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One Greenway Plaza, Suite 800
Houston, Texas

Ben Gritzewsky

Houston, Texas
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Mexico is as unique as you are... and I can prove it! As a native Mexican, avid traveler and very seasoned travel advisor, my lifetime of experiences at my country's celebrated beach resorts - as well as lesser-known coastal and inland treasures of this magical country - have defined my expertise. Whether you want to forge fresh tracks to secret spots, or follow well-trodden footsteps of famous figures -e.g. Frida Kahlo (the talented Mexican painter who was inspired by nature and the country's popular culture). I look forward to opening your eyes and mind, and sharing this magical destination of Mexico!

I also look forward to exceeding your every expectation for crafting and creating your extraordinary, highly-personalized itinerary. Working together, I'll utilize my knowledge, experience, contacts and confidence to ensure the first itinerary I plan for you... won't be the last. I want you to experience for yourself that Mexico is an enormously-rich and diverse melting pot of cultures and a true cornucopia of natural wonders... And that's just the beginning of all you can look forward to. Indeed... Mexico is as unique as you are... and I can prove it!

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