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Italy, with more UNESCO World Heritage sites than any other country in the world, is the epicenter of the Roman Empire, the birthplace of the Renaissance, and that’s just the beginning. You must explore beyond the traditional cities centers to get a true experience of Italy’s richness and the passion of her people.

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Daniela DeGarbo

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FROSCH Colorado

Greenwood Village, Colorado
Sono Italiana (I am Italian.) I grew up and was reared in a town north of Venice. Italian is my first language. My motivation - almost 30 years ago - for choosing a career in the travel industry was because of my passion to share this wonderful destination with others! Now, as a professional destination expert for Italy, I travel to my native country at least once a year - eager to search for and experience unique, off-the-beaten-path locations, excursions and activities that you would like. I visit hotels and resorts seeking the finest accommodations. I stop at popular local restaurants to sample the cuisine. I meet with highly-trained, specialized guides to assure that they would be the perfect match to assist you on your upcoming tour/excursion.

Jennifer Nangle

(185 reviews)

Bursch Travel (Baxter)

Baxter, Minnesota
Have you ever been to a destination that truly becomes part of your soul? That is what happened to me many, many years ago when I visited Italy for the first time. And, to this day, no other destination in this world has created in me such passion, interest, and enthusiasm as I continue to be immersed in its culture, history, people, towns and villages that make this country shine. Whether I'm viewing world-class art or taking a cooking class, I always come away with a renewed appreciation for this diverse and exciting destination.

Dawn Snyder

(30 reviews)

World Travel Service

Tulsa, Oklahoma
Italy is a beautiful destination - not only for its spectacular scenery, but for its beautiful people as well. The locals are friendly, courteous and truly enjoy sharing their culture and lifestyle with their visitors! Italy showcases so much to see and do - no matter what your interests - you're sure to find activities and attractions that pique your interest. Whether you prefer to join an escorted group or explore the country on your own - that option is yours. I take pride in sharing my insider tips, my own experiences, and my ensure your Italian vacation is customized to match your personal interests and goals. Plus, I work with exceptional local contacts to further ensure your vacation will be seamless and stress-free. Working together, we can put all the pieces together to create a fun, convenient and efficient itinerary that will meet and exceed your expectations.

Beth Wolfe

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Travel 15, A Branch of Tzell Travel Group

Roseland, New Jersey
Italy is my passion. I've lived in Milan, and have been creating one-of-a kind vacations to this country for over a quarter of a century! I love being able to create an itinerary and having the skill and knowledge to implement and follow through on every aspect of your trip. From selecting specific Italian destinations to visit and explore, to making special dining reservations for you - I love this country and everything it has to offer! The people, culture, cuisine, history, lifestyle -literally every aspect of Italian life... this is what I want to share with you.

Lou Lint

(45 reviews)

Breton Travel

Grand Rapids, Michigan
For over two decades travel has been both my profession and my passion. I love it! Now, I'm eager to share this passion with you as an expert in both RIVER CRUISING and for ITALY. I love what I do and what I do best is to learn about you - so that I can match you, your budget, personal interests and expectations with the best river cruise line or best personalized itinerary for your Italian holiday as is possible. There is so much to see and do and so many options and opportunities to make this vacation the best ever. My goal: To create a seamless itinerary that will meet and exceed your every expectation. Let me share with you my two passions in travel: Italy and River Cruising - and to provide you with an "Experience Extraordinary" ...filled with memories to last a lifetime!

Patricia Loeser

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Loeser Travel Services

Escondido, California
(800) 263-1340
My mother is 100% Italian born and reared, and Italy was my playground growing up, having spent much time on Italian soil until I was 18. Now, I return for at least three weeks every year making site tours, meeting with hoteliers, maintaining my valuable local contacts, and learning what's new and exciting to recommend to you - my valued client.

Tricia Peacock

(119 reviews)

Peacock Travel Group

Little Rock, Arkansas
(800) 960-3285
I recently led a customized group to Italy. We started in Sorrento, stopped in Pompeii for a guided tour; dined at a Michelin Star restaurant, experienced Capri and Ana Capri, rode to the top of a mountain on a "Secret Chair Lift", had sandals custom-fit for each of us, before continuing on to the Blue Grotto, plus a full day of touring Amalfi, before going on to Rome to see the Vatican, Trevi Fountain, and the Sistine Chapel.

