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Fresno, California

Sarah Klein

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Fresno, California
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I've been fortunate to have traveled through and experienced all 50 states and 25 of our nation's National Parks. With my travels throughout the USA, I have enjoyed adventures in Yellowstone, Lassen, the Smoky Mountains, Grand Canyon, Zion, The Everglades, volcanoes and the Badlands... just to name a few of the many sites I've toured.

My interests include photography of these magnificent and beautiful landscapes, swimming, hiking and simply exploring and experiencing each of the parks. And now... I look forward to not only sharing my knowledge, expertise and experiences with you, but I also look forward to working with you to create an itinerary that will ensure that you and your traveling companions enjoy many of the same delightful and memorable experiences that I have. To have the opportunity in the travel industry to specialize in creating itineraries to visit our National Parks is a dream come true, as I studied Outdoor Recreation in college, and my volunteer work focuses on conservation.

When we get together, we'll discuss special tips that will enhance each excursion, along with suggestions for some special, off-the-beaten-path sights to see and things to do!

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