attention to detail and superb customer service were paramount and that no one does family travel quite like Disney!

Rose Boudreaux

(215 reviews)

Travel Central

Metairie, Louisiana
I am a native born Sicilian who came to America as a child. My love for Europe is innate and I have been back to Italy countless times. I have family in Italy and know my way around, almost like I have lived there my whole life. That is why Italy is my specialty. Let my knowledge and experience, work to help you plan your next trip to this amazing place. I am familiar with the must see things to do as well as the hidden gems and off the beaten path locations. Let me recommend my favorite restaurants. In Italy and especially Sicily- eating is an art to be savored. You will be amazed at the wonderful food. I love to hear the feedback from my customers when they return from one of my customized trips. Some have even planned their next trip as soon as they have returned. Let me help you plan your next family vacations, singles, honeymoon, reunion, group travel or even a spa vacation to sensational Italy & Sicily.

Jackie Waechter

(55 reviews)

Blissful Honeymoons & Destination Weddings

Overland Park, Kansas
I am a Honeymoon & Destination Wedding specialist with over 16 years experience in the industry and I hold expert certifications with many destinations and resorts throughout the world. I focus exclusively on this destination specialty and as such when I visit a prospective wedding/honeymoon site, I am looking at this destination through my clients' eyes. In addition to site visits and experiencing a destination first-hand, I have developed and maintained excellent relationships with local industry contacts who share with me information that is invaluable as I plan your itinerary. Another important distinction is that I travel to specific sites five times a year and participate in training on-property and through webinars on a monthly basis. This furthers the positive relationship with my preferred partners, and often results in special amenities or perks being offered to my clients, that one would not be able to secure if making their own arrangements directly with the resort.

Erin Majorie

(45 reviews)

Travel Central

Metairie, Louisiana
I absolutely love what I do. I have such passion and enthusiasm for the destination of Walt Disney World® Resort. My objective is to share with you the best of Disney and to use my extensive knowledge and expertise to create for you the most perfect and magical Disney vacation possible! I've had a lifetime of visits here: First as a child, then as a young adult; now as a wife and mother, and as a professional Disney destination specialist has ensured that I have experienced this incredible destination from many perspectives. It's very important that you feel as though your vacation was crafted just for you. I want you to share with me what is important to you. What do you want to experience? Who are your favorite characters? Who will be traveling with you? Where do you want to stay? Which park(s) do you want to experience first? Is this a milestone event? Once we've established what and how you want to experience Disney World, I can make it happen!

Leatta Perdue

(225 reviews)

Travel Central

Metairie, Louisiana
I love this country! I love everything about French culinary experiences, local village market days, French artisan shops, fine vineyards and of course... stunning French chateaus. To make your visit here especially grand, I recommend a visit to the Left Bank where Hemingway and Fitzgerald frequented Harry's Bar. I've been traveling here for twenty years and with each return visit, I learn, explore and become more thoroughly immersed in the culture - making each visit a truly unique experience.

Stacey Cohen

(15 reviews)

Royal Travel & Tours

Winnetka, Illinois
Germany is like my second home. I have explored, experienced, and enjoyed this country since I was a youngster - as I was fortunate to spend summers with close family relatives and tour throughout the country. My opportunities for travel continued through college as I spent a semester to learn the language and then I was fortunate to work in Hanover once I graduated. Now, I want to share with you all that I've learned and to help plan your trip. I truly have a passion for Germany and I look forward to sharing this passion with you. I travel here at least once a year so I'm very knowledgeable about all that's happening, all that's new, and all of the incredible experiences that you can look forward to.

Kristen Smith

(270 reviews)

Accent on Travel

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
Traveling is truly my passion and I enjoy sharing this passion with my clients. With close to 20 years in the industry selling travel, I can honestly say "I love what I do!" Every day, I learn something new; become more immersed in a destination and its culture and am eager to share this new knowledge with my clients. I love establishing relationships and building trust with my clients -as, over the years, many have become like "family" to me. With regard to my specialty - river cruising - I now know and understand why so many first-time river cruisers come back home ready to plan their next river adventure! River cruising offers you both a relaxing vacation as you leisurely ply inland rivers and meander through town centers while viewing spectacular scenery and countryside. But once you dock, get ready for fun excursions and sightseeing adventures and the opportunity to experience the best your port of call has to offer.

Matthew Alicz

(15 reviews)

Legacy Travel, Inc.

