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Located in the North Atlantic, 665 miles east of Cape Hatteras, N.C., Bermuda is home to some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. Pink sand beaches and clear blue ocean waters ensure fun water sports. Swim and snorkel with dolphins, ride the Bermuda Train, explore the Crystal and Fantasy Caves - considered the island's #1 attraction.

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Marilyn Eliason

(15 reviews)

Holiday Travel Network

Virginia Beach, Virginia
Bermuda is unique, not at all like the islands of the Caribbean or anywhere else. As a British Colony, their infrastructure is superior and their standard of living is much higher. A golfer's paradise, it boasts nine amazing golf courses! The string of islands that make up Bermuda are joined by bridges so one is not aware that Bermuda is not just one island but many. Bermuda offers many activities such as diving, sailing, kayaking, beaches, premium shopping, locally made perfumes, exquisite gardens, dining, cave exploration, and much, much more. What sets me apart from other travel advisors? My husband and I have been to Bermuda 11 times in 26 years. We can't get enough of it. I can recommend the best resorts and the best ships that cruise there (the most economical way to experience the islands). Bermuda is safe, full of charm and character.

Clare Boone

(45 reviews)

Holiday Travel Network

Virginia Beach, Virginia
Bermuda is my favorite of all the islands! Showcasing pink sand beaches, exciting sea adventures, the fabled island history - including once being known as "The Isle of Devils", a plethora of cultural heritage attractions, festivals and events; outdoor adventure, golf, family activities, superb and varied cuisine and libations, the chance to explore mysterious shipwrecks, and exciting diving excursions ...are just a sample of what your holiday here can include. What sets me apart from other advisors, is that I am fortunate enough to have lived here and was immersed in this beautiful Bermudian lifestyle. I love the history and culture of the island and I return here as often as I can. I'll recommend the best resorts and accommodations to meet and exceed your expectations. I'll recommend the best local restaurant for you to enjoy a bowl of the island's special fresh fish chowder (and don't forget to add a drop or two of Sherry Peppers) and conch fritters.

Bonnie McDermott

(85 reviews)

Blue Ribbon Travel Staten Island

Staten Island, New York
(800) 446-1465
Bermuda is my second home as I've been traveling here since a child, and started my career in the hospitality/hotel industry while living here. Having lived "in this piece of heaven" for 17 years, I know every inch of this island - from St. Georges to Somerset -and it's truly like no place else on earth, and I continue to visit here very frequently. Bermuda is Luxury and First Class all the way. It's another world. Bermuda has pink sands, and the culture is fantastic. Bermudian, British, Portuguese and Italian; there's truly something for everyone. And the cuisine - it's amazing.

Julie Schear

no reviews

Cruise Planners - Signature Expert Select

Coral Springs, Florida
(800) 461-2997
I'm a Destination Specialist for Bermuda, and I also specialize in Caribbean Cruises. I look forward to sharing both with you. Let's start with Bermuda. British hospitality is very much alive on the island! I know firsthand, since I have visited and explored this beautiful and compelling destination on more than two dozen occasions over the past several years. And now... I welcome you to discover and enjoy Bermuda for yourself.

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