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A destination is a place worthy of travel. It’s often a place where we’re willing to travel long distances to reach, either because it is distinctive, special, popular, off the beaten path – or possibly all of these!

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Tammy Uecker

(90 reviews)

Fox World Travel

Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
For over 20 years, I've been passionate about travel and especially passionate about my favorite destination - the Dominican Republic. I've traveled to this intriguing destination many times, experienced numerous excursions and have stayed at many of the most popular and best resorts in both the Punta Cana and La Romana areas. In just the past year alone, I've crafted itineraries and helped make dreams come true for over 50 clients who vacationed in this region of the Caribbean.

Carianne Nicholson

no reviews

Mann Travels

Charlotte, North Carolina
If you asked me what one of my most favorite destinations in the entire world is, I'd tell you Turks & Caicos! In fact, a trip to Turks and Caicos was my daughter's graduation gift last year. I chose Turks because it is, and always has been, one of my favorite Caribbean Islands and I wanted her to experience this destination that I really love. And, now I want to share this love and passion with you. My knowledge and personal experiences give me great confidence that I can create and arrange a vacation that will fulfill your every expectation to this amazing Caribbean island. Accommodations run the gamut from hotels and all-inclusive resorts to luxurious private villas. I can recommend dining options ranging from something as simple as dining barefoot on the beach to making arrangements for an upscale experience, under the stars, at a fine island restaurant. Once we start talking and you share with me what you want your vacation to be, I'll start planning.

Lisa Costa

no reviews

Timeless Travel

Freehold, New Jersey
Aruba is truly One Happy Island! I fell in love with this island and its people almost immediately during my first visit here over twenty years ago. And, I’ve returned year after year with my family ever since! As a long-time, experienced travel professional, I know that the best kind of travel comes with peace of mind and the knowledge that you’re traveling to one of the safest Caribbean islands. This destination exudes friendliness. The locals are warm, sincere, welcoming and I’ve never felt like a tourist when I’m on the island…. Rather I feel at home!

Elisa Vicari

no reviews

Courtyard Travel LTD., A Branch of Tzell Travel Group

Great Neck, New York
I have been in the travel industry for over three decades, with an emphasis on Caribbean destinations and my favorite: Turks & Caicos. I've developed and enhanced my expertise and knowledge along with my network of experienced industry professionals to ensure that I can always provide you with first-hand, accurate knowledge of this destination. I'll arrange the best hotel/resort accommodations based on your interests and lifestyle, suggest fun water sports options and activities, recommend fun excursions for dining and sports, suggest the best places to shop for authentic, hand-made gifts, recommend excellent guides for private tours and excursions, and that's just the beginning of all that I'll suggest to make your vacation here fun and memorable.

Brittney Magner

no reviews

Royal Travel & Tours

Winnetka, Illinois
I know this destination. I've seen and explored and experienced both sides of the islands and know the pros and cons to both. I'm familiar with many of the islands' popular restaurants, attractions, and special sights to see (including real submarine tours around the islands), and I can easily arrange knowledgeable guides to make sure you will see and explore the best the Turks & Caicos have to offer - including especially fun water sports!

Marilyn Eliason

(5 reviews)

Holiday Travel Network

Virginia Beach, Virginia
Bermuda is unique, not at all like the islands of the Caribbean or anywhere else. As a British Colony, their infrastructure is superior and their standard of living is much higher. A golfer's paradise, it boasts nine amazing golf courses! The string of islands that make up Bermuda are joined by bridges so one is not aware that Bermuda is not just one island but many. Bermuda offers many activities such as diving, sailing, kayaking, beaches, premium shopping, locally made perfumes, exquisite gardens, dining, cave exploration, and much, much more. What sets me apart from other travel advisors? My husband and I have been to Bermuda 11 times in 26 years. We can't get enough of it. I can recommend the best resorts and the best ships that cruise there (the most economical way to experience the islands). Bermuda is safe, full of charm and character.

Kate Ficke

no reviews

Affiliates of The Travel Gallery

Chicago, Illinois
As a lifelong traveler, I have found only a few places in the world where I've felt truly at home. Jamaica is #1 on that short list! With 28 visits under my belt - in the last 30+years - and still counting, I am continually amazed at the variety of things to see and do on this, the third largest island in the Caribbean. I never tire of the landscape, the food, the variety of accommodations, the fascinating history and culture, and - most of all - the people who will welcome you with open arms every time you visit.