Plano, Texas
I know Japan and I'm eager to share my knowledge and expertise with you. I will make sure you know how to use public transportation, provide proper etiquette tips, how to overcome the language barrier, and even tips to overcome jet lag - so that you can just relax and enjoy this adventure of a lifetime! If your special interests are technology, fashion and pop culture - I can get you to these special interest hubs. If you prefer to experience and explore historical and cultural attractions - e.g. temples, shrines, and museums, I can get you there, too! Let me share with you the history, culture and cuisine of this paradoxically profound country. Together, we'll plan your adventure to ride the bullet train, learn the legend of the Samurai and to experience traditional Japanese ryokan. It's all this and more for your adventure to The Land of the Rising Sun!

Krisha Friede, CTA

(230 reviews)

Bursch Travel (Monticello)

Monticello, Minnesota
There's no doubt that actually being here - right in the middle of all the magic - is key to being able to sell this destination and do it well. I am a certified graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge who has been to Walt Disney World® Resort 30 times in the past two decades, plus I've sailed aboard Disney Cruise Line seven times. This is a destination that constantly evolves, upgrades and changes with something new always being added - whether it be a new ride, restaurant, attraction or sometimes even a whole new addition to one of the parks! Staying current with the changes at Disney is a huge benefit to you as we begin planning your special itinerary.

Ed Postal

(100 reviews)

LUXE Travel

Laguna Woods, California
Italy is one of the world's most intriguing and compelling destinations. Yet many visitors only see the must-see cities, attractions and popular sites - and don't get to experience the authentic local Italian lifestyle and culture because they didn't have an expert to help them plan their journey. That's where I come in. What sets me apart is not only my extensive and thorough knowledge of the destination itself, but my long-standing relationships with local Italian travel industry experts who constantly share with me information about new hotels, special sites, restaurants, events, festivals and activities that will ensure that not only will this be your best trip ever - it will be the start of many, many return visits.

Dawn Snyder

(140 reviews)

World Travel Service

Tulsa, Oklahoma
Italy is a beautiful destination - not only for its spectacular scenery, but for its beautiful people as well. The locals are friendly, courteous and truly enjoy sharing their culture and lifestyle with their visitors! Italy showcases so much to see and do - no matter what your interests - you're sure to find activities and attractions that pique your interest. Whether you prefer to join an escorted group or explore the country on your own - that option is yours. I take pride in sharing my insider tips, my own experiences, and my ensure your Italian vacation is customized to match your personal interests and goals. Plus, I work with exceptional local contacts to further ensure your vacation will be seamless and stress-free. Working together, we can put all the pieces together to create a fun, convenient and efficient itinerary that will meet and exceed your expectations.

Jennifer Nangle

(400 reviews)

Bursch Travel (Baxter)

Baxter, Minnesota
Have you ever been to a destination that truly becomes part of your soul? That is what happened to me many, many years ago when I visited Italy for the first time. And, to this day, no other destination in this world has created in me such passion, interest, and enthusiasm as I continue to be immersed in its culture, history, people, towns and villages that make this country shine. Whether I'm viewing world-class art or taking a cooking class, I always come away with a renewed appreciation for this diverse and exciting destination.

Elaine Johnson, CTA

(135 reviews)

Bursch Travel (Baxter)

Baxter, Minnesota
Alaska is a land of superlatives. Our 49th state offers so much to see and do, you could vacation here for the rest of your life and never have the same experience twice. My first adventure to America's last frontier was over a quarter century ago! To say that I can't get enough of this Great Land's vast beauty and incredible adventure is definitely an understatement.

Lynn Tyger

no reviews


Houston, Texas
My passion began when I had the good fortune to work here, as I was based in a small town outside Rome. Needless to say, I traveled extensively every weekend and on vacations to learn and experience as much as possible. Since returning home to the U.S., my passion and enthusiasm only continues to grow. I can't wait to get back every year and get updated on all that's new and exciting since my last visit. In addition to my expertise in planning individual custom itineraries, I have extensive experience in leading groups to Italy and have planned and implemented itineraries for faith-based, multi-generational, wine and general art/cultural-focused groups. I can recommend such enticing experiences as adding a concert to your itinerary, a chance to drive Ferraris in the hills around Florence, arranging an after-hours tour of a famous attraction, or a personal shopping experience. In fact my native Italian friends tell me "I've seen more of Italy than they have!"

