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Whether you are inspired by the legends of the rivers - the Danube, Rhine, Nile, Amazon, Mekong, Yangtze, Mississippi, Volga or Douro - or it's the countries and cities these rivers touch that you yearn to explore, a river cruise is an immersive experience and provides you direct access to the heart and soul of a region’s history and culture. Enjoy exceptional accommodations, fine cuisine, a plethora of activities, superb service and the ultimate luxury of stepping off your riverboat right into many city centers.

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Diana Miller

(35 reviews)

CI Azumano Travel

Vancouver, Washington
(800) 280-8670
What sets me apart from my competition as an expert River Cruise advisor is that I have sailed on and experienced all the top river cruise lines. I hold a Master Cruise Counselor Certification, and I'm constantly learning and keeping up-to-date on new itineraries, vessels, shore excursions, and all that's important to share with you as my valued client.

Carmen Palogruto

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Cruise Planners - Signature Expert Select

Tampa, Florida
(800) 254-1889
Welcome to River Cruising! I would love to help you see and travel the world ...via its wonderful rivers! River cruising is a special way to travel which offers the opportunity to see and experience destinations from the "river's point of view." As a seasoned travel advisor with over 20 years in the industry, I've long embraced the uniqueness that river cruising presents, and now look forward to sharing with you all the reasons why you, too, will want to come onboard and experience for yourself the history, beauty, and unique experiences you'll enjoy on a river cruise itinerary.

Rhonda Reinhardt

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Cruise Planners - Signature Expert Select

Coral Springs, Florida
(800) 559-4127
I have been trekking and cruising Europe for the past twenty years and have fallen in love with river cruising! Art History and Medieval/Renaissance architecture are my passions, and I love ducking into little nooks and crannies in each town, village, or historic city - you never know what you might find.

Lou Lint

(35 reviews)

Breton Travel

Grand Rapids, Michigan
For over two decades travel has been both my profession and my passion. I love it! Now, I'm eager to share this passion with you as an expert in both RIVER CRUISING and for ITALY. I love what I do and what I do best is to learn about you - so that I can match you, your budget, personal interests and expectations with the best river cruise line or best personalized itinerary for your Italian holiday as is possible. There is so much to see and do and so many options and opportunities to make this vacation the best ever. My goal: To create a seamless itinerary that will meet and exceed your every expectation. Let me share with you my two passions in travel: Italy and River Cruising - and to provide you with an "Experience Extraordinary" ...filled with memories to last a lifetime!

Jenny Farrants

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CI Azumano Travel

Virginia Beach, Virginia
(800) 441-5480
I have two specialties in the travel industry: The destination of Antigua & Barbuda and River Cruising. We’ll start with Antigua and Barbuda. Most of my time has been spent in Antigua, and becoming completely immersed in the culture, art, history, accommodations, attractions, and its people. With this complete immersion, I’m knowledgeable about ALL there is to see, do, and enjoy – including knowing that there are 365 beaches on this island. That’s one beach for every day of the year!

Amber Johanson

(165 reviews)

Morris Columbus Travel

Salt Lake City, Utah
I look forward to sharing with you this delightful and relaxing way to see the best of our world's inland waterways. My specialty is European River Cruising and I've been hooked ever since my first river cruise in 2014. Since then, I've taken seven more European river cruises and learned something new on each itinerary. I've sailed and experienced several different lines and I'm eager to share with you the different amenities, services and itineraries that each offers so that together - I can match you with the right vessel and itinerary.

Marcy Gelber

no reviews

Travel 100 Group, Inc., A member of Tzell Travel Group

Northfield, Illinois

I am a travel expert - specializing in both Solo Travel and River Cruising. As a River Cruise Specialist, I can help you discover, the best cruise line, the best river, and best accommodations to create a memorable experience. Over the past 30 years, I've been fortunate to have experienced much of this world - both by land and sea. As a Master Cruise Counselor, I was fortunate to be part of the quickly growing popularity of river cruising. I learned about the best rivers and inland waterways that these new vessels would cruise - not only throughout Europe, but Southeast Asia, the USA, and Africa and other destinations throughout the world.

