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Ready to get away for a “getaway”? Just think how much fun it will be just to relax, recharge, have a change of scenery, activities to enjoy, and just “chill” for a few days. We can help you plan that short holiday to “somewhere.” Do you want to escape to a beautiful, secluded beach? Head to the mountains and enjoy the peace and quiet in a beautiful chalet? Options abound. Let’s talk soon…so we can get you to your getaway destination… when you’re ready to get away!

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Tywana Minor

(40 reviews)

Live Travel Go

Atlanta, Georgia
I am an experienced full-service travel advisor who also specializes in “Weekend Getaways”! Through my own experiences over the years and those that have been curated for clients, I have found that short travel experiences or weekend getaways are just as rewarding and exciting as a long-planned adventure. Weekend getaways are the ideal opportunity to travel when time is either not on our side, or we simply prefer - or are limited to - shorter trips. Believe me, so much can be accomplished in a 24-48-hour time frame.

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