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Mexico showcases a diverse and enticing mix of geography, culture, lifestyles, history, and great cuisine! Desert landscapes and jungles to snow-capped mountains; ancient, historic towns to modern, bustling cities; non-stop nightlife to the peace and solitude of a deserted beach.

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Tracy Wilbeck

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Acendas Travel

Overland Park, Kansas
Having been in this industry for over ten years, I am so fortunate to be able to say: "I love my job!" And I look forward to sharing my enthusiasm and expertise with you as we talk about Mexico and what makes this country such a compelling and popular destination. Why? Mexico is a country thriving with unique ancient ruins, culture and history, enticingly beautiful Gulf of Mexico and Pacific Coast beaches, luxurious, all-inclusive resorts; almost perfect year-round weather, great and diverse cuisine (which varies by region,) affordability, friendly people, outstanding water sports, fishing, boating, diving/snorkeling, golf, fun festivals, a myriad of attractions.... and that's just the beginning of what I'll share with you about my favorite destination.

Fran Bastuba

(55 reviews)

Just Cruises & Vacations

Clinton Township, Michigan

As a professional travel advisor for over twenty years, I've traveled to and experienced many parts of our world on both land excursions and cruises. And many of my cruises have been to Mexico. I love Mexico! The locals are friendly, welcoming and accommodating. There is so much diversity in the country with opportunities to explore the ancient Mayan ruins, cenotes, water parks; also enjoy diving, snorkeling, sailing and an abundance of other water sports, as well as hiking and land excursions.

Accommodation options range from over-the-top luxury to budget - and I can help you select the perfect accommodations to match your interests and budget. Additionally, Mexico hosts a variety of fun festivals.

Julie Welch

(175 reviews)

McCormick Travel LLC

Snellville, Georgia
For almost 30 years, I've been exploring my favorite destination: Mexico! And, I am not only your Specialist for Mexico, but I am also your Specialist in arranging All-Inclusive Vacations. As such, I look forward to sharing with you all this incredible destination of Mexico has to offer, and I also look forward to recommending the best all-inclusive accommodations to ensure that your Mexican holiday will be beyond your every expectation. Touring, exploring and continuing to learn everything I can about Mexico - from the top-requested tourist sites to little known, off-the-beaten-path adventures, it seemed the perfect combination to enhance my knowledge of this world-class destination to include all-inclusive resort/hotel accommodations. Indeed, Mexico is diverse - ranging from beautiful beaches on both the Caribbean coast to the Pacific Ocean, to untamed jungles, and quaint villages, to popular beach towns and world-class cities.

Dana Franklin

(4 reviews)

Divine Destination Weddings

Midlothian, Virginia
I know Mexico! Having grown up on the Texas/Mexico border, I was introduced to the Mexican culture and lifestyle at any early age, and enjoy very much the people, customs, and cuisine - and all that Mexico has to offer. Having traveled throughout the country, I love the diversity and have found there is truly something for everyone in this dynamic country - from amazing architectural sites, colonial to modern architecture, ancient ruins, beautiful beaches and stunning all-inclusive resorts; plus diving, golf, snorkeling, sailing, and deep-sea fishing opportunities on both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts. I've been fortunate to travel throughout the world, and I always return to Mexico knowing that this destination continually offers some of the best customer service I have experienced.

Ann Salerno

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Balboa Travel Inc

Austin, Texas
I have been immersed in the history, culture, a variety of ethnic cuisines, and the lifestyle of Mexico from birth, as not only were my mother and grandfather both from Mexico, I was reared in a Texas town along the Mexican border. I've traveled every region of this dynamic country and I know what each region offers and what makes it a special destination. Be assured that I can find something of interest for you, as Mexico showcases such unique diversity that it truly offers something special for everyone. Being fluent in Spanish also ensures that I can easily coordinate with my local professional contacts in making special arrangements for your itinerary. For example, since the enjoyment of the many different cuisines will be an important part of your itinerary here, I know where and how to arrange special cooking classes. Another opportunity working with my local contacts may be to arrange a private guide for your tour of Mexico's stunning pyramids..

