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A destination is a place worthy of travel. It’s often a place where we’re willing to travel long distances to reach, either because it is distinctive, special, popular, off the beaten path – or possibly all of these!

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Stephanie Wortman

(49 reviews)

LUXE Travel

Irvine, California
What sets me apart as an expert on the destinations of France and the United Kingdom are not only my three decades of experience as a destination specialist, but my knowledge and personal experiences of visiting, researching and learning about each of these two destinations different regions. I know the most efficient and fun ways to visit - via an escorted tour, private independent travel arrangements, river cruises, train travel, private vehicle, and/or air. Because of my long-time experience visiting and learning about France and the UK, I have developed and maintained valuable on-the-ground contacts who I depend on to keep me current on any new hotel properties, restaurants, attractions and /or events that would be of interest to you.

Amy Rambo

no reviews

Blue Pineapple Travel

Marietta, Georgia
(800) 282-1765

My deep love and appreciation for the United Kingdom – and England specifically – developed over many years of consuming copious amounts of British entertainment, teaching high school students British literature and experiencing the destination myself many times and for numerous visits. I have thoroughly toured and experienced London, as well as the many other delightful and different areas, including Dover, the Cotswolds, the Peak District, Northumberland, and East Anglia.

Mary Pat Caskey

(16 reviews)

Travel by Divine

Lincoln, California

The United Kingdom of England, Ireland, and Scotland (UK) is a world-class destination filled with a storied history, warm and friendly locals and amazing vistas and is the perfect venue for your upcoming travel - whether romantic, adventure, or family exploration. Not only am I a Specialist for the UK, but I am a Romance Travel Expert as well.

Having lived in the United Kingdom for many years, and now continuing to visit on a regular basis I have the enviable opportunity of touring extensively, experiencing the country life, delving into my passion for culture, romance, and history, and indulging my curiosity for just about everything the UK showcases. This destination is a perfect choice for your honeymoon, anniversary, or destination wedding. The world class hotels of London are less than 8 hours from the wilds of the Scottish Highlands and a quick ferry ride lands you in the magical land of Ireland!

Nikita Weaver

no reviews

Tramex Travel

Austin, Texas
(800) 998-7480
I've been an Anglophile for as long as I can remember! I've always loved English history, so when I began my career in the travel industry it was "a given" that I would learn as much as I possibly could about this historic, compelling, and diverse destination in order to share with my clients. Not only have I learned about England, I've experienced England...first hand.

Susan McDougal

(189 reviews)

Suzqz Travels

Huntsville, Alabama

My love for the United Kingdom - literally - runs through my blood. My mother was born and reared in Wales and I'm fortunate to have many relatives throughout the region. Over the years - and starting at the age of 8 - I traveled many times to England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Together, as we work to plan your upcoming adventure across the pond, I will share with you the best castles to visit and why, the proper way to order food and drink at a pub, where to purchase missing travel necessities at a reasonable cost, what to buy for that special someone back home and...where to have the best high-tea experience in London. My unique perspective on the UK ensures that you - my valued client - enjoy an "insider's" view of this dynamic destination and ALL that it offers.

Kristin Luz

(70 reviews)

Family Travels and Adventures

San Jose, California

I'm a family-focused travel advisor who shares a passion for two world-class, amazing destinations: United Kingdom, and California.

We'll start in the UK. I have extensive, first-hand knowledge about many UK venues and I'm eager to share my passion for the UK by creating highly-personalized itineraries. I am a certified Brit Agent, and family focused, as many of my excursions back and forth across the pond have been with my son in tow. As such, I've also experienced many of these destinations as a traveling mom, and know what attractions, restaurants, accommodations, etc. will appeal and be appropriate for families with children (e.g., a Harry Potter-focused adventure in London.)

Next, we'll come back home to California. So much more than Hollywood, the beaches, and Disneyland, California showcases charming, small towns; deserts, mountains, excellent food and wine, hiking, biking, great golf and that's just the beginning of all that this destination offers

Julie Bretl

(35 reviews)

Carrousel Travel

Minneapolis, Minnesota
I've been a travel advisor for over 9 years, and have had the incredible opportunity and privilege to share my most favorite destination - the United Kingdom - with many of my valued clients. Not only do I visit the countries within the UK on a regular basis, I lived in England for over 22 years. In fact, I have been obsessed with the UK since I was 13 years old when I saw my first Monty Python's Flying Circus episode. Having lived in the UK for a long time, I also know the "lay of the land" and am familiar with many interesting "out-of-the-way" places to visit. This knowledge, combined with maintaining a quality network of local contacts, ensures that I'm always up-to-date on everything that is new and happening.

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