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Egypt and Jordan are such a compelling destinations. Often defined by its pyramids, the Nile River, pharaohs, kings, deserts and camels. But there is more... so much more to this intriguing destination. You'll want to explore the rich history through its early churches and desert monasteries; experience a river cruise on The Nile, visit the Valley of the Kings - and that's just the beginning of all we will recommend for your visit here!

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Randa Nawawi, CTA

(55 reviews)

Travel Adventures Unlimited

Walnut Creek, California
I would love to help you plan memorable and exciting travels to two countries that I have experienced and know well: Japan and Egypt. My approach to planning amazing journeys is to focus on the details that will make your vacation a wonderful and seamless experience. My mission is to not only to give advice and make suggestions, but to also take the stress of vacation planning off your shoulders. Let's start with Egypt. You'll want to experience the rich history, enticing culture, great food, world-renown sites and many great cities. Next, we'll travel to Japan. Having previously lived in Japan and continuing to visit and explore this beautiful country often, I'm very familiar with Japanese culture and geography. I'm also a Japan Travel Specialist with the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) and as such I am thoroughly knowledgeable about accommodation options, attractions, history, culture, cuisine and lifestyle to make sure this visit will certainly not be your last.

Bonnie Minutillo

no reviews

FROSCH Deerfield

Houston, Texas
My most recent visit to these two intriguing and compelling destinations was right before the world shut down in 2020. I experienced and explored both Egypt and Jordan as my valued luxury clients would travel. With an independent itinerary, my travel partner and I stayed in superb luxury hotels, were transported in luxury vehicles, and learned so much from our outstanding, very knowledgeable guides, who made sure their clients had special experiences while touring. As your Egypt and Jordan customized, independent luxury travel specialist, be assured I will not craft a cookie cutter itinerary for you.

Maha Rezkalla

no reviews

TravelStore - Pasadena

Pasadena, California
Having been born, reared, and educated in Egypt; a graduate of Cairo University, fluent in Arabic and a 30-year resident, I can honestly say: I know Egypt! I know what makes this dynamic Middle East country so compelling and enticing. My goal now is to create a one-of-a-kind itinerary so that you, too, will experience this same passion, excitement and enthusiasm that I feel every time I visit, or when creating an itinerary for a valued client. Some of my especially favorite memories include riding a camel from my hotel to a dinner party out on the sand dunes with Bedouins in Sharm El Sheikh, taking a magical felouka (a traditional wooden sailing boat) ride along the Nile River in Aswan, or having coffee at Al-Fishawy - Cairo's oldest café founded in 1773, climbing the Pyramids of Giza, or visiting the grand temples of Abu Simbel. If this sounds exciting to you, then let's get together and talk!

Jason Hedrick

(40 reviews)

CI Azumano Travel

Vancouver, Washington
(800) 404-9075
My two favorite destinations are East Africa (which includes Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Uganda,) and the countries of Egypt and Jordan (albeit separated by the Suez Canal.) We’ll begin in the Middle East. Having lived in Egypt for six years in the 90s, I so look forward to returning as often as possible.

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