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Best defined in superlatives, Alaska is huge - and more than two-times the size of Texas. Alaska’s wildlife is spectacular and diverse - and home to the world’s largest concentration of Kodiak Brown Bear and bald eagles, while Alaska’s Denali (Mt. McKinley) is the highest mountain in North America. Alaska - recognized as a “Great Land” and “Last Frontier” – may also be simply defined as a destination where one visit will only be the tip of the iceberg.

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Heather Clifton

(170 reviews)

CruiseExperts Travel, Ltd.

Vancouver, British Columbia
800-928-0631 (EXT 7381)
My love affair with Alaska began over two decades ago when I began my career as a professional travel advisor and my passion and enthusiasm for this magnificent Great Land are even stronger today. I fell in love with the stunning beauty of the glaciers, wilderness and wildlife; the peacefulness of cruising the Inside Passage and the unique, quaint ports of call along the way. Having visited Alaska so often, combined with my extensive continuing education of the destination, plus working closely with the major cruise lines and tour operators, I know Alaska!

Elaine Johnson, CTA

(150 reviews)

Bursch Travel (Baxter)

Baxter, Minnesota
Alaska is a land of superlatives. Our 49th state offers so much to see and do, you could vacation here for the rest of your life and never have the same experience twice. My first adventure to America's last frontier was over a quarter century ago! To say that I can't get enough of this Great Land's vast beauty and incredible adventure is definitely an understatement.

Jay Ilhareguy

(210 reviews)

CruiseExperts Travel, Ltd.

Vancouver, British Columbia
800-928-1823 (EXT 7382)
Speaking about Alaska comes naturally to me. I know the right questions to ask to encourage you to share with me your opinions, ideas and how you envision your trip to be. And based on my vast knowledge and experiences, I'll be able to recommend the best type of experience based on your interests/activity levels. From taking the Denali National Park's Tundra Wilderness Tour or considering a custom land tour beginning in Kenai National Park - this is just the tip of the iceberg of all this last frontier has to offer!

Bryan Clement

(110 reviews)

Accent on Travel

Towson, Maryland
Is an Alaskan Adventure on your horizon? I have recently visited this Great Land for another grand adventure. With each visit, I bring back a better understanding of what this last frontier has to offer. A visit to Alaska, no matter by sea or land, offers diverse options for sightseeing, culinary, and adventure to meet and exceed your every expectation.

Catherine Adde, MA, CTC

(25 reviews)

TravelStore - Pasadena

Pasadena, California
Alaska showcases unspoiled scenery, vast wilderness, spectacular glaciers, mountains and wildlife. Our last frontier offers a plethora of activities and opportunities - for both the adventure traveler as well as those of us who prefer to explore Alaska from the deck of a ship. Regardless of how you want to experience this Great Land - I can get you there! Before my career as a travel professional, I spent over a decade as an executive with cruise lines specializing in Alaska itineraries. From planning a milestone birthday, an anniversary trip, a multi-generational family land/cruise adventure, or a romantic honeymoon on an Alaskan cruise, with my in-depth knowledge, I can recommend and create an itinerary that ensures you see and do everything that you want to experience. My goal is to learn what is important to you. And, to earn your confidence and trust in my ability to create for you the most enjoyable Alaska cruise possible.

Jocelyn Rheault

(120 reviews)

CruiseExperts Travel, Ltd.

Vancouver, British Columbia
800-971-0124 (EXT 7387)
I love cruising... and my favorite cruise destination? Alaska! For over four decades, I have utilized my sales, marketing and customer service experience to focus on providing the best travel experience possible. I want you to be amazed, fascinated and simply overwhelmed by the pure, natural beauty that is Alaska! Let me make this your favorite destination, too. Come along with me, and together... we will craft an itinerary that will fulfill your every dream and expectation about our Last Frontier. I have earned fifteen Cruise/Tour industry certifications for Alaska and nearby destinations. I am passionate, enthusiastic and excited to share with you everything that I have learned about land/sea itineraries.

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