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Located in the South Pacific, The Islands of Tahiti are just eight hours by air nonstop from Los Angeles or San Francisco. In addition to the destination's natural beauty, tranquility, and privacy, The Islands of Tahiti offer an array of diverse experiences combined with rich Tahitian culture. Immersed in a world of majestic mountain peaks, turquoise waters and white-sand beaches, visitors to our islands create memories through authentic experiences that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. For centuries, the Tahitian people have referred to this as "Mana". Mana is a life force and spirit that surrounds and connects all living things. You can see it. Touch it. Taste it. Feel it. And from the moment you arrive, you will understand why we say our islands are Embraced by Mana.

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Deborah Izenberg

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CI Azumano Travel

Houston, Texas
(800) 280-5060
With over 36 years' experience in the travel industry, I specialize in Honeymoon/Romance travel as well as providing travel opportunities for you to my favorite destination: French Polynesia. Also commonly known as "The Islands of Tahiti", there are 118 sprinkled across an area the size of Western Europe. We'll start with French Polynesia where the overwater bungalow originated. As one of the top Certified Tahiti Specialists in the USA, with 12 trips (so far), I can assure you that your journey to this spectacular destination will be in the hands of a trusted expert!

Melinda Wittman

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Travel & Cruise Desk

Lake Oswego, Oregon
I love sending my clients to Paradise! Whether it be the Islands of Tahiti or the diverse country of Mexico. Tahiti and Mexico - while being very different - both hold a special place in my heart. The minute I set foot in the Society Islands of Tahiti, I knew I was in a special place and wanted to concentrate on sending clients to these beautiful and unique islands.

Steve Macknight

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Perfect Honeymoons

San Diego, California
My two favorite destinations in the world are in the South Pacific - Tahiti and Fiji. As your advisor, I know both destinations and I can get you there! Let's start with Fiji. Comprised of 333 islands, of which about 1/3 are inhabited, this spectacular destination showcases diversity. I'm very knowledgeable about the different resort properties and what each offers - ranging from two-star properties on the main island, to the most luxurious 5-star resorts a quick helicopter ride away. Besides my long-time experience traveling here and learning about all that this South Pacific destination has to offer, I've established and maintained strong relationships with my local colleagues to ensure I am always up-to-date on accommodations, dining options, attractions, experiences, and events that will make your Fijian getaway an adventure filled with memories to last a lifetime.

Christina Turrini

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Sausalito, California
Whether your dream is swimming with sharks in Bora Bora's turquoise blue lagoons or restoring Moorea's coral reef, it is my passion and pleasure to turn these dreams into reality. I travel regularly and extensively to each of the five archipelagos so can share the most current insider tips and local knowledge with you as you plan your trip. The Islands of Tahiti are truly magical. The natural beauty of the Islands' lagoons and beaches sustain the soul and challenge the imagination. Hiking and biking in Moorea's rainforest interior, or snorkeling up close with manta rays, tiger sharks, and colorful exotic fish, or high-adrenaline, four wheel jeeping through pineapple fields all provide the experience of a lifetime. This is the dream vacation that awaits you.

Maureen Woodward

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CI Azumano Travel

Vancouver, Washington
(800) 750-5480
As a Destination Specialist for two amazing world-class destinations: Ireland and Tahiti - I look forward to -first - sharing with you the best of each country and then working with you to plan your adventure to either Ireland or Tahiti - or both!

Mary Kraemer, ECC, LCS

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Oasis Travel Network

Anaheim, California
(800) 694-7006
After traveling the world, the islands of Tahiti spoke to my heart like no other destination! Each visit to the islands provides new educational opportunities to learn as much as possible to benefit my clients. I've established and maintain close working relationships with the top resorts, vendors, and other industry partners to ensure my clients will have the absolute best experience possible. French Polynesia is not an easy destination to book. It's the size of Western Europe and encompasses 118 islands and atolls, offering many different experiences.

April Schmitt

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Divine Destination Weddings

Lincoln, California
Fiji and Tahiti are blessed with beautiful turquoise water, stunning white sand beaches, great food, authentic culture, more of the world's top 20 scuba dive locations than any other country in the world, and the "friendliest people on earth." I look forward to sharing with you the many islands that I've visited, explored and experienced first-hand. I've traveled by plane, helicopter, ferry, local boats and speed boats throughout the islands. I know the logistics in getting from one island to another. I stay up-to-date on all the new resorts and hotels, and I'm in touch with my local contacts on the ground, as they provide valuable assistance in facilitating and implementing specific aspects of your itinerary to make sure everything goes as planned.

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