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Situated in the Caribbean are two distinct destinations sharing the same island: Sint Maarten, a Dutch island of the Netherlands and the French Saint Maartin. Sharing 37 square miles are some of the friendliest people you would ever hope to meet who also share two very different cultures and lifestyles.

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I am passionate about many travel experiences but am an expert in St. Maarten and Caribbean Cruises.

The unique West Indies Caribbean destination of Sint Maarten is a Dutch country on the Caribbean Island of Sint Maarten/Saint Martin. What is especially unique about this destination is that this small island shares its topography with two separate nations: The Dutch country of Sint Maarten of the Netherlands, and the French province of Saint Martin. Sint Maarten is the called the culinary capital of the Caribbean with its diverse Dutch and French cuisine options, showcases world-class accommodations, one of the world's steepest ziplines, beautiful beaches (including the world-famous Orient Beach), and so much more.

The key to experiencing the absolute best Caribbean cruise is to keep your expectations honest and your mind open to new experiences. As a Caribbean Cruise expert, I'm eager to know what your interests and expectations are and how you define a dream cruise.

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