Lee Anne Battiston

no reviews

Visions of Blue Vacations

Hickory, North Carolina
Picture yourself here: You are standing on your private balcony watching - as your luxurious cruise ship deftly glides into port - and viewing a magnificent landscape of an ancient and historic European port come into focus. What could be more memorable? I don't think anything compares to the feeling of joy and exhilaration of having this incredible opportunity to not only travel back in time as you explore some of the world's most famous ports of call but having the privilege of experiencing this journey aboard a modern luxury yacht, river ship or ocean vessel. As your luxury cruise expert, I have the passion, knowledge and experience to plan and implement a luxury, upscale cruise itinerary that is certain to meet and exceed your every expectation.

Tami Rona

(70 reviews)

Vista Travel

Colonia, New Jersey
River Cruising can be defined in many ways and will appeal to many travelers because of the excellent and diverse variety of itineraries, destinations and themes. What sets me apart from other professional travel advisors is that I've experienced a distinct variety of not only itineraries but also a variety of specific themed cruises. I've done a river cruise on the Amazon River - definitely off-the-beaten-path! I've also recently experienced and enjoyed a themed cruise that sailed from Budapest to Prague and focused on Jewish history. I look forward to meeting with you and talking about all your options! I'll share with you such enticing topics/themes as wine, military history, the pyramids of Egypt, tulips in Holland, or a special itinerary that offers an added African Safari excursion. With over three decades experience in the travel industry working with clients, I know how to match you, your personality and your interests to the right ship, itinerary, special focus, and best excursions.

Michele Keeley

(115 reviews)

Mann Travels - Blakeney

Charlotte, North Carolina
Experiencing the magic and witnessing the sheer beauty of New Zealand should be on everyone's travel dream list. My love for the warm and friendly New Zealanders and this country's spectacular natural beauty keep me coming back. Whether your interests are art, culture, history, and museums, if you're a foodie, or an active adventurer eager to explore all the excitement this "Land of the Long White Cloud" can provide... New Zealand truly offers something for everyone! As a certified 100% Pure New Zealand Tourism "Gold" status specialist, I'm eager to share with you my experiences, explorations and expertise so that you, too, can feel this same excitement.

Jenna Brashear

(25 reviews)

Cruising Company, Etc.

Owensboro, Kentucky
The only thing I enjoy as much as traveling is sending you out to see to see the world yourself! I love helping others learn from, experience, and enjoy theirs much as I do. During my career, I've established two specialties: destination travel to the UNITED KINGDOM and special interest travel for HONEYMOONS/ROMANCE. Every itinerary I create is unique, personal, and completely designed just for you. My goal is to take the time to get to know your destination interests and travel style to create a seamless, stress-free, and memorable journey. My reward is knowing that you will return home happy, energized, and asking, "Where are we going next?"

Michele Campion

(55 reviews)

CRC Travel

Chicago, Illinois
Ireland has always held a special place in my heart. My mother was born and reared on the on the west coast in County Mayo and my father's family hails from County Cork. Throughout my childhood and into my adulthood, I have visited Ireland countless times. I have traveled to 22 of the 26 counties in the Republic of Ireland and Counties Antrim and Down in Northern Ireland. Not only have I traveled there to spend time with family, but I also have a true passion for the rich culture, history, landscape, and people.

Nikki Miller

(80 reviews)

Travel with Nikki

Portage, Michigan
I'm excited to share with you two of the most amazing destinations on earth: Walt Disney World® Resort and HAWAII. Both are magical, enticing, unique, diverse, and compelling places to visit. I look forward to sharing all there is to see and do and to create and implement the perfect itinerary where all you and your favorite traveling companions will have to do is have fun and make memories to last a lifetime. Whether your destination is the "Most Magical Place on Earth" or you prefer to cross the Pacific Ocean to the magical islands of Hawaii... I can get you there!

Ari Kim-Kaminski

(100 reviews)

Travel Adventures Unlimited

Walnut Creek, California
Planning a Walt Disney World® Resort vacation can be overwhelming! And my goal is to make your Disney vacation as carefree, fun and exciting as possible. I have created girls' trips, multi-generational adventures, adults-only trips and of course, family itineraries. This is such an exciting destination! Whether it's enhancing the landscape, opening new resorts, upgrading and/or creating new attractions, restaurants, amenities, or transportation...something new and exciting is always happening! It's also important to share with you that I am a parent of a special needs' child and another child with food allergies. As such, I have first-hand experience in creating a safe and worry-free vacation for you and your family.

