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1402 Alki Ave Ste 402
Seattle, Washington

Mike Currie

Shangri-La World Travel
Seattle, Washington
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I've been very fortunate to have traveled this world extensively over the past 30 years. Most recently, I've concentrated my expertise and learning towards luxury and adventure travel which includes expedition cruising to such enticing destinations as The Galapagos and Arctic Circle (with some land expeditions included to Egypt, East Africa, Vietnam and Cambodia.) My personal approach to sharing expedition cruising/travel with you is to "paint a picture" - not only with first-person stories, but also to offer "try-it-on" video presentations - even virtual reality! My expertise is in working with clients - such as yourself - who are experienced, international, savvy travelers eager to expand their Life's "to do" List of world destinations still to see and experience - that are on the outer fringes of the planet. With my travels to include 94 countries and six of the seven continents (Antarctica is next!), my clients know that I have either been there and experienced the destination on my own, or I have researched/written about it for another client and they trust and respect my recommendations.

I am a story-teller and look forward to hearing your stories, too. I am eager to share with you stories, excitement and experiences about expedition cruising and travel. It's out of this world...and I can get you there!

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