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601 First Street, Suite B
Lake Oswego, Oregon

Melinda Wittman

Travel & Cruise Desk
Lake Oswego, Oregon
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I have been heading South of the Border for over three decades. I love Mexico and have visited nearly every state, experienced the very best of the hotels and resorts, and taken part in many exciting and fun activities along the way. From breathtaking beaches and lush green mountains to vast deserts and bustling cities, this magical destination showcases many diverse cultures and lifestyles. In other words, Mexico has it all! Do you want to embark on an all-inclusive, luxurious getaway where every detail is handled, or is immersing yourself in the local culture and lifestyle more to your taste? Or a little of both! I can design your trip to suit your wishes. Rest assured that my extensive experience and expertise traveling throughout Mexico will ensure that I can make your every expectation a reality. Not only have I traveled over 7,000 miles in an RV exploring the country, I have also established and maintain outstanding relationships with local industry professionals on the ground who can assist me in planning your itinerary. From private guides to cooking classes, zip lines to dolphin encounters, share with me your Mexico dream trip, and I will work to make it memorable!

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