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Austria is a landlocked country in Central Europe that is bordered by the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The stunning Alps, quaint mountain villages, baroque art and architecture, Imperial history, famous musicians, and the largest and most important opera and theatre festival in Europe will give you a glimpse of all that this destination offers its visitors. Look forward to skiing, hiking, fishing, cycling, sightseeing and of course... sampling Austria's famous Viennese Sachertorte.

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Cayce Callaway

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Cruise Planners - Signature Expert Select

Lookout Mountain, Georgia
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Austria is a diverse, beautiful, intriguing, historical, exciting, and simply a magnificent destination that seems to be more enticing with each return visit. Whether you experience the country via river cruise, touring the old sections of such famous cities as Salzburg, hiking or cycling through the countryside, exploring palaces, attending a concert of Mozart, Strauss, or Schubert's famous music, sampling local wines, or getting a close-up view of the famous Lipizzaner horses... Austria is ALL this... and so much more!

William ‘Beau’ Black III

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Beau Black Travel

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I first visited Austria and Germany as a junior in high school, and I was hooked. Now, many years and 30+ trips later, I've cultivated my expertise in these two countries - and not just the "tourist spots." As a long-time English professor prior to becoming a travel advisor, I knew that it was my job to educate my clients to all these destinations offer. Over the years, I've studied and learned the language, cultures, cuisines, people, local customs, and geographies so that now, I can share with you the very best of Austria and Germany. There's more than you can imagine.

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