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Experience this pura vida way of life by slowing down and relishing the natural wonders of Costa Rica and its diverse wildlife. Perhaps spend time hiking through magnificent rainforests, visiting a wildlife preserve, soaking in natural hot springs – and that’s just the beginning.

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Sarah Golden

(20 reviews)

Accent on Travel

Wilmington, Delaware
My expertise in creating one-of-a-kind itineraries stems not only from my extensive travels throughout a country, but from the joy I gain each time I return. I look forward to creating a vacation that will not only meet but will exceed your every expectation of what a vacation can and should be! I look forward to sharing with you my two most favorite destinations on earth - and they couldn't be more diverse - ITALY - La Dolce Vita and COSTA RICA - Pura Vida. As an avid traveler, I know that my clients are not one-dimensional. I want to learn what's important to you...what you want to see, do and experience. I'll take the time to listen and ask questions to make sure I know exactly what your expectations are. Let's get started!

Maci Cozart

(85 reviews)

Passport for Adventure

Lake Dallas, Texas
From my very first visit to this land of "Pura Vida", I fell in love with Costa Rica! "Pura Vida" or "pure life" has become synonymous with describing this country and its enviable lifestyle and it captured my heart from the very start! As an avid nature and wildlife enthusiast, and a bit of an adrenaline junkie, I've found myself returning again and again to visit new regions and landscapes and take part in the many adventures Costa Rica has to offer. I've also traveled the country with my family, and can share the best places to take children and teens, that will have them falling in love with the wildlife, the great outdoors, and the wonderful people and culture. Costa Rica is so varied in terrain and landscape from north to south and coast to coast, which is part of what makes it such an amazing place to visit.

Scott Caddow

(160 reviews)

Legendary World

Tucson, Arizona
I have been very fortunate over these past three decades to have traveled throughout the world. However, there's one destination that has captured my heart and soul: Costa Rica. My first visit was a month-long trip traveling the country in a rental car. I was captivated with the natural beauty, abundant wildlife, diverse environment, and the incredibly friendly and welcoming locals. Costa Rica is an easily-accessible destination from the U.S. which allows me the opportunity to visit at least once a year to see what's new and to stay up-to-date on restaurants, attractions, and hotels/resorts.

Alexandra Carrier

(5 reviews)

Adventures by Alex

Austin, Texas
My most recent adventure in Costa Rica was just that: an ADVENTURE! Together with my family and friends, our trip began in Monteverde experiencing both night and day nature hikes. While previously in Arenal, we experienced zip-lining and this time we decided to try rappelling waterfalls, white-water rafting and swimming in hot springs. Our adventure continued in Guanacaste with surfing lessons and a private catamaran excursion to include snorkeling where we were even able to hold an octopus. Does this sound like your definition of a vacation? I would love to make it happen! Costa Rica is also the perfect destination for relaxation in luxurious accommodations while enjoying exceptional spa services, superb local cuisine, and taking in the "Pura Vida" culture and lifestyle.

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