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One Greenway Plaza, Suite 800
Houston, Texas

Sunita Hedaoo

Houston, Texas
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Born and reared in Mumbai, India, I not only speak the local language(s) fluently but breathe India's massive diversity, culture and history. For a country of two+ billion people, speaking 30+ languages, in addition to several dialects; plus faces, culture, and food that changes every 100 miles...India is many worlds woven beautifully into one single nation. This is a country where the new and the old co-exist in harmony. This is where Hinduism is not a religion - rather a complex way of life that is reflected in everyone's daily lives. And, India is where every day is a celebration of some sort, colors are everywhere, and there is never a dull moment. My strength comes from the relationships I have built with guides, hotel managers, suppliers, Maharaja Families, artists, art collectors, and Bollywood directors - all of whom always help me to provide my clients with superb VIP Treatment! Such special services and amenities as upgrades, VIP amenities, audiences & interaction with Royal Families, opening doors to personal collections, going behind the sets of a Bollywood movie, getting invited to weddings, Diwali parties, and Holi celebrations are just a few of the many experiences that I can arrange for you.

Look forward to experiencing traditional highlights, as well as such exciting off -the-beaten-path experiences as visiting forts and palaces, seeing tigers, cruising the Ganges River, hiking ancient temple ruins, unwinding at a Himalayan spa or enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime holistic Ayurveda experience in Kerala. Whether you choose to experience India's luxury trains or trace the footsteps of Buddha; want to take part in a meditation session or take a yoga class, I can craft it all! India is like watching a movie in a fast-forward motion. Now...I invite you to experience India with me!

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