Mary Pat Caskey

(10 reviews)

Travel by Divine

Doylestown, Pennsylvania
Romance travel, whether it is honeymoon, anniversary or destination wedding comes with an extra set of expectations. Discerning travelers not only want to celebrate their event, they want to mark it in a way that is uniquely their own. I appreciate the trust and confidence a couple has in me to design and implement their special event. I do extensive research not only on the hotel or resort but also on the restaurants, tours and experiences that are exclusive to the destination. Curating an itinerary for a romance trip is far more involved than simply booking a hotel room. It's contacting the manager to have special amenities offered to my clients. It is knowing which restaurant will best contribute to their memorable experience, and then reserving that special table.

Kareem George

(45 reviews)

Culture Traveler

Boca Raton, Florida
Visits to Germany and South Africa are always the highlights of the year. My love and enthusiasm for these destinations is limitless. As a thoughtful listener, I will carefully note your preferences and propose offerings best suited to your personal interests. My knowledge is broad and my attention to details is high - from art museums and concert halls to safari lodges and village visits; from Michelin-starred restaurants and regional cuisine to high-design hopping and procuring ethnic crafts. Upcoming travel plans include touring the less-visited northern regions of Germany, and in South Africa - exploring the famed Garden Route and the wonderful safari lodges of the Eastern Cape. I look forward to sharing my personal connection to each country with you and to collaborating to create your unique itinerary.

Adrienne Sasson

no reviews

Rubinsohn Travel

Jenkintown, Pennsylvania
For over four decades, I've had the incredible opportunity to visit, explore, and enjoy this historic and beautiful country. In fact, I consider Jerusalem my second home. Although not an Israeli citizen, I've spent months at a time visiting family and friends and have come to know Israel truly like a local. I came here to celebrate my wedding and honeymoon. I've brought my children here to spend time with family, to learn Hebrew fluently, and to experience the many unique cultures of this ancient country.

Lesley Stone

(15 reviews)

Legacy Travel, Inc.

Plano, Texas
I live and breathe Walt Disney World® Resort as I've been surrounded by this magic for most of my life. I've grown up with Disney. I've experienced the magic many times - both as a kid who visited Disney World every other year on family vacations, and as an adult working at both Disney World and Disneyland® Resort. Now, I want to share that magic with you! I've had the unique privilege of experiencing the parks both as a guest and as an employee. And this perspective ensures that I am even more knowledgeable in planning your itinerary. Rest assured that I have the knowledge and expertise to plan and implement every aspect of your trip. There is so much to consider when planning a trip here. My clients know I will tell them, having learned from my own experiences, how to visit a park properly to maximize one's time.

Callee Njilayi

(155 reviews)

Harmon Travel

Boise, Idaho
My love for Disney was sparked the instant I stepped foot into Magic Kingdom® Park at Walt Disney World® Resort as a 9-year old little girl and saw Cinderella's Castle for the very first time. It was truly a magical event and it shaped me into the specialist I am today. I truly felt the magic! Since then, I have learned the "ins and outs" and all the magic in between. Passion, dedication, personal experience, continued training and many return visits help me stay current on all that's new, and ensures you can depend on me as your Disney specialist. Without proper guidance, planning a Walt Disney World Vacation can be very stressful. Rest assured, I will provide you with the very best recommendations for your family's vacation.

Patti Stevens

(10 reviews)

The Travel Gallery

Chicago, Illinois
I have such a passion for Hawaii. This is my native state and I want to share with you this intangible, priceless Aloha spirit and welcome you to these magical islands. My enthusiasm for sharing these islands with you and its compelling history and culture is the opportunity for you to explore, appreciate and learn just what Hawaii is all about. As a certified Hawaii Specialist, I know all the islands' nooks and crannies. I know where you can experience complete peace and solitude and I know the best places for non-stop action and adventure as well as great places to experience a little of each!

Melanie Doorley

no reviews

FROSCH Menlo Park

Menlo Park, California
I truly believe that a cruise vacation is one of THE best values and travel experiences available. As a luxury cruise expert, I look forward to sharing my many cruise experiences with you and am eager to offer valuable suggestions and tips to ensure your first luxury cruise will not be your last. With my extensive cruise experience, I'll share with you the best ways to maximize your cruise by reviewing the many different cruise lines and itineraries offered and we'll get together to select the best itinerary and ship to match your personal interests, budget and what you expect your cruise vacation to include. We'll discuss each port of call and review the shore excursions options for you to enjoy - that could include private tours just for you and your traveling companions - with you own guide/driver. I'll strive to eliminate any potential "stressers" by creating a seamless itinerary that ensures you will get to fully immerse yourself in a delightfully relaxing and revitalizing cruise experience.