Janet Mosley

(5 reviews)

Leisure Lady Travel

Westland, Michigan
There's no doubt: I am a Jamerican! I live in the United States, but feel very much at home in Jamaica. And here's my story... On my very first visit many years ago, I met a woman who captured my heart and opened my eyes to the beauty of this destination. To me, the people make this island beautiful - as this lady's genuine spirit, openness and kindness to help a stranger will never be forgotten. As such, I look forward to each return visit and travel there at least once a year. During my travels, I have developed strong local relationships to ensure that I am knowledgeable and up-to-date on everything that's happening in Jamaica, and to make sure that I provide you with the best advice and knowledge possible.

Mike Karstens

no reviews

Blissful Honeymoons & Destination Weddings

Olathe, Kansas
In my opinion, as a long-time experienced travel expert, a vacation to an all-inclusive resort provides you the best opportunity to leave all your stress at home! Having visited, toured, stayed, and experienced over 150 all-inclusive resorts and the amenities and services provided throughout the Caribbean and Mexico; having established and maintained excellent local contacts, and having traveled throughout these two destinations 4-6 times per year, I can honestly say: I can match you to the best all-inclusive resort and destination to meet - and exceed - your every expectation. And what destinations do I recommend most? Jamaica, Mexico and the islands of the Caribbean. Specifically in Jamaica you can look forward to immersing yourself in the culture, warmth and friendliness of the "locals", enjoying off-the-beaten path experiences, a variety of great food, and many outstanding all-inclusive resorts from which to choose throughout the island. Another top destination that showcases world-class all-inclusive res

April Farmer

(20 reviews)

Connoisseur Travel - Lynchburg

Lynchburg, Virginia
I know, and love, this island! And my goal is for you to know her too, and enjoy her so much on your first visit, that we'll be planning your next vacation here as soon as you return home. And I am so enamored of the "Hawaii of the Caribbean" that, if my client doesn't have a pre-determined location for their upcoming vacation, I always recommend Saint Lucia. Knowing how important your accommodations are to the enjoyment of your holiday, I have stayed at many of the best resort properties, from the small, intimate boutique hotels, all-inclusive resorts, to the five-star luxury properties, and know the amenities and services each offers.

Annemarie Colosimo

(5 reviews)

Cruises International, Inc

Cleveland, Ohio
I grew up knowing that the United States Virgin Islands was a destination I wanted to visit as my parents always talked about the USVI as being their favorite vacation spot. Now that I’ve had the privilege to explore and experience this incredible destination as a travel professional many, many times, I have learned why it was their favorite and can safely say it has become my favorite too! I’m eager to share with you ALL that this naturally-beautiful destination has to offer. What sets me apart from other travel specialists is not only my expertise and knowledge, but my ability to engage my valued clients in the planning process and paint a picture of what you can look forward to on your vacation.

Gina Wilkins

(25 reviews)

McCormick Travel LLC

Snellville, Georgia

My two main specialties are Jamaica & RV Travel!

First Jamaica, I was married on this island, and I love the people, food, culture, lifestyle, and island feel and that's why I'm known as a "Jamerican"! I've stayed in, and/or toured, almost every resort and hotel on this island, so you can be assured that I can recommend the perfect accommodations to fit your lifestyle, interests, and budget.

Next, we'll talk Road Trips and RV Travel. For almost a decade, my family and I have been traveling 3-4 times a year in our Class A motorhome. With each road trip, we tour several states and stay in a variety of RV resorts including having stayed in some of the most beautiful RV resorts on the Gulf Coast. I'll share important tips about what you'll need for a successful RV trip.

Valerie Sondergeld

no reviews

Central Travel Corporate Services

Toledo, Ohio
Over the past four and a half decades in this exciting and innovative industry, I've been to Jamaica over 20 times, and I'm passionate about my favorite Caribbean destination! I've been fortunate to have experienced and enjoyed the best of accommodations and resorts on the island and have taken part in numerous - and adventurous - excursions. My knowledge and personal experience gives me great confidence that I can arrange for you, your opportunity to personally enjoy this 'slice of paradise' known as Jamaica! Le's start planning. Together, we'll discuss what type of vacation you're eager to experience.

Lauren Cardinale

no reviews

Travel Design Co

Metairie, Louisiana

I am expert in two unique parts of the world, France & Dominican Republic.

