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Linda Nilsen

Blue Ribbon Cruise & Travel, LLC
Cape Coral, Florida
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During my career in the travel industry, I've been fortunate to have learned both sides of the industry, as I was the Shore Excursion manager for one of the world's finest cruise lines and was fortunate to have taken many world cruises throughout my 20-year career with this line. Now, I'm on the retail side, and I sell cruises - both World Cruise and Expedition Cruise itineraries. One of the many advantages of having worked on board and experiencing exciting ports throughout the world is that I have learned so much about each port, about which cruise lines offer world cruise itineraries and which lines showcase Expedition Cruising. Working side by side with my colleagues on board, I understand and appreciate the personal attention that each guest receives.

After all...your ship is your home away from home - for up to 100 or more days on a world cruise, but for most Expedition Cruise itineraries, 10-14 days. Even though both experiences are on a ship that sails the ocean - that's where the similarities end. Let's start with Expedition Cruising - which is a totally different experience than sailing leisurely along European or Asian water ways, or relaxing aboard a luxurious cruise ship that offers an incredible array of daily activities and entertainment. What sets me apart from other travel advisors is not only my experience, but the uniqueness of my expedition expertise. Two of my most exciting expedition experiences include an Amazon River Expedition and a Lowland GorillaTrek in the Congo expedition. Although both itineraries were once-in-a-lifetime adventures, the Gorilla Trek expedition was especially amazing. This itinerary definitely proved to be a heart-stopping experience and a dream of a life time for the true expedition traveler! I firmly believe that in order to recommend a particular destination or itinerary, I must experience and learn about it myself first - and not depend on second-hand recommendations or just relaying something that I read. If I have piqued your curiosity and interest in an expedition cruise, let me tell you even more about this mode of travel. It is not relaxing and you must be fit, and be an early riser. Every day is a new day and you will never know - in advance - exactly what you will experience and/or see. Expedition travelers are unique and quickly bond as "one family" traveling together. Your entertainment each evening is a "recap" of the day's adventures and what's planned for the next day. Examples of expedition cruise itineraries can range from The Galapagos Islands, the archipelago of Norway all the way South to Antarctica. A world cruise, on the other hand, is a "world away" from Expedition Cruising. A world cruise is a huge investment - both financially and in time, and I'm eager to share with you all the reasons that a world cruise is worth every penny and every minute of your time.

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