Melanie D’Souza

(4 reviews)

Divine Destination Weddings

Lincoln, California
I specialize in Honeymoons, Destination Weddings, Anniversaries and Babymoons. Romance travel means something different to every traveler. Finding out what romance means to you and translating that into your once-in-a-lifetime experience is my specialty. Whether it's tropical, cultural, close to home or far far away, I will help you find that special location and take the stress out of the planning and management. Having traveled to more than 50 countries, I can provide you many first-hand experiences as you consider your travel. I hold specialist designations throughout the world, including Africa, Europe, Fiji, Tahiti, Hawaii, Mexico, Australia and many of the Caribbean Islands. Passion, creativity and integrity drive my travel services. Collaborating, personalizing & having fun are important in all of my client relationships. My goal is that you are my forever client.

Diana Buser

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Cruise Planners - Signature Expert Select

Coral Springs, Florida
(800) 364-1289
I love Italy and all things Italian! I have traveled throughout the country many times, most recently spending a month in Lucca (northern Tuscany) "living like a local." I've been visiting, touring, and learning about Italy since 2007, traveling from Venice to Milan; Rome to Tuscany; Amalfi to Sicily.

Angela Armutcu

(85 reviews)

Jetset Travel Inc.

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
(800) 360-7965
As a long-time travel advisor and Destination Specialist for Italy and Turkey, I look forward to sharing with you the best of each destination. We'll start with Italy. Forever in my soul, and like my second home, Italy was my home for several years. I've toured and experienced - not only all the popular sights and sites - but as well unique, off-the-beaten-path experiences and sites that are lesser known, but just as beautiful and memorable.

Lori Rogers

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CI Azumano Travel

Eloy, Arizona
(800) 665-1470
My two favorite destinations in the world are Italy and Greece, and as your Destination Specialist for both countries, I look forward to sharing with you all the reasons they could become your favorite destinations as well.

Janice Holland

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Travel Adventures Unlimited

Walnut Creek, California
My passion for this compelling and beautiful country began right out of college as I was employed with the San Francisco branch of the Italian Government Travel Office (ENIT.) My job description was to promote tourism to Italy and over half of my work was devoted to arranging and booking personalized travel to Italy and other parts of Europe. Of course, the fact that I'm an Italian American (half Lucchese and half Sicilian) and that I minored in Italian language and culture in college has only piqued my interest in learning as much as possible about this destination! Over the years I've lost track of how many visits to Italy I've made. I have gained so much knowledge and experience and want to share it all with you.

Diane Henderson

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Journey House Travel - Tulsa

Tulsa, Oklahoma
(800) 284-7038
I am a Destination Specialist for two of the world's most popular destinations: Italy and France. I'm proud to say that I am a third-generation travel advisor who literally grew up discussing various destinations while sitting at the kitchen table. After college, I knew my true passion was European travel and I so look forward to working with you to discover the charm, beauty, and history of these two world-class destinations.

Tara Koehler

(45 reviews)

Royal Travel & Tours

Winnetka, Illinois
I have a passion for Switzerland. Having lived in Montreux during high school and worked in the Zurich area as an adult, my enthusiasm for this destination never wanes. I continue to look forward to exploring the cities, towns and villages; traveling throughout the country by Swiss train, interacting with the "locals" and being immersed in this distinctly Swiss culture and lifestyle! I would love to share my knowledge of this beautiful country, its culture and lifestyle with you.

Sue Collier

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Orinda Travel

Orinda, California
With almost 20 years experience working as a professional travel advisor and in addition to experiencing and exploring my favorite destination both as a leisure and a business traveler, I can honestly say that I know Italy!. I have also worked for several years in the wine industry and have established many local contacts who can arrange exceptional food and wine experiences for my clients. As a musician, I keep up on what is currently happening on the entertainment scene including jazz, opera, regional festivals and classical music. I can arrange unusual experiences such as driving a Ferrari through the hills of Tuscany or having a private art historian to guide you through the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. My knowledge of wine, food, music and extensive knowledge of Italy, allows me to plan an itinerary that is certain to surprise and delight you. And even more important, there is no doubt that your first trip will lead to many more Italian adventures!

Patrizia Hickok

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TravelStore - Sacramento

Sacramento, California
As a native Italian, I don't think there is a better way to share my love for my own country than through travel. I know our culture and lifestyle. I depend on my local Italian preferred suppliers on the ground to assist in planning your itinerary, and we converse in Italian to ensure nothing is lost in the translation. In addition, as a longtime US resident, I understand the expectations and needs of American travelers. For over two decades, I have been a professional travel consultant, who is experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of travel planning, from cruises to tours and especially Foreign Independent Travel.

Lara Maxfield

(65 reviews)

Morris Columbus Travel

Salt Lake City, Utah

As an experienced and knowledgeable travel advisor who has been fortunate to experience and explore much of our world, there are two destinations that are my very favorites: Italy and my home state of Utah. I look forward to sharing both with you.