Catherine Hoffman

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Cruise Planners - Signature Expert Select

Coral Springs, Florida
(800) 283-1956
Cruising - whether an Expedition cruise or a River cruise - is what I know best and what I want to share with you. To say that I've had a profound interest in the great explorers of our world is truly an understatement! Sir Ernest Shackleton captured my interest when I was just 12 years old... and the rest is history! When - as an experienced travel advisor - I was offered the opportunity to see and experience Antarctica, I braved the Drake Passage on a wonderful exploration boat with a science lab and amazing lecturers.

Deb Clark

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Premiere Travel Planners

Norcross, Georgia
(800) 245-1270
River cruising is absolutely my favorite way to travel! I've dedicated considerable time to becoming an expert in distinguishing between various river cruise lines, itineraries, onboard amenities, services, and excursions. My goal is to help you understand the unique qualities that set each company apart from the rest.

Tami Rona

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Vista Travel, a FROSCH Company

Colonia, New Jersey
River Cruising can be defined in many ways and will appeal to many travelers because of the excellent and diverse variety of itineraries, destinations and themes. What sets me apart from other professional travel advisors is that I've experienced a distinct variety of not only itineraries but also a variety of specific themed cruises. I've done a river cruise on the Amazon River - definitely off-the-beaten-path! I've also recently experienced and enjoyed a themed cruise that sailed from Budapest to Prague and focused on Jewish history. I look forward to meeting with you and talking about all your options! I'll share with you such enticing topics/themes as wine, military history, the pyramids of Egypt, tulips in Holland, or a special itinerary that offers an added African Safari excursion. With over three decades experience in the travel industry working with clients, I know how to match you, your personality and your interests to the right ship, itinerary, special focus, and best excursions.

Juli Morgan

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Luxera Travel

Clearwater, Florida
(800) 480-1597
Expedition Travel and River Cruising provide some of the best experiences to explore the world. I am delighted to introduce myself as a seasoned, well-versed luxury travel specialist. My journey as a travel advisor has been a labor of passion, driven by an unwavering commitment to exceeding expectations. Like a photographer capturing the essence of untouched landscapes, my intrepid expeditions take me to remote corners of the world, seeking to bridge the gap between humans and nature, crafting remarkable experiences for each of my clients.

Claudine Pascal

no reviews

Paradigm Travel Agency LLC

Mansfield, Texas
(800) 705-9865
As a Destination Specialist, my favorite destination in the world is Dubai, and my favorite way to experience and enjoy new destinations is on a River Cruise. During my most recent trip to Dubai, I stayed both downtown and at the beach - as I often recommend both options to my clients. Since this was my first visit - post Covid, I checked out all the sites in both old and new Dubai, shopped for tea in the souks, went to Abu Dhabi, did the full grand mosque experience, and also spent a day in the desert. I generally arrange a mix of organized and spur-of- the-moment-tours in a destination to get a more immersive and revealing experience especially in destinations like Dubai that is both safe and multi-faceted. Dubai is more than a party city or stopover, it's a thriving cosmopolitan city with strong ancestral ties - yet liberal and welcoming. Travel is personal. And to help you plan your itinerary to Dubai, it's great that I've experienced it in as many different ways as possible so that I'm able to make s

Michelle Brock

(20 reviews)

World Travel Service

Tulsa, Oklahoma
We'll start with the United Kingdom. With my extensive experience and expertise, I've escorted numerous custom-crafted group itineraries to world-class destinations throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Island. Within the UK, we can further customize your itinerary to experience such enticing options as Edinburgh, gems of The Cotswolds, Newcastle, Kent, Aberdeen, Kyle of Lochalsh, Glencoe, Rosslyn, and Port Isaac. Whether you prefer to experience these compelling destinations on a personally-designed tour, guided motor coach experience, or aboard a cruise ship (England), I can make it happen.

