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It’s easy to see why Hawaii is synonymous with paradise. With white sand beaches, spectacular coral reefs, towering volcanoes, and diverse and unique cultures, you can simply relax on a quiet sunny beach or make this an active adventure of a lifetime - filled with surfing, boating, snorkeling, kayaking canoeing, hiking, fishing or golf. You will arrive as a visitor, you will leave as family, known as Ohana.

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Tracy Kirssin

(30 reviews)

McCormick Travel LLC - Kennesaw

Kennesaw, Georgia

My business is 75% all-inclusive, and all-inclusive resorts and Hawaii are my two specialties!

I pride myself on giving my clients first-hand knowledge about an all-inclusive resort, and I strive to only recommend/sell resort properties that I have personally visited and experienced. There are all-inclusive resorts all over the globe and I look forward to utilizing my 15 years of experience and expertise to help you decide which property will best suit your needs and interests.

Next, let's talk about Hawaii... my most favorite destination on the planet, my second home, and my one true love! I know these islands like the back of my hand! Hawaii truly showcases an abundance of unique and exciting things to see and do that will interest and appeal to everyone! First, we'll decide on which island(s) you'll stay, and then discuss options for your accommodations.

Christine Smith

(15 reviews)

Global Escapes

Athens, Georgia

My expertise spans two very diverse - albeit enchanting and exciting - destinations! The UNITED KINGDOM and HAWAII. My knowledge has been meticulously assembled by frequently exploring each destination in-depth and finding new hidden gems each time I visit. I also focus on maintaining a portfolio of favorite bespoke hotels, lodges and residences along the way, taking note of the unique qualities of each one and how they might appeal to my travelers. In addition to the tools at my disposal, I nurture a network of local contacts in both destinations to keep me apprised of new lodging, restaurants and attractions that open, as well as upcoming festivals and events. All these assets combined enable me to design travel plans that are tailored exactly to the wishes and priorities of each client.

Patti Stevens

(100 reviews)

The Travel Gallery

Chicago, Illinois
I have such a passion for Hawaii. This is my native state and I want to share with you this intangible, priceless Aloha spirit and welcome you to these magical islands. My enthusiasm for sharing these islands with you and its compelling history and culture is the opportunity for you to explore, appreciate and learn just what Hawaii is all about. As a certified Hawaii Specialist, I know all the islands' nooks and crannies. I know where you can experience complete peace and solitude and I know the best places for non-stop action and adventure as well as great places to experience a little of each!

Sandy Doumani

no reviews

LUXE Travel

Irvine, California
With over 35 years as a professional travel advisor and having had the fortunate opportunity and pleasure to have visited the Hawaiian Islands over 50 times in my career, I can honestly say "I know Hawaii!" With my extensive background, knowledge, training, and on-the-ground experience, working together we can discuss and plan your Hawaiian vacation. I know what questions to ask you - e.g. personal interests, budget, what you want to see and do - that will help me create and plan your personalized adventure.

Hannah Cote

(165 reviews)

Legacy Travel, Inc.

Plano, Texas
Welcome to the islands of Hawaii - my favorite destination on earth! My interest in travel started at an early age, but my passion for travel began when I flew to Maui for my honeymoon almost a decade ago. It was love at first sight with Hawaii's culture, people, food and adventure. I take my passion seriously and have trained and traveled extensively to become a certified travel expert to the Hawaiian Islands. In addition, I am an Oahu Master Specialist certified by the Hawaii Visitors & Convention Bureau (HVCB) and I've completed all certifications to become a Hawaiian Islands Specialist. My goal is to make your travel dreams come true!

Alison Bastianelli

(25 reviews)

CRC Travel

Chicago, Illinois
(800) 261-8025
I absolutely adore Hawaii! The first time that I traveled to this beautiful destination, I visited two islands: Oahu and Maui. I was teased by what these two islands had to offer and all that I could have experienced IF only I had been able to stay longer. The next time I traveled, I dedicated my entire 8 days to one island - Maui.

Mona Rodriguez

(5 reviews)

ARTA Travel

Plano, Texas
(800) 908-3490
Are you ready to feel the Aloha Spirit and the Spirit of OHANA. It's important more than ever to keep Maui in your prayers, they need us and tourism! Don't forget them!

Kirsten Stuhr

no reviews

You Pack, We Plan

Cedar Park, Texas
(800) 582-4702
I developed my love of travel while living in Denmark during a study abroad program in college. Following my six-month program, I backpacked throughout Europe and was eager to learn the rich history and cultures and enjoy the local food. My need to soak in as many cultures as possible has taken me around the world.

Marquetta Chambers

no reviews

Hill Barrett Travel

Redmond, Washington
I have an insatiable craving to travel the world and explore every destination out there! For over 15 years, travel has played a pivotal role in both my personal and professional life. Travel has allowed me the privilege to discover and explore new destinations throughout the world, and to experience and enjoy six of our world's seven continents. Professionally, travel has enriched my knowledge, expertise and training to be able to craft and implement unique, one-of-a-kind itineraries. My areas of expertise are EAST AFRICA and HAWAII - two destinations for which I am wildly passionate because of their diversity, culture and beauty. One of my most valuable assets is the ability to engage you and to learn about your travel aspirations in order to create an unforgettable journey- certain to surpass your expectations. I look forward to sharing my expertise and insider tips to ensure that you, too, will be passionate about these two dynamic and diverse destinations.

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