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Scandinavia and The Nordics includes Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland. The Scandinavian Peninsula - the largest peninsula in Europe - extends above the Arctic Circle to the North and Baltic Seas. The Nordics are known to be the happiest region in the world, and they share common interests such as gastronomy, design, sustainable- and livable cities as well as the outdoors. Although bound together by strong historical, cultural and linguistic ties, each country boasts unique features. Denmark is the home of New Nordic Cuisine, dotted with beautiful castles, has more than 4500 miles of sandy coastline, and is home to one of the hippest capitals in Europe; Copenhagen. Norway is famous for the Fjords, national scenic driving routes, iconic hikes and great seafood. Head to Sweden to enjoy the Stockholm archipelago, stay at the beautiful Icehotel or a luxury tree-top hotel whilst enjoying locally-sourced food at a slow-pace meal. Finland is famous for fascinating arctic experiences; see the northern light from a glass-ceiling igloo, visit Santa, the Sami people or spend your summer at the beautiful Finnish Lakeland.

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Sofia Hedman

(95 reviews)

Accent on Travel

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
Scandinavia and Sweden can be defined by their culture, lifestyle, history, food, museums, markets, attractions and festivals. My parents were born and reared in Sweden; my extended family still lives here. I chose to become a destination specialist for Scandinavia and Sweden since I've spent most of my life experiencing and learning about this magnificent region of the world, and now... I want to share it with you. I literally live, breathe, read, and speak all things Swedish and Scandinavian. If you're eager for an adventure mushing sled dogs, staying in a hotel made from ice, chasing the northern lights, or experiencing a Scandinavian summer with 23 hours of daylight - this is your destination! Having family here and returning every year, I know where to go, how to make the best use of your time, and what experiences and opportunities will make the most memories for you.

Helene Zweidinger

(45 reviews)

Travel Adventures Unlimited

Walnut Creek, California
(800) 360-4702
As a native of Sweden, I look forward to going back "home" as often as possible and spending as much time as possible learning about everything new since my last visit. I grew up learning the languages of the three countries that comprise Scandinavia (Sweden, Denmark, and Norway,) was educated here, and worked in both the tourism and airline industry prior to moving to the States. What sets me apart as an experienced and knowledgeable destination specialist for Scandinavia is that I maintain strong contacts locally and am constantly updated on new attractions, hotels, events, festivals, and other activities that would be of great interest to visitors to this beautiful part of our world.

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