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Located on Europe's Iberian Peninsula, Portugal is known for medieval castles, picturesque cobblestone villages, intriguing cities, golden beaches, history, marvelous food, spectacular natural scenery, captivating castles, and UNESCO World Heritage sites. Look forward to visiting such popular and diverse destinations as Lisbon, Porto, Fatima, Douro Valley, the Azores and Madeira. Water activities can range from dolphin watching to boating and kayaking. On land, enjoy cycling, hiking and walking. Next? Relax and enjoy a great meal served with a glass of Portuguese Port or Madeira!

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Ana Borges

(5 reviews)

Travel 15, A Branch of Tzell Travel Group

Livingston, New Jersey
My recent trip to my favorite destination this past year was to visit family and friends in my hometown in Portugal. I spent time in Oporto, explored the city on foot, enjoyed scrumptious Portuguese cuisine, enjoyed some port wine tasting in Quinta do Noval, and toured a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Braga. To say that Portugal is my heart and soul - is truly an understatement. I am fluent in Portuguese and as a young girl, I spent my summers here visiting family and friends, and have immersed myself in the incredible Portuguese culture and lifestyle. I will share with you all that makes Portugal so special: The people, traditions, culture, history, attractions, food and wine. Having traveled extensively throughout this country, I know the "must sees" and "must do's", I also know the many hidden gems and "off-the-beaten-path" itineraries that will make your Portuguese adventure truly one-of- a-kind!

Maria Ortega

no reviews

TravelStore - Pasadena

Pasadena, California

I've been fortunate to have visited the Iberian Peninsula many times to explore and experience both Portugal and Spain. I'll share with you the best each of these world-class destinations offers.

First Portugal. On previous visits, I've explored and experienced on foot the ancient route of the Camino de Santiago beginning in Oporto. I've toured Portugal's most popular and important cities - including Lisbon, Sintra, Oporto, the Algarve and Alentejo region, and Evora. I'll share with you the Pousadas de Portugal - a chain of luxury, historical or traditional hotels - and we'll make your reservations to fit your interests and budget.

Next: Spain! I love this country, too. During the last 15 years, I've had the wonderful opportunity to visit, explore and experience this dynamic and diverse destination - at least 25 times! I am fluent in Spanish which has allowed me to explore in-depth almost every popular and major city, town and region.

Amber Sprague Costa

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Cruise Planners - Signature Expert Select

Coral Springs, Florida
(800) 814-8952
Portugal truly feels like my second home. My husband is Portuguese, and we're fortunate to spend about 6 weeks every year here so that I can continue to learn about, explore, and visit everything that is new and exciting to share with you -- my valued clients. Prior to my opening my own travel agency in 2013, I worked for a major cruise line for eight years, and I was fortunate to learn about and explore Lisbon many times as it was a port of call, as were Madeira and the Azores for Atlantic crossing itineraries. I'm also fortunate that my husband's family who live in the very small village of Fiais -near the Atlantic coast - has prompted me to not only learn more about authentic, off-the-beaten-path regions of the country, but to learn the language as well.

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