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A family vacation can be one of the most memorable vacations ever. Whether you’re considering traveling with just immediate family or planning a multi-generational family getaway, we can help.

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Shaia Bragg

(70 reviews)

Go Enchanted Travel

Murfreesboro, Tennessee
For over a decade, I've been working with families to create and implement the seamless escapes that families long for in their busy lives. Through traveling with my own large family, I'm familiar with all the intricacies that can be involved in crafting a vacation - that not only meets everyone's varied expectations, but that also creates treasured memories for the entire family. By working with you, I can shape together a customized itinerary that not only includes "must-sees," but also takes into account any unique challenges such as special needs, mobility issues, or even children that refuse to share a bed. I enjoy suggesting and adding in those one-of-a-kind experiences, special activities, and value-added amenities that are certain to make your journey personal and individual to you! From Disney to the Danube - and anywhere in between, my goal is to make your family's travel wish list achievable and enjoyable.

Angie Wheeler

(7 reviews)

Vacations by Angie

Saint Louis, Missouri
I love working with families and helping them plan their special trips... trips that will be filled with memories to last a lifetime! My specialty is Family Travel. As one who - just this past year - took five family vacations, I know how to help you craft and implement the perfect family getaway. Whether you'll be traveling with just your immediate family or an extended family of multi-generations, I can make it happen. Together, we'll work to make your hopes and expectations a reality. We'll discuss destinations, accommodations, options for things to see and do, budget, time constraints, and any special requirements or needs your family members may have. I'm also realistic and realize that getting every family member to agree on a destination, itinerary, etc. may be a challenge. As such, I'll listen to each person's concerns and what their personal goals are for this upcoming trip. Flexibility is key in making this work for everyone in your family group.

Michelle Keith

no reviews

TravelStore - Pasadena

Pasadena, California
My biggest loves are my family, as big and expanded as it is, and travel. And combining them together making memories together is magic. When we slowdown from our busy lives to share time with those closest to us, we all want that time to be special and full of lasting memories. My goal: Assist you in making that a reality. Together, we will create lasting experiences with as little hassle as possible. Whether you are thinking beach and sun, European cultural and history, amusement park bliss, floating on the high seas, Broadway shows, or a special excursion for the foodies in your family, we'll make sure there's something in the itinerary that fits everyone's "must experiences."

Lori Spoelstra

(60 reviews)

Adventures by Lori

Lowell, Michigan
My expertise and core niche is Family Travel - whether that be multi -generational travel, travel with young children, or travel with teens - all can be memorable and exciting. Whether your family's travel is to a Disney World Resort, aboard a cruise ship, a vacation at a mountain resort, or simply a weekend getaway, it doesn't matter really where you go - just having the opportunity to unwind, unplug, and BE together, sharing life - that's what's important. This is the kind of travel where you will return home richer and fuller for the experience. Be assured that I am not only "there" for you from our first contact, I'm also there checking in with you mid-vacation to make sure all is going well, and then following up after you return home to make sure everything was as you anticipated.

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