Nathan Bowler

(170 reviews)

Merit Travel Ottawa

Ottawa, Ontario
800-972-7675 (EXT 3422)
Nothing can compare to the experience of an expedition trip and I can tell you that firsthand! The personal touch of a passionate crew - where you can learn about things you never imagined, to experiencing an out-of-this-world landscape that truly sparks your sense of wonder! I've traversed Greenland and the Canadian Arctic on an expedition. I've traveled with coach tours throughout Europe, organized all-inclusive trips in the Caribbean, experienced the Arctic on an expedition cruise, and trekked Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. I have a passion for sustainable and experiential travel. I know what defines "a quality, dependable expedition company" and I can recommend and arrange the best expedition company/ship to meet and exceed your expectations for quality service and itinerary.

Alyssa Elmore

(15 reviews)

Legacy Travel, Inc.

Plano, Texas
To say that I have been fortunate to have experienced and enjoyed Disney from all angles is an understatement! My first visit was at age 4. Since then, I have explored and experienced this magical destination over 40 times - celebrating such milestone events as birthdays, holidays, and my own wedding! I can honestly say that I know Disney World like the back of my hand. Now, I look forward to sharing with you how to do Disney right - because without my expert, up-to-the-minute knowledgeable advice - your vacation could be truly overwhelming, expensive and exhausting.

Kristi Howard

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Cruising Company, Etc.

Lincoln, California
I have two passions as a travel specialist: HAWAII and FAMILY (and multi-generational) TRAVEL. And in many ways, my favorite destination and my favorite special interest are intertwined. First and foremost, I love traveling with my own children and showing them the world. I have been traveling with my kids since they were infants and I have learned a lot along the way! 90% of my clients are families traveling with their children, ranging in age from infant through teens, for both domestic and foreign travel. In fact, I first visited the beautiful islands of Hawaii as a child and am now bringing my own children here to visit and to share with them all the culture, history, natural beauty, attractions, and activities this stunning destination has to offer. And now, I look forward to sharing with you the best of what I do best as together we plan your family vacation and/or your Hawaiian holiday.

Bryan Clement

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Accent on Travel

Towson, Maryland
Is an Alaskan Adventure on your horizon? I have recently visited this Great Land for another grand adventure. With each visit, I bring back a better understanding of what this last frontier has to offer. A visit to Alaska, no matter by sea or land, offers diverse options for sightseeing, culinary, and adventure to meet and exceed your every expectation.

Barb Anderson

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Fox World Travel

Brookfield, Wisconsin
Hawaii...what an amazing, exciting, enticing destination! As a certified Hawaii Specialist, I look forward to sharing my knowledge of these diverse islands with you - as we work together to plan your upcoming, individually-crafted Hawaiian adventure. I sell this destination with confidence and I'm proud to say my clients appreciate my knowledge and passion . There is so much to see and do here - from experiencing diverse cultures, a variety of cuisines, an outstanding variety of water sports, to simply enjoying complete R&R on a beautiful sunny beach. I look forward to sharing this indescribable aloha spirit with you as we plan your special, personalized Hawaii adventure.

Maria Ortega

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TravelStore - Pasadena

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I love this country! During the last 15 years as a travel professional, I've had the wonderful opportunity to visit, explore and experience this dynamic and diverse destination - at least 25 times! I am fluent in Spanish which has allowed me to explore in-depth almost every popular and major city, town and region. I'm also fortunate to have visited Spain in various circumstances - i.e. traveling solo, as part of a group, with family members, on educational (familiarization) trips and also aboard a cruise ship on a Mediterranean itinerary. In addition to being recognized as a destination specialist for both Spain and Portugal, I'm proud to be the recipient of the 360 Certification - awarded by the Spanish Tourist Board. Now, I'd like to use my knowledge and training to help you plan your perfect itinerary to visit this marvelous destination. I have designed and implemented many personalized itineraries that have met - and exceeded - my clients' expectations.

Katie Pickering

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Towson, Maryland
What's the difference between the river cruise companies? Which one would you recommend?" These are the two questions I'm most often asked when meeting with a new client. As we start the process to learn what you want for your first river cruise experience, I'll ask you specific questions about how you like to travel. Do you prefer an all-inclusive experience that includes alcoholic beverages and gratuities as part of your fare? Do you prefer Scandinavian sleek or French Provincial chic? Most first-time river cruisers select the Rhine or the Danube. I'm familiar with both itineraries and as well I'm knowledgeable about options available for extending your cruise with pre-and/or post-cruise travel. This is knowledge that can only be garnered by actually taking these cruises, visiting the different cities and towns along the way, taking the excursions, talking with tour guides and staff on the ground, and then sharing this first-hand information with you.

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