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Travelers flock every year to France to explore and enjoy the country’s extraordinary abundance of world-renowned rich traditions, museums, galleries, artists’ workshops, and hands-on cultural experiences. Food is an incredibly important part of the French lifestyle, as is the country’s landscape ranging from the northern cliffs, the Riviera’s blue waters, and Corsica’s green oak forests.

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Jan Acorn

(15 reviews)

Gateway Destinations

Phoenix, Arizona
I love France! And every time I have traveled here over the past 25 years, my knowledge and passion have grown. What sets me apart from my competition are multiple factors. First, I love the French language and make time to be proficient. Next, I make sure I learn something new on every trip, and at the same time, continue to build and maintain solid professional relations with my colleagues on the ground. I know France and I know how to creatively design and implement an itinerary that will match - and exceed your every expectation. I've explored each region of this country by foot, train, and self-drive, plus enjoyed three river cruises, and even one hotel barge cruise! I look forward to sharing with you just what sets France apart from all other countries.

Florence Brethome

no reviews

TravelStore - Palos Verdes/South Bay

Palos Verdes Estates, California
I'm a native of France, fortunate to have lived and worked in this magnificent country for 25 years, and I return here at least twice a year to visit family and friends. I can honestly say: Je connais la France! I know France! As an established travel professional planning your trip, my desire is for you to know and love this wonderful destination (almost) as much as I do. This is my passion. When I visit France, I inspect hotel and resort properties, check out new restaurants and local attractions, take tours, and make sure that I remain current on politics, fashion, shopping and French dining. Each region is very different from another and I have spent considerable time exploring and learning about each one, so that I can share my first-hand knowledge with you. As a French native, with a background in the arts, I have an "insider's" familiarity with my country and how best to enjoy it.

Cynthia Bartlett

no reviews

TravelStore - Palos Verdes/South Bay

Palos Verdes Estates, California
Vive la France! My passion for France blossomed while living here in college, pursuing my love of the French language and art history. During that time, I became enamored with their culture, history and the French way of life. Not only do I speak fluent French and am certified as a French Destination Specialist, but I continue to visit extensively, always learning something new. Since France's efficient rail system connects Paris to unforgettable beaches, chateaux, vineyards, ski resorts and old quaint hilltop villages within hours, I have enjoyed the nuances of language, cuisine and perspective throughout France and encourage my clients to do the same. My insatiable appetite to explore Paris and the country's many regions only enhances my experience and confidence to curate creative itineraries. I love sharing my passion for all things French!

Leatta Perdue

(35 reviews)

Travel Central

Metairie, Louisiana
I love this country! I love everything about French culinary experiences, local village market days, French artisan shops, fine vineyards and of course... stunning French chateaus. To make your visit here especially grand, I recommend a visit to the Left Bank where Hemingway and Fitzgerald frequented Harry's Bar. I've been traveling here for twenty years and with each return visit, I learn, explore and become more thoroughly immersed in the culture - making each visit a truly unique experience.

Lauren Cardinale

no reviews

Travel Design Co

Metairie, Louisiana

I am expert in two unique parts of the world, France & Dominican Republic.

France feels like home as I grew up in New Orleans. In the last few years, I have traveled north from Paris along the Seine to the beaches of Normandy, spent time in Bordeaux, and traveled through the quaint towns of Provence along the Rhône and the Saône Rivers. One of my favorite ways to visit France is on a river cruise, as it takes you away from the larger cities and sights and ensures that you become immersed in the romance and lifestyle of medieval times.

For the Dominican Republic, it's the warm and friendly locals who will keep enticing you back for return visits. Indeed, this prime Caribbean Island offers something for everyone.

Murielle Blanchard

(10 reviews)

Black Pearl Luxury Services

Salt Lake City, Utah
As a native of France, I had the privilege of traveling throughout Europe and Africa during my youth and was exposed to many diverse cultures and lifestyles. From these experiences and opportunities, I gained much knowledge, respect and appreciation for just how much travel can enrich our lives. Now, I'm eager to share my experiences, expertise and knowledge with you! As a professional, highly-trained travel advisor, I have - for over three decades - been designing and creating customized itineraries to all regions of this enticing country. I am fluent in French and return at least 2-3 times annually to visit family. While here, I explore and visit (or re-visit) a different region each time. I stay abreast and current on hotels, restaurants, museums, galleries, attractions, exhibits, festivals and events. Plus, my long-standing relationships with my local colleagues ensure that I am current on all that's happening. I want to share my expertise, experiences, and enthusiasm to plan your upcoming French holiday.

Stephanie Wortman

(49 reviews)

LUXE Travel

Irvine, California
What sets me apart as an expert on the destinations of France and the United Kingdom are not only my three decades of experience as a destination specialist, but my knowledge and personal experiences of visiting, researching and learning about each of these two destinations different regions. I know the most efficient and fun ways to visit - via an escorted tour, private independent travel arrangements, river cruises, train travel, private vehicle, and/or air. Because of my long-time experience visiting and learning about France and the UK, I have developed and maintained valuable on-the-ground contacts who I depend on to keep me current on any new hotel properties, restaurants, attractions and /or events that would be of interest to you.

Penni Allison

no reviews

Miss Penni Travel

Trussville, Alabama
My enthusiasm and passion is for all things French. Having traveled specifically to Paris recently, I will share with you how best to see this magnificent city like a local. I love this country and all of its history, culture, food and wine, exciting nightlife, incredible shopping opportunities, spectacular sights, festivals and attractions, plus... having the delightful experience of traversing the countryside via bicycle!

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