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Tampa, Florida

Theresa Chu-Bermudez

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Tampa, Florida
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From the first time I stepped into Dubai, I was completely mesmerized with this amazing destination that is defined by superlatives: Tallest Building. Deepest Pool. Biggest Mall…. and the list goes on and on. Dubai truly offers something for everyone. I’m so fortunate to have recently experienced almost everything within this emirate - from the eye-opening cultural exchange at Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding, to the bustling gold and spice souks, to the other-worldly desert safari where you can join the Bedouins for a meal and dancing as the sun begins to set on the dunes.

Now, I look forward to using my knowledge and expertise to create a custom itinerary that encompasses all aspects of this destination – i.e. experiencing the long-time traditions and culture to participating in and enjoying their modern-day attractions and activities. It’s also important that you know that I have established and maintain local industry contacts in Dubai who will be “there” for you if you need additional assistance “on site” and can recommend additional activities that were not originally planned.

When we talk, we’ll discuss different excursions – e.g. Abu Dhabi. Also, we’ll make sure you’re not scheduling your visit during Islamic holidays –i.e. Ramadan, as activities may be more limited. When we do start discussing what you want to see and do, we’ll talk about heading to the top of the Burj Khalifa and what it means to experience “At The Top.” Also, we’ll talk about arranging a private lunch at the Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding, as well as what other cities and UNESCO World Heritage sites - outside of this emirate - you must see and explore. A whole other world awaits… and I intend to get you “there”!

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