France feels like home as I grew up in New Orleans. In the last few years, I have traveled north from Paris along the Seine to the beaches of Normandy, spent time in Bordeaux, and traveled through the quaint towns of Provence along the Rhône and the Saône Rivers. One of my favorite ways to visit France is on a river cruise, as it takes you away from the larger cities and sights and ensures that you become immersed in the romance and lifestyle of medieval times.

For the Dominican Republic, it's the warm and friendly locals who will keep enticing you back for return visits. Indeed, this prime Caribbean Island offers something for everyone.

Clare Boone

(20 reviews)

Holiday Travel Network

Virginia Beach, Virginia
Bermuda is my favorite of all the islands! Showcasing pink sand beaches, exciting sea adventures, the fabled island history - including once being known as "The Isle of Devils", a plethora of cultural heritage attractions, festivals and events; outdoor adventure, golf, family activities, superb and varied cuisine and libations, the chance to explore mysterious shipwrecks, and exciting diving excursions ...are just a sample of what your holiday here can include. What sets me apart from other advisors, is that I am fortunate enough to have lived here and was immersed in this beautiful Bermudian lifestyle. I love the history and culture of the island and I return here as often as I can. I'll recommend the best resorts and accommodations to meet and exceed your expectations. I'll recommend the best local restaurant for you to enjoy a bowl of the island's special fresh fish chowder (and don't forget to add a drop or two of Sherry Peppers) and conch fritters.

Debbie Palmer

no reviews

Riverdale Travel

Maple Grove, Minnesota
I love the Caribbean! I’ve been exploring and touring and experiencing this destination for over 35 years. My destination specialty, the British Virgin Islands, is a spectacular destination comprised of over 50 islands and cays, with the main islands Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anegada and Jost Van Dyke. Be assured, I will craft your itinerary to meet and exceed your every expectation – from adventurous and active, to relaxing and laid back- the choice is yours.

Lori Bruns

(175 reviews)

Carrousel Travel

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Over the last twenty-five years, I've visited this dynamic destination at least every other year and have experienced and explored almost every region of this beautiful and amazing Caribbean Island. From seeing naturally beautiful sights, such as secluded waterfalls and spectacular sunsets, to touring the popular historic plantation homes, and the ruins of Port Royal, Jamaica is all this and so much more. And now... I'm eager to share my favorite destination with you.

Kim Shannon

no reviews

Acendas Travel

Mission, Kansas
What an amazing and exciting destination! After just my first visit, I knew St. Lucia was at the top of my list of favorite Caribbean destinations. I continued to return often, both as a vacationer and a travel professional, so I could continue to learn all there is to see and do here. Now, I am a certified St. Lucia Specialist with Recommend for Agents. I know this destination, and I'm proud to say that the St. Lucia Tourism Board continues to invite me back so that I can continue to learn about new and exciting "must do's" and "must see's." I know the resorts and what each offers.

Sandy Pullen

(28 reviews)

Divine Destination Weddings

Lincoln, California
Recognized as one of the most visited of the Caribbean islands, the Dominican Republic is popular for many good reasons: Diverse landscape, rich culture, exciting attractions, fun water sports, the opportunity to buy amber - the country's national gem; whale-watching, feeding the local monkeys, fun festivals, lively music, great food, the pleasure of getting to meet the warm and very friendly locals, and the opportunity to experience a true off-the-beaten-path sight: The 27 Waterfalls of Rio Damajagua located in the midst of sugarcane fields in the northern Corridor mountain range! Whether your vacation will be an active adventure or you're eager for some quality "down" time at a luxurious resort and lots of quiet time at the beach, I can make it happen.

Lauren Johnson

(16 reviews)

Travel by Divine

Edmond, Oklahoma
I love the Cayman Islands! I was married here, honeymooned here and return to these beautiful islands to vacation with our children. We look forward to the popular attractions - Stingray City and snorkeling along Seven Mile Beach. We shop in the local grocery stores, dine in local restaurants and take family photos on the beach. The Cayman Islands are my home away from home. The people are kind, the weather is warm, the vibe is relaxing and the stunning turquoise water is calm and clear. I can recommend culinary options for foodies, beautiful resort/spa options for those eager for some quality "down" time, world-class diving for adventure, as well as snorkeling and kayaking; fun cultural events and festivals to attend, and that's just the beginning of all that I can share with you to create the perfect Caymans getaway.

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