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One of the best and easiest options for group travel is CRUISING! Whether your "group" is comprised of multi-generations of family members, college friends, friends heading to a destination wedding, or several families traveling together on vacation, our highly experienced experts can help you select the best ship, itinerary and destinations. We'll help you choose the perfect ship to meet the interests of everyone in your group.

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Susan Reder

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FROSCH Classic Cruise & Travel

Woodland Hills, California
With over 43 years in the travel industry, I've become an expert in planning and arranging group travel opportunities. My career in the industry began working for a ski tour company, and expanded my expertise to arranging travel (both cruise and tour) for incentive and philanthropic groups. Now, I specialize in group travel for charity and leisure clubs. What sets me apart from other travel advisors is my 100% commitment to detail; handholding as needed and making sure I am "there" for you and can handle any matter that could arise. As your full-service advisor, I will make absolutely sure that all details have been handled; all aspects of your itinerary are complete and in place.

Debbi Claxton

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Luxury Travel by Debbi

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
My specialty is luxury, premium, and higher-level contemporary group cruises. My goal is to always treat each individual within the group as "my client" - and not just the group leader. It is this commitment that fuels my growth and reputation. In the past 20+ years as a travel advisor, I have personally arranged - along with my team - over 300 cruise groups ranging in size from 12-122 guests. My most significant ability is to stimulate initial interest among the group members and to keep that interest "alive" for the several months prior to the actual sailing. I maintain that the "perfect group cruise experience" is based not only on selecting the right ship and right itinerary, but making sure there is the correct balance of group activities versus individual free time. Since each group is different, especially corporate groups, marketing is crucial. Therefore, my marketing team and I will design and create customized web pages for you to disseminate to your group members and prospects.

Sue Aultman

(180 reviews)

Travel Central

Metairie, Louisiana
My specialty is arranging and escorting special Cruise Groups - a specialty that I've enjoyed for 15 years. With my most recent group, I handled all arrangements for air, hotel, special excursions, and transfers, in addition to the cruise fare/accommodations for my group of 65 clients. To date, most of my cruise groups have sailed itineraries in Europe and the Caribbean. Having personally sailed to more than 40 destinations throughout the world, and experienced many different cruise lines, vessels and itineraries - including oceaTn liners, mega ships, river cruise ships, small vessels and yachts - I am knowledgeable about your options. Also, as a retired teacher, I have become an expert on handling details. I love to organize and plan - two valuable strengths when working with you - the group leader - in arranging your group's upcoming itinerary.

Sabrina Freeland

(25 reviews)

Gulliver's Travel Service

Fort Worth, Texas
I look forward to working with you to arrange your upcoming Group Cruise. With almost 25 years experience in the travel industry, no group is too big or too small, and I've worked with groups ranging in age from 8 to 80. In addition to crafting and facilitating all the arrangements, I also escort many groups. My expertise includes both ocean and river cruise itineraries. What sets me apart from other travel advisors is my expertise, ability, and reputation that I know how to efficiently handle all arrangements - regardless of the size of the group - so that you can concentrate on enjoying the cruise and the camaraderie of your friends, family, or colleagues.

Lu Maggiora, CTC

(15 reviews)

Travel Adventures Unlimited

Walnut Creek, California
There is nothing that I enjoy more than gathering together amazing groups of travelers and showing them the "world" through my favorite mode of travel - CRUISING! What most catches my attention are unique itineraries that are not typically repeated over and over. You can be assured that I'll create and craft for you an itinerary that showcases new ports and destinations and offers excursions that allow you to be immersed in the local culture and lifestyle. I always plan pre-and post-cruise stays (typically include air, transfers, hotels and sightseeing) so that you will not only have enjoyed a memory-filled cruise, but will be enriched by the entire itinerary from beginning to end.

Patricia Hand

(90 reviews)

Dancing Moon Travel

Port Charlotte, Florida
As a certified Master Cruise Counselor and a recipient of Travel Weekly's prestigious Cruise World STAR designation, I am an expert in understanding the intricacies of luxury cruise travel, as well as the complex requirements involved in organizing and escorting Cruise Groups. With well over a decade of experience in the travel industry, I work with all major cruise lines to create unique personalized experiences for my clients as they explore the planet's most exciting and exotic destinations. As your Luxury Cruise and Cruise Group expert, I understand that a cruise experience can run the gamut from restful and rejuvenating to stimulating and exhilarating.