To say that I'm passionate about Italy and all things Italian is truly an understatement! I've lived here and am fluent in Italian. I cook Italian, and I certainly eat Italian. I've studied all aspects of their enviable lifestyle, culture, cuisine, and accommodations, as well as experienced exciting and unique things to see and do. Whether this will be your first - or 21st - visit to Italy; whether you're traveling solo, as a couple, or part of multi-generational family group, I have the expertise to craft your itinerary to ensure that I not only meet -but exceed - your every expectation.

Next, we'll come back across the Atlantic and head to the beautiful western state of Utah. Adventures await!

Ronit Naccache

(45 reviews)

Boca Express Travel

Boca Raton, Florida
(800) 317-4020
Someone said Italy was a passion, I call it an obsession. Traveling to Italy at least twice a year for the last 12 years has truly made me an addict. In addition to trying to explore every corner of Italy, I am an Israel specialist as well. Born in Israel but with an Italian heart, I love to share my insights, knowledge, and experiences in these two countries. From enjoying the "hip and trendy" Tel Aviv to experiencing the North region where you'll drive through Arab villages and see - first-hand - how the Jews and the Arabs live together. Take a jeep excursion with the head of security at a Kibbutz who will take you on a journey where you will meet with Israeli soldiers on active duty. From skiing in the Dolomites to sunbathing in Puglia, the passion I feel for Italy comes out with each conversation.

Rose Boudreaux

(70 reviews)

Travel Central

Metairie, Louisiana
I am a native born Sicilian who came to America as a child. My love for Europe is innate and I have been back to Italy countless times. I have family in Italy and know my way around, almost like I have lived there my whole life. That is why Italy is my specialty. Let my knowledge and experience, work to help you plan your next trip to this amazing place. I am familiar with the must see things to do as well as the hidden gems and off the beaten path locations. Let me recommend my favorite restaurants. In Italy and especially Sicily- eating is an art to be savored. You will be amazed at the wonderful food. I love to hear the feedback from my customers when they return from one of my customized trips. Some have even planned their next trip as soon as they have returned. Let me help you plan your next family vacations, singles, honeymoon, reunion, group travel or even a spa vacation to sensational Italy & Sicily.

Lynn Tyger

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Houston, Texas
My passion began when I had the good fortune to work here, as I was based in a small town outside Rome. Needless to say, I traveled extensively every weekend and on vacations to learn and experience as much as possible. Since returning home to the U.S., my passion and enthusiasm only continues to grow. I can't wait to get back every year and get updated on all that's new and exciting since my last visit. In addition to my expertise in planning individual custom itineraries, I have extensive experience in leading groups to Italy and have planned and implemented itineraries for faith-based, multi-generational, wine and general art/cultural-focused groups. I can recommend such enticing experiences as adding a concert to your itinerary, a chance to drive Ferraris in the hills around Florence, arranging an after-hours tour of a famous attraction, or a personal shopping experience. In fact my native Italian friends tell me "I've seen more of Italy than they have!"

Cathy Schirra

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Blue Pineapple Travel

LaGrange, Georgia
(800) 578-7125
I'm passionate about Italy. I have frequently traveled the coast of Italy. I love the tastes, sounds, and smells of Italy. The Italian people are passionate about their rich culture, history, and food! And they truly love to share these passions with their visitors. I look forward to working with you to plan your trip to Italy so that you, too, can experience the rich culture, history, and fabulous food.

Ed Postal

(56 reviews)

LUXE Travel

Laguna Woods, California
Italy is one of the world's most intriguing and compelling destinations. Yet many visitors only see the must-see cities, attractions and popular sites - and don't get to experience the authentic local Italian lifestyle and culture because they didn't have an expert to help them plan their journey. That's where I come in. What sets me apart is not only my extensive and thorough knowledge of the destination itself, but my long-standing relationships with local Italian travel industry experts who constantly share with me information about new hotels, special sites, restaurants, events, festivals and activities that will ensure that not only will this be your best trip ever - it will be the start of many, many return visits.

Patti Gallagher

(42 reviews)

Vista Travel, a FROSCH Company

Wall Township, New Jersey
As a professional Signature Travel Expert Select advisor, I specialize in Personalized Travel to many of the world's most popular destinations! This highly-personalized mode of travel ensures that you will have the priceless opportunity and pleasure of really experiencing and enjoying - first hand - just what makes your chosen destination so unique and enticing. To be a knowledgeable and professional destination specialist, it is essential that I visit destinations on a regular basis. Once on the ground, I explore and experience new attractions, tour new and updated hotel and resort properties, visit restaurants that showcase the local cultural and lifestyle, experience local festivals, tour off-the-beaten part venues and take part in activities that I may not have seen and explored on my previous visit.

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