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Looking for the most current information about domestic and international destinations that are LGBT friendly? Our knowledgeable experts can assist you. We can enhance your travel experience by recommending excellent resorts, land and cruise itineraries, the latest information about upcoming gay-friendly events, as well as other vacation opportunities worldwide to consider.

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Gregg Kaminsky

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Travel 100 Group, Inc., A member of Tzell Travel Group

Northfield, Illinois
I've been working in travel for more than 25 years, with most of my business focused on the LGBTQ market. I personally host 6-7 LGBTQ groups or charter vacations each year on large ship cruises, riverboats, all-inclusive resorts, or group tours with my company KelliGregg Travel.

Kelli Carpenter

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Travel 100 Group, Inc., A member of Tzell Travel Group

Northfield, Illinois
(800) 569-4707
I've been working in travel for more than 20 years, with most of my business focused on the LGBTQ market. Prior to working in travel, I was the director of marketing at Nickelodeon for many years. I personally host 6-7 LGBTQ groups or charter vacations each year on large ship cruises and riverboats, at all-inclusive resorts, as well as custom-designed tours with my company KelliGregg Travel. I've traveled to more than 50 countries and have sailed on more than 100 cruises.

Chad Simpson, CTA

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Travel Planners International

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco
(800) 601-5065
I am an expert in Mexican destination weddings, honeymoon and romance travel, and LGBTQ+ travel. For the past seven years, I have resided in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - a very popular destination for weddings, honeymoons, and LGBTQ+ vacations. By combining knowledge of this Mexican destination with my excellent local contacts, I can plan and execute the perfect vacation, romantic getaway, and destination wedding for you.

Dr. Terika L. Haynes

(10 reviews)

Dynamite Travel

Melbourne, Florida
Fifteen years ago, I founded Dynamite Travel – an award-winning, five-star rated luxury travel planning consultancy. Through my work as the CEO and Founder, I strive to serve people from all communities and backgrounds as I encourage them to share my passion of travel. I’m a member of NGLCC (National LGBT Chamber) and the Orlando Pride Chapter and am committed to furthering diversity, equity, and inclusion in the travel industry.

Ian Petrulli

(260 reviews)

Holiday Travel International

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
I'm a dedicated member of the LGBTQ+ community as well as an experienced and knowledgeable travel advisor with over twenty years' experience in this great industry. In addition, I hold a law degree and am a practicing member of the Pennsylvania Bar which has greatly enhanced my ability to advocate for you and to resolve any issues that may pop up along the way. I've been working with and servicing our community for as long as I've been a travel advisor, and I look forward to working with you to create and implement an itinerary that will meet - and exceed - your expectations.

Sandie Anders

(40 reviews)

Bursch Travel (Fargo)

Alexandria, Minnesota
My son is gay and I've always wanted to learn more about the travel destinations that would provide the best experiences for those in the LGBTQ community. I've had many clients come to me because they know - that as a parent - I'm supportive and would use my experience, knowledge and expertise to recommend destinations and vacation opportunities that would ensure their LGBTQ family members and friends would have a fun, great and safe experience. I look forward to the opportunity of working with you and discussing how you visualize and anticipate your "perfect" vacation. First, I must determine if your lifestyle is legal at a particular destination. Next, we will discuss appropriate destinations that are accepting and will ensure your comfort and safety.

Jonathan Alder

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TravelStore - Los Angeles

Winter Park, Florida

Japan: Over the past 35 years, I have visited and explored Japan almost 50 times, starting with my first adventure in the 3rd grade! Japan is a mesmerizing country with many layers, defined by both ancient traditions and advanced economic and educational opportunities. My passion for this country continues to grow and I look forward to sharing this destination with you and designing your journey to include the many regions of this country, still undiscovered by most visitors.

LGBTQ+: My extensive experience traveling as a gay man/couple has allowed me to enrich my knowledge of all the right hot spots for LGBTQ+ travelers. In addition to all the LGBTQ+ sites to see, I can arrange for you to be accompanied by private LGBTQ+ friendly guides who know the ins and outs of your destination and can show you the hidden sites along the way so that you can experience the best of any destination you choose.

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