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524 N Main St. Ste 104
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Kristina Wolfe

True Travel Company
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

As a Certified Travel Counselor who also holds a degree in Travel and Tourism, and having traveled extensively in Mexico for over twenty years, I am ready and eager to share with you my extensive first-hand knowledge and experiences about this amazing destination. From creating a vacation of total R&R to designing an itinerary filled with non-stop, active adventure on land and sea, I will design and implement the perfect itinerary to meet and exceed your expectations.

I'm proud to say that my client feed-back is very positive. I am not only knowledgeable and professional, but also dependable and always accessible to my clients. Exciting options for your trip may include an amazing sunset catamaran adventure, visiting a turtle sanctuary, a spa experience in Tulum, or swimming with whale sharks in the Sea of Cortez at La Paz. My goal is that once we start working together...we'll continue to work together!

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The only issue, and this was very minor because we loved the vacation, we didn't receive our $100 resort credit we were supposed to get. Also the golf was free..... sort of. Free green fees yes but they make you take a cart and charge you $100/per person so really golf is $100 and another $50 if you need to rent clubs.
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How happy are you with the attention to detail and thoroughness from Kristina Wolfe?
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