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A destination is a place worthy of travel. It’s often a place where we’re willing to travel long distances to reach, either because it is distinctive, special, popular, off the beaten path – or possibly all of these!

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Belinda Serrano

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New York, New York
Does swimming with shark whales pique your interest? How about the incredible opportunity to dine at one of the world's largest all-glass, undersea restaurants and experience a once-in-a-lifetime view and ambiance? Or maybe you want to challenge yourself and join an open-air, anti-gravity yoga session with a Yogi - yoga master? These are just a sampling of all the exciting, innovative opportunities that await as you consider travel to Southeast Asia.

Specializing in travel to such enticing and intriguing destinations as Indonesia, Thailand, Maldives, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia, I look forward to working with you to plan your travel. My reputation as an experienced, knowledgeable travel expert is based not only on my extensive travel and contacts that I've established, but on my sensitivity to learn what's important to you and to ensure that I make your visions a reality.

Yvonne Sala

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Travels By Yvonne

Herndon, Virginia
As an experienced travel advisor, I've been fortunate - over these past two decades - to have had the incredible opportunity to learn about and explore destinations and countries throughout the world. But of all the destinations I've visited and toured, the southeastern region of Asia is, by far, my favorite. I've been immersed in the culture and lifestyle of Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and Hong Kong.

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