Susan Walsh, ACC

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Keene Luxury Travel

Frisco, Texas
My specialty is arranging travel for Cruise Groups, and I look forward to collaborating with you and your group to arrange your special group cruise. Having sailed with many of the world's cruise lines multiple times and visited all seven continents, be assured that I am knowledgeable about each of their ships and what sets each ship apart from their competition. I'm also proud to share that I have been recognized multiple times as a Travel Agent Central Top 25 Travel Advisor. All of this training, experience and expertise is critical to my being able to accurately match you and your group to the right ship, destination and best time of year to travel. Will your cruise group be multi-generational families traveling together, corporate/incentive, or an affinity group? I look forward to getting together with you and discussing your upcoming group cruise and to answering all your questions.

Kelly Sgarlata

(250 reviews)

Carol's Travel Service, a FROSCH Company

Tinley Park, Illinois
Whether you envision your Cruise Group enjoying an intimate river cruise on the Danube, sailing the high seas on a new mega-ship, exploring Alaska's Inside Passage, experiencing an expedition cruise in The Galapagos, or maybe celebrating a milestone birthday or anniversary on a multi-generational family cruise - I can make it happen! I've worked with many different group leaders and each has a different reason for booking a group cruise. When we meet, we'll discuss what ship, itinerary, shore excursions, and special on board activities and events will meet and exceed your group's expectations. We'll discuss your budget and any special needs your group may have that will require special stateroom arrangements, etc. I want you to have confidence in me and to know that one of the most important services I offer you is my accessibility - at any time - as needed.

JoAnne Weeks

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Acendas Travel

Mission, Kansas
As a professional travel advisor for almost 25 years, I initially specialized in cruise vacations. As I gained experience and expertise, I enhanced my specialty to Cruise Groups. To date, I've met with/arranged special itineraries for multi-generational families, planned destination weddings at sea, arranged special themed-cruises, initiated and handled arrangements for church, corporate/incentive groups, and groups comprised of family and friends. Now, I want to work with you. If you're the designated "group leader" and/or are considering that role - we'll get together to discuss destination, length of cruise, purpose for this trip, budget, interests, special onboard activities/ events, quantity of staterooms (most groups are a minimum of 8 cabins), as well as any special needs.

Sue Lobo-Brage

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Atlas Cruises & Tours

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
My goal as your advisor is to utilize my 22 years of expertise and experience on managing cruise groups on over 60 cruises, to make sure that all you have to do is concentrate on enjoying and connecting with your friends, family or colleagues on your Group Cruise. Whether you are planning a wedding, family reunion or corporate travel, we'll discuss and select the best destination, itinerary, and excursions; handle the logistics, arrange special on-board functions, coordinate stateroom assignments, and make arrangements for special needs/dietary restrictions for each guest - and that's just the beginning of all that I will do to ensure that your group's cruise is filled with happy and memorable experiences.

Karen Palmer

(5 reviews)

Accent on Travel

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
I have been blessed to have over 30+ years working in the travel industry doing what I love: Helping my clients feel excitement and passion for places that speak to one's heart and for the opportunity to experience and enjoy destinations that open our minds to just how wonderful our world is. As your advisor specializing in both Group Travel and Cruise Groups, I look forward to discussing with you the many exciting opportunities to experience this world - either by land or sea (or both!) - with like-minded travelers who share your same interests.

Lindsey Arison

(75 reviews)

Academy Cruises

Tucson, Arizona
My passion for travel and arranging fabulous vacations began in 2006 when I served as Chairman of a NATO Working Group responsible for planning and leading highly successful meetings world-wide. As a West Point graduate with over 25 years of active duty service, this new career opportunity was life changing! My specialty is arranging "unforgettable cruises" for groups of any size. My expertise and experience include having lived overseas for almost 20 years and having traveled to over 50 countries throughout the world. Whether your plans include a celebration, milestone family reunion, an organization reunion, meeting, conference ... or just a romantic get-away for two, it is my pleasure to orchestrate an exceptional experience with forever memories for you. Customizing and planning your vacation is my personal hallmark. Working together, I can save you time and money and I look forward to meeting - and exceeding - your every expectation. Let's talk soon!

Hunter Scheer

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Keene Luxury Travel

Frisco, Texas
My career in the hospitality industry began at the age of sixteen with my first job working for respected hotel brand. From there, while continuing my education, I was offered a promotion to join the sales team with one of the world's top luxury cruise lines. As I continued to expand my career in the cruise industry, I also continued to grow my knowledge of all aspects of cruising After thirteen years experiencing all facets of the luxury cruise business, I decided I wanted to get face- to-face with the very people I catered to. Now, on the retail side of cruising, what sets me a part is the knowledge and understanding that I learned working on the inside of the cruise industry.

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