Trish Brys-Overeem

(20 reviews)


Los Angeles, California
Mexico is my favorite country and Los Cabos is my favorite destination. My fascination with Los Cabos began in 1987 when my husband surprised me with a wedding anniversary vacation. I was enamored instantly, and Los Cabos has been my go-to vacation destination ever since. As a highly-trained, professional travel advisor, I know how important it is to stay current on all resort properties, develop and maintain professional local contacts, stay current on new attractions, events, festivals, new restaurants, and everything there is to see and do that makes a visit here so enticing.

Curtis Rapue

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Blissful Honeymoons & Destination Weddings

Olathe, Kansas

I have planned many memorable experiences during my career as a travel advisor with a special focus on Mexico and All-Inclusive Resorts.

Mexico is my favorite country, and I look forward to sharing my expertise with you about this amazing and exciting country. Whether you need my assistance to arrange a destination wedding, honeymoon, group, or family travel, or to make your arrangements for a fun getaway south of the border for a long, relaxing weekend just for the two of you, I can make it happen. As your Mexico specialist, I'm also recognized as a knowledgeable travel planner for the LBGTQ+ community.

All-Inclusive I have personally experienced and/or toured over 150 all-inclusive resorts throughout the world! Additionally, I have completed extensive training and am certified with several of the world's best all-inclusive resort and hotel companies.

Ben Gritzewsky

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Houston, Texas
Mexico is as unique as you are... and I can prove it! As a native Mexican, avid traveler and very seasoned travel advisor, my lifetime of experiences at my country's celebrated beach resorts - as well as lesser-known coastal and inland treasures of this magical country - have defined my expertise. Whether you want to forge fresh tracks to secret spots, or follow well-trodden footsteps of famous figures -e.g. Frida Kahlo (the talented Mexican painter who was inspired by nature and the country's popular culture). I look forward to opening your eyes and mind, and sharing this magical destination of Mexico! I also look forward to exceeding your every expectation for crafting and creating your extraordinary, highly-personalized itinerary.

Melinda Wittman

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Travel & Cruise Desk

Lake Oswego, Oregon
I love sending my clients to Paradise! Whether it be the Islands of Tahiti or the diverse country of Mexico. Tahiti and Mexico - while being very different - both hold a special place in my heart. The minute I set foot in the Society Islands of Tahiti, I knew I was in a special place and wanted to concentrate on sending clients to these beautiful and unique islands.

Kristina Wolfe

(5 reviews)

True Travel Company


As a Certified Travel Counselor who also holds a degree in Travel and Tourism, and having traveled extensively in Mexico for over twenty years, I am ready and eager to share with you my extensive first-hand knowledge and experiences about this amazing destination. From creating a vacation of total R&R to designing an itinerary filled with non-stop, active adventure on land and sea, I will design and implement the perfect itinerary to meet and exceed your expectations.

I'm proud to say that my client feed-back is very positive. I am not only knowledgeable and professional, but also dependable and always accessible to my clients. Exciting options for your trip may include an amazing sunset catamaran adventure, visiting a turtle sanctuary, a spa experience in Tulum, or swimming with whale sharks in the Sea of Cortez at La Paz.

Isabelle Choiniere

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Isabelle Travel Genie

Oakland, California
(800) 399-8670
In the last ten years, I've been to Mexico 13 times and traveled in-depth throughout the country. During that time, I witnessed its people experience a true renaissance and reclaim their history, culture and pride in their amazing country. I have a deep love for this very diverse destination, and I look forward - with every opportunity — to make connections, meet the locals, and establish or maintain strong contacts throughout the travel industry.

Marissa Barker

(20 reviews)

Uniglobe Five Star Travel

Atlanta, Georgia
Back what feels like a million years ago, when one of the first-ever all-inclusive resorts debuted in Mexico, I was intrigued! Since then, I have grown to love the all-inclusive concept, and have had the pleasure of experiencing and visiting many all-inclusive resorts throughout Mexico and the Caribbean. This all-inclusive concept has grown, changed, and matured into a category that not only meets but often exceeds the expectations of today's savvy travelers. In addition to providing expert advice on all-inclusive properties, I am also a specialist for Mexico. To say that I have first-hand knowledge of what to see and do in Mexico is an understatement, as I have lived in the Playa del Carmen area for over ten years, am fluent in Spanish, and I'm extremely familiar with the eastern region of Mexico including all-inclusive hotels and resorts, restaurants, attractions, and all that it offers!

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