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Claudine Pascal

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Mansfield, Texas
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As a Destination Specialist, my favorite destination in the world is Dubai, and my favorite way to experience and enjoy new destinations is on a River Cruise. During my most recent trip to Dubai, I stayed both downtown and at the beach - as I often recommend both options to my clients. Since this was my first visit - post Covid, I checked out all the sites in both old and new Dubai, shopped for tea in the souks, went to Abu Dhabi, did the full grand mosque experience, and also spent a day in the desert. I generally arrange a mix of organized and spur-of- the-moment-tours in a destination to get a more immersive and revealing experience especially in destinations like Dubai that is both safe and multi-faceted. Dubai is more than a party city or stopover, it's a thriving cosmopolitan city with strong ancestral ties - yet liberal and welcoming. Travel is personal. And to help you plan your itinerary to Dubai, it's great that I've experienced it in as many different ways as possible so that I'm able to make suggestions to you - based on your interests - to ensure you experience Dubai in the most memorable and personal way possible. Here's my insider tip: Spend a night (or two) in the desert away from the city so you can experience the wildlife and magical night sky.

Now for my favorite way to cruise - let's talk River Cruising. Truly one of the most relaxing, delightful, and fulfilling opportunities to see up-close-and personal - some of the most beautiful waterways and countryside in the world. River cruising is so different from ocean cruising and is the perfect way to travel for those of us who prefer a more intimate - yet engaging way of travel. River cruising is ideal for groups, couples, and friends traveling together, and especially great for solo travelers since everyone arrives as strangers and leaves as friends. I've sailed the rivers of the world and I'm very familiar with the nuances of the different river cruise lines, river boats, itineraries, and rivers and will happily guide you in this niche cruise industry.

I look forward to assisting you with both - or any - of these two very fabulous travel opportunities. Your world awaits!

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