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Whether you are inspired by the legends of the rivers - the Danube, Rhine, Nile, Amazon, Mekong, Yangtze, Mississippi, Volga or Douro - or it's the countries and cities these rivers touch that you yearn to explore, a river cruise is an immersive experience and provides you direct access to the heart and soul of a region’s history and culture. Enjoy exceptional accommodations, fine cuisine, a plethora of activities, superb service and the ultimate luxury of stepping off your riverboat right into many city centers.

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Amber Johanson

(210 reviews)

Morris Murdock Travel

Salt Lake City, Utah
I look forward to sharing with you this delightful and relaxing way to see the best of our world's inland waterways. My specialty is European River Cruising and I've been hooked ever since my first river cruise in 2014. Since then, I've taken seven more European river cruises and learned something new on each itinerary. I've sailed and experienced several different lines and I'm eager to share with you the different amenities, services and itineraries that each offers so that together - I can match you with the right vessel and itinerary.

Cathie Lentz Fryer

no reviews

CTA Travel

Cerritos, California

Designing and crafting the perfect vacation, adventure, or getaway for you is what I do best. My expertise runs the gamut from sharing my personal experiences and expertise to "paint a picture" of what your perfect River Cruise adventure will be, and what your perfect California getaway can be. Let's get started!

As your professional River Cruise specialist, we'll begin your journey with my learning which river and itinerary will best provide you the experience you're seeking. River cruising can be enjoyed on waterways in many enticing destinations throughout the world! Having sailed on more than 30 river cruises, I will share my personal experiences to paint you a picture of each river itinerary and what sets one apart from another.

Next, and closer to home, we'll explore California. Although Santa Ana is my home town, I truly consider the entire state of California as my home. Let me share with you just a sample of all the fun excursions I can craft for you.

Edward Infanti

(90 reviews) / Merit Travel Head Office

Toronto, Ontario
800-927-1823 (EXT 7380)
River cruising, in my opinion, is the best way to see and explore a region in depth - up close and personal - yet traveling in complete comfort. How exciting to leisurely cruise a European waterway and then dock right in the center of a town or city. You could be just steps away from an historic site, quaint café, nearby castle, or famous outdoor market. You can even explore parts of Asia, Africa and South America with exotic river cruise itineraries. With over 25 years experience as a professional cruise travel expert, and specifically as a river cruise expert, I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you. River cruising is a completely different experience compared to ocean cruising. If you're considering a river cruise for the first time, let's get together so that we can discuss the many different cruise lines and what each line offers - e.g. types of accommodations, special amenities, shore excursion options, special themed sailings and so much more!

Katie Pickering

(120 reviews)

Accent on Travel

Towson, Maryland
What's the difference between the river cruise companies? Which one would you recommend?" These are the two questions I'm most often asked when meeting with a new client. As we start the process to learn what you want for your first river cruise experience, I'll ask you specific questions about how you like to travel. Do you prefer an all-inclusive experience that includes alcoholic beverages and gratuities as part of your fare? Do you prefer Scandinavian sleek or French Provincial chic? Most first-time river cruisers select the Rhine or the Danube. I'm familiar with both itineraries and as well I'm knowledgeable about options available for extending your cruise with pre-and/or post-cruise travel. This is knowledge that can only be garnered by actually taking these cruises, visiting the different cities and towns along the way, taking the excursions, talking with tour guides and staff on the ground, and then sharing this first-hand information with you.

Tami Rona

(35 reviews)

Vista Travel, a FROSCH Company

Colonia, New Jersey
River Cruising can be defined in many ways and will appeal to many travelers because of the excellent and diverse variety of itineraries, destinations and themes. What sets me apart from other professional travel advisors is that I've experienced a distinct variety of not only itineraries but also a variety of specific themed cruises. I've done a river cruise on the Amazon River - definitely off-the-beaten-path! I've also recently experienced and enjoyed a themed cruise that sailed from Budapest to Prague and focused on Jewish history. I look forward to meeting with you and talking about all your options! I'll share with you such enticing topics/themes as wine, military history, the pyramids of Egypt, tulips in Holland, or a special itinerary that offers an added African Safari excursion. With over three decades experience in the travel industry working with clients, I know how to match you, your personality and your interests to the right ship, itinerary, special focus, and best excursions.

Lou Lint

(80 reviews)

Breton Travel

Grand Rapids, Michigan
For over two decades travel has been both my profession and my passion. I love it! Now, I'm eager to share this passion with you as an expert in both RIVER CRUISING and for ITALY. I love what I do and what I do best is to learn about you - so that I can match you, your budget, personal interests and expectations with the best river cruise line or best personalized itinerary for your Italian holiday as is possible. There is so much to see and do and so many options and opportunities to make this vacation the best ever. My goal: To create a seamless itinerary that will meet and exceed your every expectation. Let me share with you my two passions in travel: Italy and River Cruising - and to provide you with an "Experience Extraordinary" ...filled with memories to last a lifetime!

Kristen Smith

(120 reviews)

Accent on Travel

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
Traveling is truly my passion and I enjoy sharing this passion with my clients. With close to 20 years in the industry selling travel, I can honestly say "I love what I do!" Every day, I learn something new; become more immersed in a destination and its culture and am eager to share this new knowledge with my clients. I love establishing relationships and building trust with my clients -as, over the years, many have become like "family" to me. With regard to my specialty - river cruising - I now know and understand why so many first-time river cruisers come back home ready to plan their next river adventure! River cruising offers you both a relaxing vacation as you leisurely ply inland rivers and meander through town centers while viewing spectacular scenery and countryside. But once you dock, get ready for fun excursions and sightseeing adventures and the opportunity to experience the best your port of call has to offer.

Marcy Gelber

no reviews

Travel 100 Group, Inc., A member of Tzell Travel Group

Northfield, Illinois

I am a travel expert - specializing in both Solo Travel and River Cruising. As a River Cruise Specialist, I can help you discover, the best cruise line, the best river, and best accommodations to create a memorable experience. Over the past 30 years, I've been fortunate to have experienced much of this world - both by land and sea. As a Master Cruise Counselor, I was fortunate to be part of the quickly growing popularity of river cruising. I learned about the best rivers and inland waterways that these new vessels would cruise - not only throughout Europe, but Southeast Asia, the USA, and Africa and other destinations throughout the world.

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