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Situated in the North Atlantic Ocean, Iceland is a Nordic country filled with both natural beauty and culture. Major activities include skiing, fishing, hiking, mountain climbing, snowboarding, and with geothermal-heated outdoor pools, swimming is also popular here. From viewing active volcanoes, waterfalls and the spectacular aurora borealis (Northern Lights) playing golf at midnight, as well as being in the company (per capita) of the highest number of writers, authors, artists and Nobel Prize winners in the world…. Iceland has it all! Look forward to being immersed, welcomed and mesmerized by this enticing island nation and its friendly people. Iceland: Literally sitting on top of the world!

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Michelle Brock

(20 reviews)

World Travel Service

Tulsa, Oklahoma
We'll start with the United Kingdom. With my extensive experience and expertise, I've escorted numerous custom-crafted group itineraries to world-class destinations throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Island. Within the UK, we can further customize your itinerary to experience such enticing options as Edinburgh, gems of The Cotswolds, Newcastle, Kent, Aberdeen, Kyle of Lochalsh, Glencoe, Rosslyn, and Port Isaac. Whether you prefer to experience these compelling destinations on a personally-designed tour, guided motor coach experience, or aboard a cruise ship (England), I can make it happen.

Felicia Ingwers

no reviews

FROSCH Colorado

Greenwood Village, Colorado
In just the last few years, I've returned to Iceland three times, hosted three equestrian groups to three different regions of the country, and am fortunate to have experienced this destination in summer, fall and winter. I'm fascinated with this country and have a passion for horses - as they play a major role in Iceland's culture. The top sights to see include the Northern Lights, the Golden Circle and the Icelandic horse. But, that's just the beginning of all I can arrange for you to see and do in this spectacular country that is filled with diverse landscape, sophisticated culture and incredible adventure.

Debra Thune

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Cruise Planners - Signature Expert Select

La Pine, Oregon
(800) 360-4348
In Iceland, you can have a variety of experiences, including black-sand beaches, glaciers, waterfalls, and volcanic terrain. One of the most exciting opportunities to truly experience Iceland is to drive the Ring Road - and I look forward to sharing with you why this is such an incredible opportunity. There are literally a "ton of things to see and do" in Iceland. For example, you can go whale watching, where you also have a chance to see dolphins and seals.

Diane Abruzzo

(45 reviews)

Blue Ribbon Travel Staten Island

Staten Island, New York
(800) 281-7680
I'm a destination specialist with over 40 years' extensive experience, specifically in two diverse and unique destinations: Iceland and Turks & Caicos. Let's begin with Iceland - a Nordic island- country situated between the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean, which is on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge between North America and Europe. To say that I've experienced and enjoyed the best of Iceland is an understatement. What an amazing destination! While there, I drove the Golden Circle (a popular 190-mile tourist route in southern Iceland looping from Reykjavik into the southern uplands of Iceland and back.) In addition, I explored the bridge between two continents, went swimming in the Blue Lagoon, rented a boat to visit the Puffins, and even went to the Lava caves. As you can see, I love adventure! I'm a "Game of Throner" and made sure I explored Revkjavik in the best possible way, including dining at a tomato restaurant called Friðheima. When we speak, I will share with you this incredible experience of eating

Kristen Hosek Walker

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Acendas Travel

Sioux Falls, South Dakota
The most recent visit to my favorite destination on earth - ICELAND - was a visit/exploration by land and sea. First, we toured and explored the country by car with a private guide for five days before boarding a vessel and circumnavigating the ENTIRE country for the next nine days. To say that we explored and visited every part of this incredible destination is truly an understatement.

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