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Now becoming one of the most popular cruise choices, it’s all about the EXPERIENCE! Expedition cruising offers smaller vessels, adventurous itineraries, and excursions led by knowledgeable, highly-trained expedition teams. Your options range from exploring Darwin’s world in the Galapagos to cruising Drake’s Passage to the White Continent of Antarctica.

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Cindy Chambers, CTC, CTIE, VTA

(95 reviews)

Beyond Group Travel, Inc.

Houston, Texas
From a very young age, I have been an explorer, and now...I'm also a travel advisor with over 30 years of experience in this industry. My passion is cruising - with my particular affinity, Expedition Cruising - a completely different cruise experience. My #1 priority will be to match your desires, budget, experiences and destinations to the best Expedition Cruise option for immersion, discovery and learning. I have traveled extensively throughout the world with specific journeys of expedition travel. I never pre-judge my client's desires or goals. Rather, I'll ask questions and listen carefully to understand what is most important to you in arranging this type of vacation/adventure. Beginning with the end in mind, I research and find an itinerary that exceeds your expectations, and provides the best value for your investment.

Terryl Lofgren

(40 reviews)

Highlands Ranch Travel

Highlands Ranch, Colorado
In over 25 years, I've shared my experiences and wonders of the world by crafting expedition cruise itineraries. Time has granted me a deep understanding of the call to the unknown; giving me the tools to provide you with perfect guidance when planning the life-changing experience that is expedition cruising. What I will share with you is the wide range of options in ships, destinations with onboard naturalist/wildlife experts. Also, an expedition cruise is a very fluid experience that is dependent on the weather and wildlife. Thus, the itinerary can change with little notice. Flexibility is key. Expedition cruising is all about the destination and your experiences at the destination. A lifetime of memories await! Let's talk soon.

Mike Currie

no reviews

Shangri-La World Travel

Seattle, Washington
I've been very fortunate to have traveled this world extensively over the past 30 years. Most recently, I've concentrated my expertise and learning towards luxury and adventure travel which includes expedition cruising to such enticing destinations as The Galapagos and Arctic Circle (with some land expeditions included to Egypt, East Africa, Vietnam and Cambodia.) My personal approach to sharing expedition cruising/travel with you is to "paint a picture" - not only with first-person stories, but also to offer "try-it-on" video presentations - even virtual reality! My expertise is in working with clients - such as yourself - who are experienced, international, savvy travelers eager to expand their Life's "to do" List of world destinations still to see and experience - that are on the outer fringes of the planet.

Mitch Krayton, CTC, MCC, VTA

no reviews

Krayton Travel

Aurora, Colorado
As a Certified Travel Counselor (CTC), small-ship cruising concierge, agency owner and designer of custom itineraries on the world's rivers, lake, islands and oceans, I want to be your advisor when you're considering a deluxe, custom-crafted expedition cruise itinerary. I love the smaller ships - as they take fewer guests and provide a much higher, more personal level of service and adventure. I've been fortunate to travel extensively throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe, the islands of the Caribbean and the South Pacific. Expedition cruising on small vessels is perfect for individuals, families and groups who want to take that "bucket-list" journey they've always read and dreamt about.

Marti Alexander

no reviews

World Travel Services (Horizon)

Tulsa, Oklahoma
I look forward to the opportunity of sharing my professional guidance while we collaborate on designing the perfect Expedition Cruise adventure for you. I am committed to world discoveries, as I traveled to 149 countries on seven continents. Expedition cruising is a wonderful way to explore this remarkable planet. My most recent adventure was exploring the Antarctica on an Expedition ship where we encountered exotic wildlife and witnessed extraordinary nature on this remote and pristine frozen continent. Your horizons are unlimited. Allow me to guide you as you explore the less-discovered earth's natural wonders ....where you can be the first foot imprint on the Antarctica spring snows; where you can witness the ritual mating dance of the blue footed booby in the Galapagos; where you strap on pitons to hike glaciers in Iceland; or where you can hear a bull elephant feeding 10 feet from you on the Chobe River, and where you can explore the world on an Expedition cruise with like-minded travelers.

Linda Nilsen

no reviews

Blue Ribbon Cruise & Travel, LLC

Cape Coral, Florida
During my career in the travel industry, I've been fortunate to have learned both sides of the industry, as I was the Shore Excursion manager for one of the world's finest cruise lines and was fortunate to have taken many world cruises throughout my 20-year career with this line. Now, I'm on the retail side, and I sell cruises - both World Cruise and Expedition Cruise itineraries. One of the many advantages of having worked on board and experiencing exciting ports throughout the world is that I have learned so much about each port, about which cruise lines offer world cruise itineraries and which lines showcase Expedition Cruising. Working side by side with my colleagues on board, I understand and appreciate the personal attention that each guest receives.

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