Kristen Smith

(110 reviews)

Accent on Travel

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
Traveling is truly my passion and I enjoy sharing this passion with my clients. With close to 20 years in the industry selling travel, I can honestly say "I love what I do!" Every day, I learn something new; become more immersed in a destination and its culture and am eager to share this new knowledge with my clients. I love establishing relationships and building trust with my clients -as, over the years, many have become like "family" to me. With regard to my specialty - river cruising - I now know and understand why so many first-time river cruisers come back home ready to plan their next river adventure! River cruising offers you both a relaxing vacation as you leisurely ply inland rivers and meander through town centers while viewing spectacular scenery and countryside. But once you dock, get ready for fun excursions and sightseeing adventures and the opportunity to experience the best your port of call has to offer.

Carol Furst Matulonis

no reviews

Cruise Planners - Signature Expert Select

Fort Pierce, Florida
(800) 270-6923
As small business owner since 1990 and a Top Producing Cruise Planners Francise Owner, I have had a lifelong passion for my two specialties: River Cruising and Luxury Cruising. First River Cruising: I took my first river cruise in the 1970's on the Mississippi River, and since then I have sailed most rivers on many lines, and have excellent relationships established with my river cruise partners to ensure that your cruise will meet - and exceed - your expectations. I plan yearly river cruise groups that have included Christmas Markets on the Rhine with Uniworld, river cruising in Cambodia and Vietnam, and an AmaWaterways charter for a Paris to Normandy cruise along the Seine.

Wendy Denny

no reviews

Travel Planners International

Bellevue, Washington
(800) 974-2042
What I enjoy most about River Cruising is the opportunity to bring groups of family, friends, clients, and friends of friends on board to experience and enjoy a river cruise. When we talk, and discuss what entices your interest in a river cruise, I'll share with you that my most compelling reasons for river cruising include the opportunity and experience to "get close" in to the little towns and villages and just how all-inclusive and intimate a river cruise really is.

Sue Ball

no reviews

Sphera Travel

Grand Rapids, Michigan
(800) 550-4620
For 30+ years, I've been immersed in luxury travel. Yet, my true passion lies in Germany and global river cruising. These aren't just destinations; they're my expertise, where I create unforgettable experiences. Crafting your vacation, I draw from my explorations, infusing German charm and river cruising allure. My expertise includes meticulous planning, boundless enthusiasm, and love for Germany's landscapes, cultures, and journeys. Are you ready to begin? Feel my enthusiasm as we plan your Germany vacation. With ties to luxury hotels, I offer exclusive treats, like upgrades and hotel credits. Villages like Trier and Cochem exude cozy charm. Rothenburg 0b der Tauber's medieval vibes feel like a fairy tale. For the adventurous, Germany's rugged landscapes and the Bavarian Alps await. We'll uncover natural wonders, blending excitement and awe into lasting memories.

Cathie Lentz Fryer

(20 reviews)

CTA Travel

Cerritos, California

Designing and crafting the perfect vacation, adventure, or getaway for you is what I do best. My expertise runs the gamut from sharing my personal experiences and expertise to "paint a picture" of what your perfect River Cruise adventure will be, and what your perfect California getaway can be. Let's get started!

As your professional River Cruise specialist, we'll begin your journey with my learning which river and itinerary will best provide you the experience you're seeking. River cruising can be enjoyed on waterways in many enticing destinations throughout the world! Having sailed on more than 30 river cruises, I will share my personal experiences to paint you a picture of each river itinerary and what sets one apart from another.

Next, and closer to home, we'll explore California. Although Santa Ana is my home town, I truly consider the entire state of California as my home. Let me share with you just a sample of all the fun excursions I can craft for you.

Casey Carr

no reviews

Sharon Carr Travel

Dallas, Texas
(800) 560-3745
For nearly two decades, I've specialized in both Expedition and River Cruising. My work as an-award winning filmmaker, producing promotional videos for brands such as Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Lines and Atlas Ocean Voyages among many others, has given me unparalleled experience and insight into what makes all of these different brands unique. I look forward to sharing with you all that each type of cruise has to offer, and what makes them so special and compelling.

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