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Today's savvy travelers know that to continue to explore the world's top destinations and to experience the best our wonderful world has to offer - we must take charge of our own personal health. Whether that is a health & wellness retreat that focuses on mind and body fitness, weight management, stress management, educational seminars, spiritual healing, nutrition programs, spa services - or all the above!

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Stacey Blum

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WhirlAway Travel Ltd.

West Chester, Pennsylvania
(800) 460-4147
Blending my passions for wellness and travel, I've pursued dual paths as a certified health coach and a luxury travel advisor. As a luxury travel advisor and an expert in health and wellness travel, I combine my passions and expertise to curate itineraries that enable my clients to broaden their horizons in unexpected ways.

Bekah Eaton

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Oasis Travel Network

Birmingham, Alabama
Wellness isn't only about yoga and massages. Of course, it can be, but I have personally found that wellness is also about returning to ourselves and our own personal journey. Wellness is a feeling. It's about inner growth through new experiences. I've had the incredible opportunity of experience-based travel for personal growth and wellness, and that's why my professional expertise in the travel industry is in Wellness. It has become my life's passion to share the healing effects of wellness travel. When I plan your health & wellness itinerary, we'll be treating your body and soul to a vacation. My goal is that your getaway will be much more than just a vacation, but a true, life-changing experience.

Charlotte Filla

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TravelStore - Los Angeles

Houston, Texas
I have a passion for travel and when I travel, I like to delve deep into the destination's culture, learning the history of each place, along with getting to know the people: their traditions, customs, food, and so much more. I especially adore Adventure & Wellness Travel - as it is what I do most and what I do best. I love connecting with the outdoors, seeing the world actively, and experiencing heart-pumping adventures. I'm also very passionate about health, fitness, and overall wellness - both physical and mental. I truly believe that traveling - and to focus on renewing and refreshing oneself - is good for the mind, body and soul. Whether I'm exploring a big city or an exotic location, I always engage in some type of adventure and/or wellness travel that allows me to embrace nature, explore new cultures, expand mindfulness, or participate in active excursions.

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