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Known as the “cradle of civilization,” birthplace of democracy, the Olympic Games and Western philosophy, Greece is strategically situated at the cross-roads of Europe, Asia and Africa. Here, you can relive history in one of the world’s oldest cities (Athens). Tour over 100 archeological museums. Relax on one of many stunning and beautiful Greek islands, or immerse yourself in its intriguing local culture of passionate music, inspired cuisine; endless and diverse activities.

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Lori Rogers

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CI Azumano Travel

Eloy, Arizona
(800) 665-1470
My two favorite destinations in the world are Italy and Greece, and as your Destination Specialist for both countries, I look forward to sharing with you all the reasons they could become your favorite destinations as well.

Staci Thomas

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Cruise Planners - Signature Expert Select

Coral Springs, Florida
(800) 857-8456
I've visited Greece in just about every way possible - by land, water, and air. As a Destination Specialist for Greece, I've planned itineraries that range from large, multi-generational family groups to honeymoons. I visit Greece often... at least once every other year. I love the culture, the people, the food, the history... everything. And now I'm eager to share with you ALL that this destination has to offer.

Laura Krugly

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Well Traveled Texan

Houston, Texas
(800) 650-4705
Creating authentic experiences in the country of Greece for my clients is truly a labor of love. Greece is a country for the ages but with todays' modern spin. It truly has it all. From the iconic breathtaking views of the islands like Santorini, to Crete's breadbasket of foods and olive oil, every inch of this country eats and breaths history. Greece is a dynamic destination offering something for everyone at any age.

Carol Ann Liebman

(5 reviews)

Boca Express Travel

Boca Raton, Florida
(800) 559-3745
I've experienced and enjoyed Greece by both Land and Sea. From traveling throughout the mainland and many of the islands... I can tell you this is definitely a compelling destination that will draw you back again and again. Originally, my relationship with Greece was professional. I owned my own company and imported garments and accessories for the U.S. retail and fashion industry. During those many years, I stayed in 5-star hotels in major cities, B&B-style properties in smaller villages, and private homes. I had the opportunity to cultivate many professional relationships and vital contacts which continue to serve me well since joining the travel industry.

Patti Gallagher

(47 reviews)

Vista Travel, a FROSCH Company

Wall Township, New Jersey
As a professional Signature Travel Expert Select advisor, I specialize in Personalized Travel to many of the world's most popular destinations! This highly-personalized mode of travel ensures that you will have the priceless opportunity and pleasure of really experiencing and enjoying - first hand - just what makes your chosen destination so unique and enticing. To be a knowledgeable and professional destination specialist, it is essential that I visit destinations on a regular basis. Once on the ground, I explore and experience new attractions, tour new and updated hotel and resort properties, visit restaurants that showcase the local cultural and lifestyle, experience local festivals, tour off-the-beaten part venues and take part in activities that I may not have seen and explored on my previous visit.

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