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Birmingham, Alabama

Bekah Eaton

Sola Journeys
Birmingham, Alabama
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Wellness isn't only about yoga and massages. Of course, it can be, but I have personally found that wellness is also about returning to ourselves and our own personal journey. Wellness is a feeling. It's about inner growth through new experiences. I've had the incredible opportunity of experience-based travel for personal growth and wellness, and that's why my professional expertise in the travel industry is in Wellness. It has become my life's passion to share the healing effects of wellness travel. When I plan your health & wellness itinerary, we'll be treating your body and soul to a vacation.

My goal is that your getaway will be much more than just a vacation, but a true, life-changing experience. I believe a successful wellness journey includes all the senses - e.g. beauty for the eyes, relaxing and stimulating smells, the ability to release tensions, learning something new, embracing a cleansing palate, or even stunning moments of silence. And, I will work closely with you to create an authentic experience based on your personal needs.

Let's start planning your soul journey today. Together, we'll make this real, life-changing experience an important part of your new health & wellness lifestyle going forward! Look forward to talking with you soon.

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